Monday, September 8, 2008

Organizing My Thoughts...

I'm starting this blog so that I can keep a record of all the plans, ideas, projects and progress that needs to be made in and around my home.
Right now all the ideas and things are swimming in my head and I don't know were to begin.

I love having an organized home. I know how to organize. I did not grow up in an organized home or even a clean home for that matter. I've learned a lot over the years being married and having 6 children between dh and myself and on many occassions have had extras living in the home and had to deal with keeping things livable. I must say I did pretty well. I'd like to get back to

organized now.

In the last few years, safe to say about 4-5. things have gotten out of hand as the kids started getting big, getting jobs, graduating and leaving home. There is residual clutter left behind by the tenants who used to be dependants.

Organization is the goal. There are steps that need to be taken to get organized. Things like...
Decluttering. Eliminating. Beautifying. AND! if a little bit of redecorating gets done along the road to Organization...yippee! Because I love decorating too! So I'm looking forward to

living ORGANIZED now.

As I said before, the kids are grown. Our nest is emptying out...finally. I am no longer homeschooling. I'm no longer doing for others that aren't appreciative (ie: acquaintances mainly who say they are my friends but really just want you to do for them) I have a routine of staying home more often, to save money, gas, and time outside my home and I can get things done. I don't have any HOBBIES as of yet that take up my time, and nothing that calls me out of the home on a regular basis. Basically my days are free. They are mine. Each one given to me by God himself and I can do with them how he leads me. That means making my house a home that is fit for just my Honey and me! That is why I named this blog

living organized NOW!

It is for just the right time in my life. NOW.
My friend said, I can use this time to minister in different ways to younger women and to my students at church or however the LORD is leading to minister at this time in my life. What better way than to minister in my home in much the same way I did when I was a young bride, starting out fresh in my marriage trying to please my dear sweet hubby.

I think it will be joy.

Living Organized Now... Where do I start?

* Edited to say... You may have noticed the title of my blog is NOT 'Living Organized Now"... that is because it's a work in progress. I have just figured out the direction that I'm going and how to get my posts from my original 'Corn' to this url- blog.... it is all very confusing. If you're confused're not alone. I'm trying to get settled into this spot. Combine some blogs, thoughts... and different points of interests into one space. Please bear with me.

I appreciate your patience and your comments.

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