Tuesday, January 18, 2011


 Ok- I'm just popping in to show you the paint.
Wasn't really sure what color to go with... I chose this grey/gray (which is it,really?) because I was having such a hard time actually picking a color...HAVING ANXIETY ALMOST....

BUT! then I remembered how soothing my bedroom is to me


                                                          ...and went with a similar color

Ooops! Paint GRAY... yes that's it. 
No big deal cause it was only $5 
if I don't like it
I've only lost $5 and little time. 

Here is a close up... and I love it already, 

because it really makes this ORANGE '70's string art swag POP! 

I'll be back with more once the whole room is finished. 
I'm going with the gray and going to do what Donna FJI says 
and 'sleep on it' 

God Bless you and 
Thanks for reading! 


after almost 1 week's worth of rain...the SUN IS OUT! 

I'm joining this party---

Domestically Speaking


The Boston Lady said...

I think it looks very good! I understand the paint-anxiety. How are we supposed to judge which color to pick by one little square. Then when it goes on the wall it looks different and I panic until it dries and looks the way I anticipated it would! Stressful. Ann

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I love letting Oops "choose" me! :) the gray looks great!

Kolein said...

I LOVE IT, Pat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

right with ya on picking the paint color....remember my little coat closet bus yellow...egads!?


KimMalk said...

You've really embraced the gray - I'm so glad you've found something soothing. :) Blessings, Kim