Wednesday, January 19, 2011

RE-decorating an Empty Nest- finding direction

It recently occurred to me-- that my own creativity was being squelched by BLOGGY overload and magazine HYPNOSIS!  I've been watching all of you transform your homes into post card styled, picturesque, rooms with expanse;  homes fit for any shelter magazine and decor themed periodicals.
But you are not to blame.  
You can't help it... because you have free flowing creativity and ambition! 
You can't help it... because you are able to manage your bloggy time, amongst all the other details of life, like cooking, cleaning, painting, shopping, gardening, etc. 
You can't help it... that all of your great crafty ideas and decorator skills keep me MESMERIZED and keep my eyes glued to the screen watching and waiting for your next design idea to pop up on my feed.

After all, I'm just looking for direction...

I posted on Tuesday, that I was having anxiety over choosing a paint color. 
Really... I was having anxiety over SHOWING YOU  the paint color I've chosen. 

What happened to me? 
I remember years ago this bit of knowledge that someone threw out there for me to munch on; it was this-- 
In general, women don't dress to impress the men, we dress to impress the ladies

It's true. Think about it. When we attend a gathering we ask, is it casual?  We wonder what the other ladies will be wearing.  We want to be comfortable yet, trendy. 
When this knowledge was bestowed upon me-- it was like a light bulb coming on and illuminating my closet. 

I got over that notion really fast.  I decided I would dress for me. I would dress to for comfort and personal preference. 

 I've forgotten this! When it comes to decorating this applies equally as well.  What I mean is this- 
I don't need to dress my home and my blog to impress other decorators and readers; I do want you to read and comment and interact; you all are important and I DO LOVE YOUR FEED BACK, but I also need to be me and be free to express myself. 
I need to decorate my home for my own tastes,comfort and preference. 

Modern and Minimalist styles of decorating are nice ...I like to look at pictures of these spaces. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a minimalist. 
Beachy- Coastal styles are soothing and comforting I'm sure, but I don't want to conform to that anymore than I want to conform to a Mountain lodge atmosphere. I don't live in a big city or near the beach or in the mountains. I live in a rural pastoral setting-- 
having the simplicity, charm, serenity, or othercharacteristics generally attributed to rural areas: pastoralscenery; the pastoral life.
pertaining to the country or to life in the country; rural;rustic.
portraying or suggesting idyllically the life of shepherds or ofthe country, as a work of literature, art, or music: pastoralpoetry; a pastoral symphony.
of, pertaining to, or consisting of shepherds.
of or pertaining to a pastor or the duties of a pastor:pastoral visits to a hospital.
used for pasture, as land.

I can't help but wonder where I'm going in the scheme of RE-DECORATING our NOW EMPTY NEST...

 most like you're wondering where I am going in this VERY BLOG POST! 

Earlier this week while reading up some of the familiar places I like to hop... I came across a few ladies that have some really great tips for making my space MY OWN. 

I'll let them tell it. .. but I will sum up my post with a few quotes from them. I am grateful to them for their words and pictures.  I think it was necessary for me to read these articles in order to move forward in my RE-decorating plans... 

I read a PURE STYLE HOME article 
I liked this quote--(with my own comment to follow) 
{In my basement I threw together a bunch of old seascapes I'd collected and mixed it with aquas and warm tones.  I love being in the room and it feels good in there but I don't feel that it's really very appropriate to our home.  I don't live on the coast and it's giving off a kind of inauthentic vibe...  even if only to me.}

Thank you for posting the picture of your basement and commenting that it had an 'inauthentic vibe' (your words) ... I needed that confirmation, yours is the second post in the same amount of days,that I've read, saying that we need to be true to the personality of our home, while keeping our surroundings in mind (my words). I'm currently trying to figure out a new decor scheme for our home with a tricky little fish nic-named Billy Bass (who is a keeper,btw) without decorating my house like a lodge (which it is NOT) or decorating it like a beach house (which it is NOT) -- So now, I finally have permission to be different! LOL and you're right it's scary!
# 6 The "Interior" should relate to the "Exterior" when you design a space. This is my view from my Dining Room and Family Room . . . I live in the country, so a modern space would not feel right in my home, nor would a "Beachy Feel" My home calls for a "Country Feel".

Both of these blog authors nailed it for me when it came to the expression I want to have in my home. 
I like my country home; but FEEL as though I am wandering aimlessly through this new venture. .  I've got no idea what my style is-- I have an idea book with bits and pieces from magazines inside they give me inspiration, I've got lots of ideas inside my head and try to jot them down as they come. (I don't seem to move as fast as some of you) I'm working on the AMBITION PART...The best thing is the newest inspiration that I have and that is you! The ladies that lead with great tips and ideas and MY readers who give me such great comments and gentle nudges! 

I'll leave you with a verse; 
This has given me pause for thought and I'm encouraged by these words--
She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. Prov.31:27

That's the ambition part I was talking about. (smile)

I hope to have at least the living room finished soon. 
Most of all I hope to have the courage to blog about it AND PUBLISH IT!  



It's me! 
This was taken in the car on a road trip to Stephenville,TX (also known as TEXAS HILL COUNTRY) 
Jan 8,2011 --taken by my almost 2 yr old grand-daughter.  Not bad for 22 months, huh? 

God Bless you 
and Thanks for Reading! 


Granny said...

Great post today Pat. I do the same thing, hopping from blog to blog ooohing and aaaahing at the way the home look. I don't get the all white theme. It just bores me to death but my natural woods bore others. How ever you decide to redo your space I'm sure it will be homey and welcoming. Grampy calls our place "down to earth". I hope he means that in a good way. :)

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

I agree with Granny, this is a great post and I'm so glad to hear you are following your own personal preferences. YOU are the one who has to live with it, not us. And it's very important that you and your family are comfortable with it. Please don't be afraid to show us! We all "put ourselves out there" in blog land. btw, I love the picture of you!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Pat-great post! The thing about blog land is each of us are different. That doesn't mean one is right and the other is wrong. I my seem confident when I hit publish, but like a good friend of mine describes it "a little bit of me dies each time". Because we DO put ourselves out there, and open ourselves up to criticism.
I have no idea what my "style" is. NONE I know when I look at something whether I like it or not. Sometimes I can LOVE a look, but I wouldn't decorate my space that way. What does THAT say? I have no idea.
You have to be true to yourself. Like Rose said, you are the one who lives there.
JAckie spoke of all white. When I see those pictures, I LOVE them. Truly I do, but so far I haven't done it. (well, with the wood trim I have, but not with furnishings)
I'm rambling now, but just know that we're here, and we love you for who you are! That smiling grandma in the front seat!
gee, I remember when you wouldn't even tell us your name! :)
have a great day,

Prior said...

lol, love seeing the pics of you, from the budding photographer...I remember the incognito days, too! and now I've met you in real life! Every room in my house is different...I didn't make all the wood work match from room to room, like "THEY" tell us to. Who cares? Are "THEY" ever coming to my house?... and maybe I would if "THEY" came and repainted for me, lol.
great post, my friend!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Thanks everyone for such sweet comments!
Y'all give me a boost...all the time.

I appreciate each and everyone of you!

Cindy said...

Yes, yes, yes, you are right, it must be yours and reflect you and also, like others have said, it should suit where you live.
Sounds like you are finally figuring it out.
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.
Hugs, Cindy

Kolein said...

OK, I think the fact that you just posted two pictures of yourself means you have totally ROCKED the universe...who cares what your house looks like!!!! LOL!!!

OK. Completely with you on the home decor stuff. I don't have a clue who I am. I change with every blog that rolls by in Google Reader. Let's admit it, gals!!!!! Come on!!!!

Personally I go by feeling. You feel like my friend. That's good enough for me!!!! (actually it's the grandest feeling in the world)

Also, we cheer each other on....and if there are those who do not (lucky to have only met one so far) we can always hit DELETE!!!! (you taught me that one, Sister!!!)

Ok. And you look totally adorable in the front seat!!!!!! Grandma. I hardly believe that one!!!!

Love ya,

red.neck chic said...

I am having a BALL over here reading your blog - and I absolutely love this post!!!!!

I see "future photographer" on your grand-daughter's shirt! ;-D

I'm off to blog-stalk you some more... just thought you should know that.

;-D robelyn

The Impulsive Texan said...

I want the yellow Chevy pickup!!!