Thursday, January 20, 2011

I think I'm onto something!


I've accidentally started a new trend... 

* edited to say-  this is a frugal farm house design photo.

Don't hate me because you don't have ANY fish!


Just dinkin' around the house today. 
It's raining again and gonna be chilly over night-
I'll be trying to stay busy inside today, maybe cook something warm and comforting for Honey and I.

Yesterday it was sunny and 54 degrees with a slight easterly wind -- we chopped and stacked fire wood. I was able to gather small oak branches from around the yard that have fallen . That makes good kindlin' and I don't want to hit it with the mowers come spring time.
There was a fallen tree behind the barn we've been needing to get cut, Honey and the youngest son were busy knocking out the tree cuttin' and then we all stacked more wood!  Hopefully, we won't have to buy anymore firewood this season. 

Since my post about Momma's wash pot-- we've had snow (haven't we all?) and lots and lots of rain. 
I was glad for a break in the rain for a couple of days.  I was over near the lake last week and we need the rain-  but NOT ALL AT ONCE! 

Go over and see  
frugal farm house design   and Check out her den-- cozy! I think it's pretty. 

Thanks for reading
God Bless you. 


nannykim said...

I will check out the blog you mentioned in a moment. Those fish and baskets are quite pretty especially with the wainscoting below. It has been in the 50's here today too and it is sunny. Yesterday was quite gloomy for most of the days, with touches of beauty! We are supposed to get colder weather this weekend.

nannykim said...

Ps. love that particular Bible Verse on the top of your blog!

nannykim said...

Hey I have a question--does your blog go by another name? Corn in my Coffee Pot is not showing on my list of blogs I follow, but when I ask to follow you it says I already do---so is there another name it goes by???

Prior said...

love the inspiration! Lezlee

nannykim said...

hmmm, I haven't seen it on google reader...I will have to check again.

nannykim said...

Well, you are not on my update list....maybe I follow so many blogs, but I don't posted this today and you should have been there!

nannykim said...

Ok I checked it out and for some reason you are not on the google reader I use. You posted today and you are not showing for todays stuff.

nannykim said...

Ps. but then again since I visited you may be it doesn't bring it up.....I will have to watch in the future and see what happens (although I have an overdue grandbaby coming so who knows if I will have time!)

The Boston Lady said...

Please answer nannykim.... she is so sweet to be so concerned. I would have told her, but I can't remember what your other name was. I think you have definitely rocked the style world with the fish idea. Gotta go. Must find fish pictures.... Stay warm. Ann

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

My other blog title was called
Simply Casual (dash) Cottage

Nannykim-- I've sent some emails are you getting them?
Ann is so sweet to be concerned I thought I better reply here just incase you didn't get my correspondence!

When I checked your profile my name shows up- on your 'blogs I follow' list. I clicked it and came right here. I don't know why I don't show up in Google reader-- I don't know much about that place.
Maybe you followed me at the other too. Did you 'unfollow' over there? Maybe that's the problem.

I've got no idea.
Hope it helps and thanks for reading!

Thanks Ann for the prompt-- it didn't occur to me to answer here in comments- just in case.
Love how we all look out for each other!

Granny said...

Love the chair and baskets in the picture. The fish pictures look great lined up. Now get Billy Bass back out if you've already put him in the closet. lol

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I adore that frugal design home's den with the bead board and her very tasteful fishies! Maybe I should make mine black and white ... everything looks better in black & white, right?