Thursday, January 6, 2011

Momma's Wash Pot and Around the Yard~

The last couple of days it's been really pretty outside--today it was around 65 and sunny.  I was able to do some laundry yesterday and hung out three loads on the line.  Yesterday was a little breezy out of the North so I think it FELT cooler.  Although both days were so nice-- I just couldn't stay inside. 

I took a few pictures around the yard and thought I'd show some things I didn't get to blog about while on Internet Hiatus last year. 

 I around Labor Day week Honey and his brother rebuilt our porch and added onto it and put a cover over it. It think it looks nice and it is nice to have a table outside in the shade to eat lunch ...believe me when it gets hot- the shade is where I want to be! 

The above picture is all I could find of a before photo...and you can't really see it but there was NO extra porch.  You can see however that the old porch was starting to need leveling and was starting to lean-- although looking now it looks like the whole house is starting to lean...which reminds me!  Next week were getting the house leveled.  (no, I don't mean bull dozed)-- I mean leveled up so all the door close properly and the floor is level. YaY! 
Here is another view of the yard with our 'new' raised bed that's going in come spring. 

My dear sweet brother brought these dog food bags FULL  of compost- they have horses.  So what they shovel out of the barn ,with the tractor, gets put into a pile.  It turns to dirt-- and he brought me some to fill my bed! 

The soil is so rich and earthy smelling.  I was afraid it would smell like what it manure;
but it DIDN'T! 
We spread it out and and are getting ready to plant this spring.  I hope to have tomatoes OUTSIDE-
 instead of the tub! 
 This is what we did today... 
This was my mom's, it's an old WASH POT. When I was a kid it always sat on the right of our front stoop and momma usually had flowers growing in it.  If she didn't have flowers then she'd stick an Ivy in it or something. 
 She never had it hanging- but years later, after I was grown and gone she found the parts to hang it- only she never got to hang it in her yard.  When daddy sold the house 6 years ago--- I got this wash pot and parts -- I saved the pipe from my clothes line poles that my son welded for me a few years back and today we got some spare chain from the swing set my brother brought Monday when he brought the manure; and today Honey and I drove those bad boys in the ground and put my Momma's Wash Pot on the hanger! 
I went inside the house and grabbed an Ivy and stuck it in there for this picture--- I can't wait until Spring, so I can plant some flowers in there! 

It was so pretty ouside-- I just wanted to show you! 
Thanks for joining me in my front yard. 

God bless you 
Thanks for reading! 


Prior said...

Gosh I am loving this last bit of good weather. and your porch is so great, it just makes all the difference! Your momma'a pot is wonderful and I think you will enjoy your "outside" garden! Lezlee

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Wow I wish you could send some of that warmer weather here to us in Tennessee.That is really nice to have such warm weather this time of year. The pot is so nice. I bet it would look great this Spring with some blooming flowers in it.

Pat Harris said...

I enjoyed my visit to your front yard. I love the pot. You have to post pictures this spring with flowers. I envy you the warm weather. Today it's 35 degrees out. If you stay out long, your hands and feet start to hurt!! Am inside, warm and cozy. Expecting up to 4" of snow by Tuesday. Hurry up spring!!

Kolein said...

Pat, I didn't know a house could be leveled that way. Cool. See, blogging is enhancing my brain capacity!

I love the pot. You have a very cool looking abode!

Do you wear gloves to push the manure around? Just asking.


Coleen's Corner said...

Oh nice weather! How I miss it in Iowa. It is currently snowing... promises to dump a lot of the white stuff on us between now and tomorrow when I head home from work. Your new porch looks wonderful - cozy and perfect. Love, love, love the wash pot. Oh hurry Spring!

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Oh pat, how cool that you were able to put that wash pot out in your yard like that! It looks great and I bet you're loving it. Right now my feet are sooooo cold. I've been in the computer room all day and it is DRAFTY in here. I got my flannel jammies on and slippers and my Snuggly fleece wrapped around me. I can't even imagine getting to hang clothes outside! Lucky you!

Granny said...

I love the old wash pot and the way you were able to hang it. Isn't it wonderful to look at something and know that your momma used and enjoyed that same thing? Love that porch too.