Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I can't help it. Ever since I posted pictures of my living room dilemma... 

I've been thinking about fish.  
I mentioned to Honey that the fish (aptly Nic-named 'Billy Bass' by my commentor --Shelly) wasn't working in our little cottage on the prairie anymore. When we first moved here sure, but the decor was somewhat different. Got rid of the baskets, the wallpaper border with boats, streams, cabins all over it...So I guess you can say, I've changed some things up a bit. 
Now don't go all crazy  on me y'all ...he didn't expressly forbid me to get rid of Billy Bass...but said he really doesn't want to get rid of him. Honey doesn't ask for much. 
I thinking of this as a decorator challenge. I'm looking at it with fresh eyes! I've been looking at some pictures and browsing around the WWW and let me tell you...this is NOT just a dilemma. 
 It's a real HUM- DINGER!!!

So far I'm stumped! 

I'm almost positive the only TASTEFUL WAY  to live with BILLY BASS.... 
is with a side of HOME FRIES...!!!! 

mmmm..... I got a hankering for some fish! 

God bless you
Thanks for reading! 


Prior said...

lol, that looks soo good, I've been to Jacob's soccer game and then set myself here...and I'm starved, lol...

Girl, I think ole' Billy will work out just fine, instead of trying to hide him...keep him in the center of it all, like your proud...attitude is everything... lol, and I bet the grand kids love him! My moma has a little bird that comes out and sings and it is the highlight of Aubrey's visit!


Prior said...

I'm not kidding~ get a bigger frame, to show case him~

Sandy said...

"Billy Bass".. I did not know people still had them... see so many in garage sales..lol
Thanks for your visit to my blog today and your sweet comments on the kitchen counter..
Happy New Year!

Granny said...

I'd say that if you have two bathrooms in the house, make one his and showcase Billy Bass in there. Otherwise I'd do as Lezlee said, get a frame and showcase it.

I can't imagine you getting rid of those hanging lamps. I love them and would snap them up in a heartbeat if I saw them at a thrift shop.

Coleen's Corner said...

LOL! Can't believe you want to get rid of Billy Bass! Okay, yes I can because I just took a litter of dog pictures out of my living room : ) But that's only because I have to keep changing things. The dogs were sent to the basement for now. I'm sure you'll find the perfect spot for him.

Lindy said...

Oh WOW! Now I'm thinking of fish, too! The tasty type...

Kolein said...

you HAD to post a picture of that fish dinner, didn't you? *oops, got a little drool on your post here* sorry.

I love what Granny said. Decorate the bathroom with an aquatic decor!

Either way, keepin' him is part of the story!


Kolein said...

WHAT??? you're getting rid of the lamps? the 70's lamps? where did you write that????? That's part of how I refer to you to EC.

"you know, Pat, with the 70's lamp..."

wait, I've got to find that post and burn it!!!!



Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Ok, I laughed out loud when you showed the fried fish plate! Poor Billy Bass.
I'm with the rest of the girls, display him proudly, you gotta keep him. I'm dying to see what you end up doing.
It IS a tough one, but I'm sure you'll make it work.