Monday, January 3, 2011

Help me with my decor, will you?

I have a dilemma.
When you see the photos you'll know exactly what I mean!

Recently--back in September I think-- Honey and I added  board and batten (actually it is ' faux' as we only just painted the lower walls and added trim)  to our living room walls. Since doing this, I'm not pleased with my upper portion of the walls (there are other aspects of the room I'm not pleased with either; but I can only do so much!)  The walls just  have too much on them...too busy. Not one easy place for my eyes to land.

I also have a confession to make.
I tend to decorate something and leave it...FOR-EV-ER!  Well, that is not exactly true... I think what it is see, is we used to move on average every 4 years! Well, we've been in this house 15 years this month.  So almost 4 houses worth of moves that I didn't  get to newly decorate. I decorated this house and LEFT IT!

I'm showing you the before BEFORES and the before Afters---I hope to show some AFTER AFTERS soon! 

So here is the before the board and batten...

(please pay no attention to Harrison Ford on the TV) 

This is a more recent BEFORE photo...

You DO remember my '70's lamps right? 
and how about that 2 toned upper and lower with the horizontal stripe? 

So now for my recent photos with board and batten?
This was the Christmas Nativity table.

These are today!

South wall. 

North Wall.

East wall.

 West Wall
 North West Corner
 Bead board wall paper --Door
(I had a before picture of the door-- but don't know where I saved it!)
But believe me when I say; Beadboard wall paper is WONDERFUL!

Ok, before you all tell me to start with a deep cleaning and decluttering... let me just say I KNOW THIS ALREADY! 

Do you see what I mean about the walls? Too busy?  

So I'm looking at all of your pictures, those of you that have board and batten, no matter the height; to see how your pictures are hung.  Are they symmetrical, are they a-symmetrical, are they randomly placed (like mine)? Do you have ONE EYE POPPING PIECE?  Do you have little shelves like mine?

Oh, did you notice I have lots of old outdated Home Interiors Items on my walls?  
Sorry, not knocking H.I. if that is how you decorate.  But, I'm here to tell you I'm getting over some of it; my problem is I remember what it cost to buy it and how much I had to have sold at a party to win some of the hostess items... and I'm having a time deciding how to repurpose MOST OF IT! 

So I'm really putting myself out there for all the world and I try not to wear my heart on my bloggy sleeve... 
So just FIRE AWAY! 

i'm ready i can take it...i think. 

God Bless you 
Thanks for reading! 

PS: I can't wait to read your comments; oh, and please feel free to post links to some of your posts or something that inspired you when it came to RE-DECORATING your old tired walls! 


Shelley Davis said...

You are brave! :} But I do have a few suggestions. I would take the window and wreath that you have and make that a focal point wall. Those seem to be very in right now. Take down all the little stuffed animals, heart things, and Billy bass must go. Tee Hee. Country type and Home interior should go. Group like things together. A space with your crosses. One wall with family portraits. Or on both sides of the entertainment cent. Can you part with the hanging lamps? I think these should be gone. A nice pole lamp between the couch and chair. A table lamp on the table between the love seat and couch. You can pick these up cheap at a thrift store. I would purchase a large canvas drop cloth from Lowe's or Home Depot. Use them as throw covers over the couch and love seat. This will unify the different furnishings that you have going on.
The lace that you have on the table by the door is too large for this piece. It too should find a new home. The little shelves are dated now as well. If you want to use them, I would paint them a white or off white. All the little signs should be gone as well.
Please.....I am not trying to critical! Helpful only.

Have fun with your redo.

Blessings for a happy healthy New Year.

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Pat, you have wonderful bones to work with!

I recently staged my friend's home with board and batten and ran a line of plates along the top of it in her dining room. And that's it.

For your place, I'd take a different approach first.

Gut your ENTIRE ROOM, then place your big furniture back the way you wish it to go. Only after you know that's where things will stay would I prop other smaller things into place. Wall art is last because I work with what's below. To me they are not treated as two separate identities, but rather, enhance each other.

re: furnture, center it working with windows etc. Some things may look off but you can make up for it with accessorizing around it. Make your big pieces work first, then the rest will fall into place.

What I'd suggest... do the big furniture, then take pics. Feel free to show us again if you wish, but my point is, your pictures will tell a different story than your eye.


Lindy said...

I'm with Donna - She's made some great suggestions!

Prior said...

Pat, I love that you put the wall paper on the door, what a great fix! I love the batten board, too, and your colors...I did yellow and white, too.

I agree with Donna, about emptying it out and setting the big pieces, but what a job...and you need to have "honey" on board...or wait for him to be gone, hee hee!

I have the same problem as you, in the military we moved, now it has been almost 14 years!...I start out being a minimalist...but then everything is covered and not too many years ago, that was the style...but really I just don't want to dust it all, lol. And I have seen some Home Interior things going for pretty good prices at some spots, calling it "Vintage", so have a try at repurposeing it! I love your stove...the whole room looks comfy and cozy!

You might try painting your little shelves white and putting them all on one wall, with like items displayed...I love your lamps, but they need screens or a doors or something to help camouflage the wiring, or make cord covers for them and use an extension cord that will let the cord go straight to the corner... I love your curtains, too!

I need a couple of houses, because I have a lot of styles I like and hate to pass up good deals!

The other day I was on a lap top that was going dead, sorry!

I enjoyed getting advice on my door colors, but the are still not painted, lol, so good luck and have fun! Can't wait to see more! Thanks for letting us give our opinions...that is always fun!

Friends, Lezlee

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Great response-- Thank you! I'm loving all this advice.
first off...I'm still ROLLING from Donna's comment

Gut your ENTIRE ROOM. ha ha ha... that still has me laughing. Sssshhh...if Honey hears me and finds out about the fish...he might not let me come out and play with y'all anymore...he he he.

OK! Remember we're retired and budget is KEY! So,Lezlee as for the home interior junk... any re-purposing is great!! Starting with the walls...a couple of suggestions to paint any shelving that I might keep. I'm Cool with that.

Loved Shelley's ideas about grouping like subject matter,photos and collectibles,etc.

Also, I KNOW,I KNOW...4 SWAGS in one room is a bit much...Will be keeping one swag in this room-- you can read about my 'VINTAGE SWAGS' here...for your enjoyment.

**I especially like the idea of keeping my window and wreath, although the wreath could use some refreshing AND I DID FLIP THE WINDOW AROUND to show the white paint a while back.
**As for the paint-- it really isn't yellow. It is more of a khaki--looks pretty close, in the NORTH WEST CORNER wall photo.

** as for furniture-- don't forget about the Settee and Chair --these will eventually be going in here.

**Like the idea of a floor lamp, table lamp, and a cord cover for the swag chain

Oh, and Shelley-- I am happy to report the lacy table cover is gone--it was left over from Christmas and forgot to jump back in the box! Thanks for pointing that out.

I'm loving all these words of advice and as you can see I've got my work cut out for me.

I hope to post some pictures with dramatic changes in the near future.

Thanks Y'ALL! ---PAT

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...
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Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

I've got to go to work but will ponder this some more and come back. I'm probably the worst person to ask, because I love to fill every inch of my walls. It makes me happy to see what I love all around me. However, if I don't love it anymore, it simply has to go, no room for fillers here. I love all the ideas given so far, and that board and batten look has been on my to do list for a long time. It looks great!
Had to laugh about the home interiors pieces. I have a few I still can't part with, just because they were so expensive. I have taken them down tho, that's a start. I'm sure they'll come in handy for something.
Oh, and budget? I make it a point to not spend anything on my decorating anymore. It's more fun that way.
I'll check back later...

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

I can relate to continuing to use items because of the price that you paid for them.Thankfully I got free from that a few years back and it has been great.I can almost guarantee that you won't really miss what you get rid of because you will be so happy with your "New Look"

Red Door Home said...

Love the idea of starting from scratch. Meaning take everything down and out of then put back in only the things which you love the best!

Jane said...

I don't know that I can add much more to what has already been said. I've read the comments and there have been some good ideas. I do agree with those that suggested starting from scratch. A clean slate will give you a better perspective as to what you really want back in the room.
Good luck! I look forward to seeing the progress.

The Boston Lady said...

I'm so impressed that Donna from FunkyJunkInteriors had the time to stop in and give some great advice. What she says makes a lot of sense, but I know how I love to hold onto somethings just because they are special to me no matter what anyone else thinks. I remember your post about the swag lights and I think you should find a way to showcase them in a special way - perhaps in a corner near a window where the light will hit them. I am no expert. I love how you fixed your door and I remember that eventually you will be brining in your "new" couch and settee that you are going to recover. After that job is done you will probably have a more clearcut idea of how to work your room around your "new" furniture. How great that everyone had so many very good ideas. Ann

Shelley Davis said...

Pat you are so sweet. I enjoy your blog so much because of that. I had to visit this posting because I feared that perhaps I was too honest. I didn't want to hurt your feelings. Have fun!

Kolein said...

Don't ask me. I'd have to come over and move everything out and then put it back in. I'm more hands on. I can't look at something and suggest a THING. I drive EC...well, I was going to say nuts, but that couldn't possibly be ONLY because of me. I startle him. How's that? You should see my house right now. I like to call it "transition chic"!!!

LOVE ya! Great ideas up there! Wish I could see um!!

Post more pics once you get cracking!


Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Well I finally got back to revisit this post. I'm so sorry it took so long! Sounds like you have some good ideas for this room. I like to get empty boxes out and pull everything Im not in love with out of the room and into the boxes.
Then I go from there. It's hard though.
You've mentioned those vintage lamps,,,,I love them! Can you hang one out on your new porch to catch the sunlight? I put a lamp hanging on a bracket out on the fence, I just love the way the light hits it. Of course that was a curbfind and not valuable, don't put your nice ones out in the elements!

Anonymous said...

When you are done, you want to come to my new house(Should be able to get in by end of January) and help me lol. Im in Tx also :D