Friday, August 26, 2011

Looking to Add extra to the Income~

I’ve been thinking lately about the different ways to pick up extra cash. To help boost the income along, knocking out a couple of small debts and hopefully some medical bills. I’m posting this because I know my readers have a vast amount of experience in lots of different areas when it comes to make money at home. I’ve got questions so if you don’t mind …leave me lots of ideas, advice and tips!  Cause I need ‘em!
So being a list maker these are just a few of the ideas I’ve come up with;
Yard Sale~ I’ve talked with the youngest daughter and will probably include the oldest too—We’re thinking Labor Day weekend will be a good weekend to have a yard sale, although it will still be so blasted hot; but the last of the ‘lake goers’ will be running through our neck of the woods and it would be ideal. So, when living in the country Yard Sales are best when you-
  • a) Advertise using signs, newspaper,word of mouth and craigslist.
  • b) Have a good location; like right off the highway
  • c) Choose a day with good weather; not TOO HOT, Cold or Rainy.
  • d) Be organized. Tables, prices, Lay goods in an easy to see and maneuver.
Craigslist~  I don’t always like dealing with some of the hassles of Craigslist; Although in the past we’ve had pretty good experience with selling items here even though we live in the country. It is a good resource for getting your items some recognition. In the past we’ve sold vehicles, lawn equipment, baby items and posted our last BIG yard sale, So this is an option for make a little bit of fast cash if you’ve got quite a bit of items that are mainly ‘yard ornaments’ or ‘dust catchers’ taking up space around the old place. (Be  careful to screen your emails for spam; read Craigslist Guidelines and Avoiding Spammers tips- it can be a good experience for most.)
eBay vs. half price books~ I put these two together because I have lots of books. We homeschooled our children when they were home and we’ve amassed quite a collection of literature, texts books and reference books. If you live near a Half price books and it’s convenient for you AND YOU HAVE LOTS OF BOOKS you might consider taking your books there.
They DO NOT give you half price for YOUR books. They generally give you a much smaller percentage of the value. So unless you have classics, hard back or rare books don’t expect to make a ton off your books; even if you have a ton of books. ;)  They also take records, tapes, cd’s and movies in different forms too (ie; vhs and dvd) If ,on the other hand you are getting rid of your books just to be getting rid of them and don’t want them to go to waste or land fill Half price books is a place to go and make a little cash too. What they don’t resale, they donate and if in terrible case, gets recycled. Nothing goes to the land fill.
Things we believe no one should waste: paper, knowledge, trees, words, time, and money. Half Price Books is the book recycler. We buy books you've already enjoyed. So if you have more books than shelves, bring yours to us today. We pay the most for recent best sellers and collectibles. But we're also interested in your children's books, mysteries, music, movies and games. We donate all our overstock inventory to nonprofit agencies around the world.—half price books
So that being said, when I have books to sell.  I usually use eBay for this. I’ve generally gotten what I want for my books. I also have used eBay for items that I know would not get TOP DOLLAR  at yard sales; but that have value. It may be a rare or vintage piece or something totally unique; either way there is usually an interest. If you don’t get a buyer the first time don’t despair; you can always list it again. There is no limit.  I’ve never had any problems with buyers or payment. In most cases people are easy to deal with. You can do all your shipping right from your door too- with the Mail Service you choose picking up and dropping off right to your door. Having a PayPal account for payment is the most convenient way to get paid and check out if your making a purchase.
Lastly there is -- ~  I put it last because I have absolutely the smallest amount of experience with this way to sell.  I know you can purchase items here relatively easy. Pay pal works for purchases here. I also know that you can sell your HOMEMADE, VINTAGE or Art / Craft Supplies on this site. That is it.
So I’m wondering if maybe you can give advice on this way to sell.
  • Have you had success?
  • Do you get lots of business by advertizing your Etsy store on your  blog?
  • Do you sell hand crafted or vintage items? Or maybe supplies?
I’ve interested in selling hand crafted items but have also amassed a collection of supplies that I WILL NOT BE USING – I love to crochet but find that the internet is loaded with the ever popular crocheted dishcloth—almost a dime a dozen.  The supply is large and demand is not so great.
dishcloths 001
Pay Pal – Oh, I know I said etsy was last, but I forgot You can sell your items right from your blog using a Pay pal app or widget. You get it from Pay pal and using the html widget on blogger you post it to your site.
  • Have you done this?
  • Has it worked well? Much success?
  • With the problems that Blogger sometimes has with Malware and things, would you trust the use of Pay pal on your blogger site?
Thank you for all your answers in advance.  I hope to learn a lot from y’all!
Give her the product of her hands,
         And let her works praise her in the gates.Prov 31: 31

God bless you and Thanks for reading.


The Impulsive Texan said...

I've been wondering how to do that too! I'm thinking about adding a Paypal button on my blog too. If you get it done, let me know!

The Impulsive Texan

Candy C. said...

I had some stuff on etsy and never sold a thing! Everyone said my things were cute and I don't feel they were overpriced but there is just SOOO many things on there that it is easy for items to get lost. Hope you have some luck! I have been selling produce at the local Farmer's Market for extra money.

Mel's Designs from the Cabin said...

Just keep getting your name out there in all kinds of ways...don't put all your eggs in the same's kind of like investing...diversify....local flea market booths, yard sales, selling on line, word of mouth, church craft sales and school craft sales, friends, family...give some stuff away and ask those that receive that they pass the word along that you're the one who made this craft item....always mention it in your blog...and change the view makes the eye look closely "again"...kind of like what retail stores do...these are just a few things I had in mind..myself for my bags at Mel's Designs for the Cabin blog....Mel

Granny said...

Mel is right, don't try to sell everything through one venue. I had my bags in a shop, sold some from my blog and also sold them at the preschool. I often check etsy for ideas but have yet to buy anything there. I've had the best luck selling extra items from around the house at yard sales. I go all out with the signs, putting them on bulletin boards at grocery stores, on craigslist, on posts at streetcorners etc. Have you thought of posting pictures of some of the small items you have for sale on your blog?

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I don't have much to add. :( I do agree that you should spread out. :)
You gave lots of great tips!

Teresa said...

I'm afraid I can't help too much. Farmer's Markets do a good job of advertising to bring customers in. I"m not sure what things you want to sell. I've had people asking about buying my goat's milk soap just by posting about it on my blog or Facebook. Good luck.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Interesting post and so helpful! My best source of extra income has been my antiques booth. It is crazy the business I have gotten from my blog, I post about items in my booth and always include the prices and sure enough it sells to someone who has read my blog. We have so many readers that we don't even know exist, and I am sure other people like myself like to follow other local people. So if I was selling at a farmers market, garage sale, etc. be sure to put it on your blog


Lowry517 said...

Pat, I have couponed for almost 3 years (way before that silly show came out). I used to know understand how people would get all this stuff for FREE, but you can. For example CVS, I pretty much never pay cash for any beauty, toiletry items, oral care, pain relievers, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaners for the house, milk, etc. When you think about how much money goes into those items each month, for each family member, it really adds up. Plus, I don't have to pay any taxes like I would on a paycheck, nor do I have to have childcare to go to work. If you ever have any questions, e-mail me & I would be glad to explain or you could even call. Here if you want me to explain. And, boy do we stay stocked up on items. Should something happen like no work for a bit, we don't have to go to the store.

Prior said...

I wish we were still having our sale in October, but we are having a wedding for Josh, instead, but maybe another time, I'll let you know.

Jo said...

Why not ad Blogher ads to your blog? I know they aren't pretty but they do generate income.