Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lively Trees- and Windy weather!

  Lively Trees~ Catalpa Tree- summer 2011 (Catalpa)
Lovely Lively trees. You have so much to offer.
You bring beauty to my surroundings.
Pecan tree- back-2011(Texas pecan) 
The softness of your branches give shelter from the sweltering heat~
The sun is kept back from me; in the coolness of your shade.
   I look to you for signs of the weather changing~
and times to plant the corn.
You put on fruits and meats that are so tasty in my mouth.
back of barn 2011(peaches,behind the barn)
You deserve a drop to drink.
Without it you will wither. You will fade.
You will not be strong enough to bear your fruit.
leaves on the ground- 2011 (leaves covering the ground)
It is too awful for me to watch your leaves fall before their appointed time.
The fruit does not come~
Oh, how I miss your peaches, nuts and figs.
 Pecan Sm tree back 2011  (Paper shell Pecan)
Stand strong and stay planted~
Lively trees,Keep your footing firm!
Pecan tree-front- Black walnut 2011(pecan-rear and black walnut-foreground) 
Should you fall to this plight and natural way of things~
May your wood bring warmth to me in this cycle of death.
May another sprout in your place!
And still more come to bear your tasty fruit.

Later in the afternoon after I took these pictures today of my trees-
We had the strangest of weather~ A really strong front blew through from the north-east. It had very strong powerful winds that knocked out the power for about 3 hours.  And we had about a 30 minute shower. Not torrential—but a shower non-the-less.
The temps dropped to a wonderful 88°~ This is a welcome change from the 110° that we had earlier in the day!
It was so refreshing! I’m still sitting here in my computer room and we’ve not turned the air on yet. The weather is cool enough without it!
I took a video of our weather and I still haven’t learned how to post a video  Just figured out how to upload a video on youtube! 
Just take my word for it when I say ;
“It was windy-in’ all over the place!”

Ok, this video is poor quality-- very windy in the microphone-- and somebody has a terrible TEXAS DRAW...don't know who that would be! ... 
you can watch it if you want to-- in fact it might be good for a laugh. No kiddin'~ 

God bless you and Thanks for reading.


The boston Lady said...

Pat, I believe it! I saw on the weather channel that you had some rain and I hope it gave you some relief. We are goofing off in Vegas so I now understand the horrible heat you have experienced. Of course I am experiencing it in a "vacation' way and not an everyday way. Hope you continue to have rain and relief. Seems like many parts of the country have suffered this summer. Ann

Mel's Designs from the Cabin said...

I left you a comment on my blog, 'cause earlier I wouldn't take mine on yours...strange blogger...check it under "Problems post"...Mel's Designs from the Cabin....Mel...
I hope this goes through...

Angel said...

Aw watching that video and hearing you and your "Texas drawl", which by the way is NOT worse than mine, made me miss ya.

Brenda Pruitt said...

We have certainly had one rough summer for our poor trees and shrubs and plants, that's for sure.