Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I have trouble with color

  I freeze up when It comes to choosing. rainbow-popsicles

I think that is the reason, in part, that I don't have a problem or get bothered by with the budget part of decorating-- I buy Ooops! paint for two reasons; oopspaint

  1. -it's within budget  and
  2. - the color has already been selected and rejected! 

Leaving it behind for me to scoop up at the phenomenal price of $5 at Lowes! ( I know that is probably a picture taken at Home Depot; but you get the idea.)  I also don’t mind that I’ve only paid $5 for it; because if I get it on the walls and then decide that I don’t like it-- $5 more  will cover it just as easily.

So, I was so happy to read  Revi at REVISIONARY LIFE, have you met her or read her blog?  

I just read this post and went back to read the previous post on color-- I liked both posts. I am looking forward to reading more and in fact, think I may re-read both of these posts a couple of times!!  I need all the help I can muster up when it comes to color. It’s not just with paint either. When sewing or crocheting… I just can’t seem to choose what is naturally pleasing.

It’s a struggle, I tell ya!

I'll tell you a little secret about me and color; and it's something I've often wondered.
I am the daughter of a color-blind man (red-green color blindness) and I am also the mother of a color blind man (also, red-green color blind).  I myself, am not color blind. I have often wondered since I carry the color-blind gene; if that is what makes me unable to choose and create with color? Sort of a handicap, if you will permit me to say.  What I see as color seems for the most part true. I see red, blue, and green. I can also see the analogous colors and the complimentary colors that are mentioned in Revi’s  post-- however, I have a problem choosing when it comes to placing it around the room or putting it on the walls. I FEEL LIKE I must copy from a magazine or whatever is trendy for the moment!

I love color and I don’t do the monochromatic white OR shabby chic  type of white very well; because I like color so muchAlthough I must say, my bathroom make over is turning out to be just that. Shades of whites and touches of beige and brown; and I AM loving it!

I just have no skills when it comes to color. 


~God bless you and Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

On the soap, I just mold it into an egg shape :) or a square

The Boston Lady said...

I understand this Pat. Picking paint color is always agony for me because it always looks different at home! I like your idea of the Ooops paint. Going to try that next time. Ann

camp and cottage living said...

I wish I could find some paint as cheap as yours!
The cheap ones here are usually funky colors!
I do love what you've done with that bathroom, even if it is mostly light colors.

Cindy said...

Don't worry, a lot of people have problems with color. I sure do, I never know just what I like. Trouble is I like everything, except blue.
Have a wonderful day, and don't worry, one day you will get it right in every room.
Hugs, Cindy

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I'm a fellow oops lover...who care if it does not work...right! I am also really free with messing around with oops, I add white paint or black paint and if it does not work well.....OOPS LOL


Monica said...

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