Friday, February 17, 2012

Being Versatile -- blogger award

I was given the Versatile Blogger award last week while away from my blog-- due to , Well, you remember- I typically turn down awards and tags on my blogs-- because well, they can circulate quite a bit and before long you'll be getting the same award again and again. But this one was different and so I went and looked up the word Versatile.  Just because you may think you know a word right?  

Definition of VERSATILE

: changing or fluctuating readily : variable versatiledisposition>
: embracing a variety of subjects, fields, or skills; also :turning with ease from one thing to another

But this word Versatile ...well, it really seemed to fit the bill of Corn in My Coffee-Pot.  I've never ever defined my blog as having a niche-- I don't blog about something for the sake of a 365 day Calendar/ Goals criteria.  I don't offer TOO much advice-- although I do try to encourage people to try new things and rarely (once) have give aways and such. 

So,What do I blog about? 
All the other great and some NOT-S0-GREAT ideas that pop into this little brain of mine! 

(and if you've sent me an award in the past -- and I didn't play along; please don't get your feelings hurt this is me  exercising my Versatility!) 

Here are the RULES for the Versatile Blogger Award-

1. Add the award to your blog. 

2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you.
3. Mention seven random things about yourself. (see below)
4. List the rules.
5. Award to 15 bloggers.
6. Inform each of those 15 by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are SEVEN random things about me...

1. I recently cut my hair off by about 20 inches or so.(No. I didn't donate it) 

2. I'm a Peace Maker -- don't like confrontation.(have been known to get on a soap box occasionally) 
3. I'm learning to Garden Creatively and love it! 
4. I like crocheting and am teaching myself to TAT. (via: internet) 
5. My desk is always a wreck. 
6. I love going to the NHRA drag races--haven't been in years. :( 
7. I' m a Sinner Saved by Grace

15 Bloggers picked below; 

April's Homemaking
A Southern Belle with Northern Roots
Adventures in Country Living
The Chick in Charge
Corners of My Life
Cottage at the Crossroads
Country Girl at Heart
Creating Me Now!
Dirt Under My Nails
Cow in the Hall are You?
Johnnie's Junk
Educating for Life
Kettle Korner Kottage
Pioneer Woman at Heart
Knick of  Time
Glow Academy

I appreciated the Versatility that each of these bloggers bring to my reading list everyday!
thanks for participating.  I tried to scroll each blog's sidebar to make sure none of you are an *AWARD FREE OR TAG FREE BLOG*  if you worries. I'm sure you'll get traffic from it anyway!



shannon i olson said...

oh thank you dear one, now...something to blog about...hmm is there 7 things about me I haven't told the world yet? you are teaching yourself to tat!!!?? I am so impressed!

April's Homemaking said...

What a nice surprise! Thank you for the award, I look forward to figuring out my 7 random facts, as well as passing on the award. Thanks~April

The Magnolia House said...

Thanks again for the award. I have received it a few times before but I am always honored!

Kristina said...

Thank you! I think many of the blogs I follow have already been given this award too. Thank you so much!

Mecky said...

Thank you for the award. This is my first award!
i will have to take some time to tink about the 7 radom things about me and then I will post!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Thank you so much. My first award! How exciting. But I don't think I follow 15 bloggers of variety. Yikes! I'm just two months old here in blog land! I appreciate you thinking of me. And I will defineley Thank you again on my blog. We being bloggers of variety and all- making our own rules!