Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Chicks in the House--

Honey and I made a trip to the V.A. last Thursday and planned to stop in the tractor supply afterward.  It’s right across the street. Very convenient. If we were to go to a TSC store just to shop…we’d have to travel at least 45 minutes any ol’ direction you picked from home. So having one right across the street from the Doctor’s office…it’s a good deal.
TSC store is one of my favorite places to shop now.
Anyway—went for Feed…
and came home with MORE MOUTHS TO FEED!
Check ‘em out, aren’t they cute?  Baby chicks.   It’s a baker’s dozen. 13 total! 100_9829 I have to admit… I didn’t pay attention when the young lady was telling us what kind they are; all I know is that they are pullets.  According to G.E.E.G. (Google-Enhanced-Educated-Guess) that means all female. I also checked the breed and believe these are Ameraucana chicks. 100_9832 Honey got right to work and made good use of some scrap lumber, wire and drawer pulls; and came up with this little chicken tractor— CUTE! 100_9848 ---we had temps in the 80’s today and I had them out in the garden with me.

They’re just as cute as can be!
Now…I think it was a little spontaneous for us to buy these. (Because I wasn’t at all prepared or read-up.)
Since these pictures were taken. The chicks have been placed back under a light—for warmth. They are approximately 1 to 1-1/2 weeks old. They need to be warm. 100_9852
Also—and this doesn’t make sense to me; but you can see by the above photo that the little chicks are in the grass. I’ve SINCE read that they’ll eat the grass- get diarrhea, and then their little butts get crusty and they have to be bathed so that they can continue to poop properly.
This all seems to be pretty accurate. So today, I took a few minutes about 15 or so and had to wash chicken butts~ YES! my chicks developed ‘crusty butt’.  * edited to say for crusty butt wash with warm water and or mineral oil, pat dry with a towel. Make sure the vent is clear of any dried on chicken poop.  Afterwards they got to spend some time in the sun, but it was on the brick walkway. No grass to eat.
Now, the part that didn’t make sense is the ‘God-created-them-to-be-outside-birds’ part…why all the trouble now?  Well, I can’t say that I know for sure. But—the above is actually true. My chicks started eating the grass right away. This is what created the problem for them.  Lesson learned.
Alls well now.
It’s like having a new born in the house. You think you’re prepared you know? 
all the Google Enhanced Education from the You-niversity of TUBE… JUST  DOESN’T PREPARE YOU for the reality of baby chicks under a flood light in the kitchen…and CRUSTY BUTT!

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.
~Philippians 4:23


Clint Baker said...

Just like us being placed under the wings of our Father. You are there mother and need to wrap your wings around them. :-)

Sunny Simple Life said...

Ahhh they are so cute. They look just like the one I have that they said was an Ameraucana so I think you might be right. I think I have read grass is good for them later but I don't know much yet. Bought of book yesterday. I wish I could have more like you have but we are more limited. That little cage hubby made is awesome. We haven't started ours yet. Will head out there today to decide what we are going to do as it poured rain here yesterday. Yeah for chicks!! Congrats. Thanks for the link too.

Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

Yep - we've had to deal w/our fair share of crusty butts, too! But once they're older they do just fine with all those greens!

I know those will be some very spoiled little ladies!

Gail said...

OMGoodness Pat, they are so cute!

The Boston Lady said...

Oh my, chicken goodness! As they get older I think they tolerate the grass better, but they sure are cuties. Ann

Prior said...

wow, have fun with the baby chicks! Lezlee

Cindy said...

Pretty funny story, I hope all goes well from here on out.
Hugs, cindy

Unknown said...

Pat, you crack me up! Your poor little chicks with crusty butt! Too funny! Here I was thinking to myself how cool they are so little and already outside! NOT!!!!
thanks for sharing your crusty butt story!