Monday, April 30, 2012

All about Photography

If you clicked on this post thinking I’m going to teach you ‘ALL ABOUT PHOTOGRAPY’ for your blog or just in general.
No. I am not.
That is not at all what this is about. I really should have titled this post “NOT All About Photography”
But I couldn't, because it's full of photos! 

I recently had a Teen-Teacher, with a very keen eye for photography come to my house to visit. She took some great shots around our place and allowed me to see them. I told her how wonderful they were and how she had such a wonderful knack for photography. I asked her for some tips.

But first let me show you an awfully funny photo—I snapped pre Teen-Teacher! 100_1735 “Audrey”:  YES! IN MY HOUSE….(we’ve got to get that screen door repaired!)

Now on with the show… lots of pictures to follow. But definitely better quality than you’ve most likely seen here before!

“STRAY  Sun-flower”  before Teen-Teacher Photographer—100_1756 AFTER:  100_1776 Precursor to the next two photos: Here is the deal; we started a lot of plants from seed. They were in a little flat tray sitting outside getting some morning sun— and a gust of wind came along and toppled that tray over. So yes, I mark my plants…but once toppled – it’s just a guessing game at that point. 100_1794
The Honey calls this squash—but No, says I. I don’t think the blooms are large enough—I think they’re cantaloupe~ You may “chime in” – in the comments and tell me what you think. YOU WIN NOTHING FOR GUESSING … just the satisfaction of guessing correctly. I’ll let you know as soon as there is fruit on the vine! :) 100_1791“CORN” close-up100_1785”RED ONION”100_1797 “TOMATO PLANT”100_1798”WEED”…100_1813
 Before: photo of strawberries in the washpot-- 100_1601After: Pictures of the strawberries with my Teen-teacher! 100_1849
So much more interesting…don’t you think? 100_1847 Looking up!100_1800

Finding beauty in a fading blooms-- 100_1852


BLACKBERRIES: (not the digital type…but the delicious type!) 100_1811
A Hoary Frost on the black berries—100_1856 just before I bagged them up to go back in the freezer~
Over all… I think these photos turned out great! I had a wonderful time hanging out with my Teen-teacher… you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.
These photos (for the exception of the watermark) are untouched! They look pretty good to me—but what do I know about photography?

If I believed in LUCK… I’d say mine is running out, by looks of this horseshoe over the barn door.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Philippians 4:23


Shanda said...

Love the chicken in the house and the rusty pots!

Granny said...

I love that washpot. My mom had one and I remember her using it in the summertime. (Yes I'm really that old). lol

It looks as if Audrey knows exactly where she's going. Love that picture. It's my desktop now.

Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

Oh my - I have a photo some place of chickens in our front room, too!

What a great life you live!

Sunny Simple Life said...

I have learned so much since blogging. Just keeping practicing. Hey I have an Audrey too but it is my daughter's name.

shannon i olson said...

good job! now if close ups of me would be an improvement! pfft not a chance. you did a great job and I love a chicken walking around in your house!

Angel said...

I think the horseshoe pic is my fav. And I bet I know who that teen-teacher was. Her pics are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I tender my vote for squash (sorry, Pat, I have to agree with your Honey on this one, but it's been years since I planted squash. I could be wrong :) p.s. I love your sunflower!

Cindy said...

Hello my friend,
It's true, you can teach old dogs new tricks, this old dog is still trying to learn more about photography. I have no close up photos on today's post, perhaps I should. Yours turned out great, hurray for you!!!
Hugs, Cindy

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love close ups, you have lots of goodies in your garden! Love the photo of the frozen berries especially!

♥ my diary♥ said...

im hosting a bloghop on tuesday's your welcome feel free to share and blessed others with your devotional craft and old memory cooking recipe..anything you want others to read....thanks if you do...loves soraya

♥ my diary♥ said...

Loving Lord,
We thank you for your love so freely given to us all.
We pray for families around the world.
Bless all Mothers' strengthen and support our marriage and family life.
Empowered by your Spirit, may we be united in prayer and worship,
and in love and service reach out as your hands across the world.
In Jesus' name.

have a blessed mothers day..loves soraya

nannykim said...

Well I like the hen wondering in the kitchen the best!! so funny--just love it. I didn't get any blackberries this year--we used to get them where we walked and now we have moved from that area!! They look yummy.

Prior said...

No booth this year the tea room will not be open either, but I am sure I will hit town sometime that day...going to pick out pavers...Love your flower pics...I have not been on computer much either...are you coming to town? We almost open a shop in one of the old buildings...said yes one day, backed out the next...just didn't seem right time for it.