Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dressing UP!

There’s a new thrift store in town. We need another thrift store. We’ve got the Goodwill and a couple of Family Resource Centers. This new thrift store is privately owned. I know because I asked. {smile}
So naturally I had to stop in the other day.  I was looking for any ‘shiny’ clothing that I could use to make play costumes for Aubree. She turned 3 on Saturday and I wanted to make a dress up box for her to play with.
This is my haul. I spent about $9 for these shirts and about 6 yards of lace and a skirt covered in lace, too. Not bad considering if I bought by the yard someplace else I would have spent way more. Plus, all these items had buttons and things already attached for accessories! 100_0499 This skirt was covered on the outside with lace panel. Very pretty—but I cut it up! 100_0502
I made one apron and one collar (to be worn like a necklace) that lays on the shoulders for two of the outfits. For Snow White, I made ‘Poufy Sleeves’ with lace (almost like big scroonchies).
SLEEPING BEAUTYsleeping_beauty 100_0538 SNOW WHITESnow-White-Wallpaper-snow-white-and-the-seven-dwarfs-6475323-1024-768 100_0543 BELLEdisneys_belle 100_0541 I used Honey’s boot box and covered it with book pages from an old paper back copy of  The Secret Garden100_0545The box covered well. I used 1:1 ratio of elmer’s glue to decoupage the pages and the book had pretty graphics,too. I painted the word ‘Princess’ on the front but that was after I took this picture.
At the last minute, and I mean on the way to her birthday party, I went to Dollar Tree. I spent $5 and bought a scepter, tiara w/ earrings, a strand of yellow beads, a head band with blonde hair attached and a purple skirt. (Rapunzel,not pictured). It was a dollar and not near as cute as the ones I made.
It ended up being a good thing; because she got other accessories that little girls need for ‘dress up’. Some one bought her (3 pair) of play shoes that came in a boxed set; someone else gave her play jewelry.
All totaled I spent about $15 for the whole gift and had fun making it. Not near as much fun as the little princess will have ‘fakin’- like’~ in all her dreams.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.
~Philippians 4:23


Sandy said...

You are one smart cookie.. what
a great idea to make the costumes..
This little girl will have a big
smile because of your thoughtfullness...

Prior said...

So adorable...yours are made way better than even the more expensive ones...I am making my girls a box of stuff here and by making I mean buying...what started it was finding two flower girl dresses just a like for 2 dollars and a real wedding veil and two tiny hula skirts...so I have a good start. LOVE love love your box!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Pat! The outfits you made look fabulous! great job! I know Aubree will love playing dresup! What a great gift.

Kristina said...

Pat, what great finds. I absolutely love the boot box.

Melanie said...

Pat, that is an awesome gift! Your precious granddaughter must have been so excited to get that for a gift! What a fun post!!! Enjoyed reading it and seeing your creativity at work! Had to smile as I was reading that post!!!

Kolein said...

You are good nana!!!! Those costumes are wonderful!!

You're very talented!


Carla said...

What a fun and cool thing to do for Aubree.

Angel said...

I love the way the box turned out! I saw the aprons in person and they are cute too!!

I have a lot of ideas in my mind to re-purpose some clothes too.

Making something new from something old gives great satisfaction!