Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Predators and Weathering the Storm~

Don’t laugh. It is…well, it WAS a temporary shelter for our ‘NUGGETS’ 100_0712
Until yesterday, I woke up to this.100_0713 We don’t think it was our dogs…but we’ve not ruled that possibility out. They are after all…dogs.  There was a lot of dirt. None on them. One of our dogs…the good one, was sitting near by as though on Sentry duty, in the same place all night.  I’d like to think she was keeping watch and ran whatever it was off the property.
This little NUGGET looked right at me as if to say, “Did you see it? IT tried to eat me!'” 100_0717 All day the weather was over cast and we were constantly under some type of SEVERE WEATHER WARNING. Our county was under a Tornado Warning for the better part of the afternoon. There were several tornadoes that went through parts of Ft.Worth, Dallas and East Texas. It was all North of us; we only ended up with Thunder Storm warnings; rain, lightning, and hail.

This is what it looked like as I was getting the BIG chickens back to the Coop. 100_0732

Then this happened~ 100_0718
I stayed pretty calm. EVEN THOUGH…it was right above my head as I was putting the scoop back in the feed bin.  Yes, RELATIVE CALM…. in the midst of the storm.
Honey came to the rescue. It’s pretty graphic. But I’ll just tell you, ‘CLEAN OFF!’….
That’s were he blew the head of this snake. …clean off.!100_0721 Implements of destruction. 100_0725

It was a chicken snake. Now... it is a ‘good’ chicken snake. Teach you to get 5 inches from my head…Sorry, don’t mean to sound like an ANGRY CHICKEN KEEPER. 
I don’t like any snakes. So a ‘good’ snake is a dead snake. No offense to snakes out there, who might be offended reading this post. …he he he. 100_0729
Got the chickens BACK INSIDE the coop. Yes, they were all so well, behaved and got right in the coop when the snake incidence occurred. Honey let them out… and they SKID-DADDLED when he came in with the hoe.  So, they had to be coaxed BACK IN  a second time.
I like this picture…the fuzzy ring around it is the chicken wire. PHEW! I thought there was something wrong with my camera; but NO. It’s just my incredible camera skills! You must remember… a storm was coming. (and I’m a lousy photographer with the camera)  100_0744
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 The mini-coop(er).

Because someone, not me, was trying to eat my NUGGETS before their time.  You don’t MESS with my chickens!

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.
~Philippians 4:23


Anonymous said...

Glad you escaped the weather AND the snake! Yikes! Too close for comfort.

As for the digger into your chicken 'tractor', here in Colorado I would suspect that of being a fox. They'll dig fast and furiously to get a yummy chicken dinner!

Donna H. in CO

Kolein said...

Pat. What's a "good" chicken snake?

That post read like I was in the entire "episode" with you all!! Seriously!!!

Glad everyone is safe and sound!


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

A dead one.

Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh no. Quite an eventful day. I hate those. Scary weather, scary predators and really scary snake. I would have lost it. I guess I am a city girl. Chicks are enjoying the day in the coop. First time. Door went on last night.

Anonymous said...

Pat, so glad you are all ok snake-wise. I don't like snakes either and would run over anyone in my way if I was trying to make myself scarce. Most of all I am so glad you were not in the path of that vicious storm. You surely had guardian angels around you!

nannykim said...

We have a snake living near my front window but it is a garder snake. Glad you didn't get the tornadoes!

3rnigerians said...

Snakes, yikes. I don't even like seeing them in pictures. I'm so glad your hubby gave him a haircut. The nuggets are adorable and I love the mini-cooper. I'm hoping that's the last of their predator woes. Have a Happy Easter. Thanks for sharing on Farmgirl Friday.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Good thing you got that snake! We have copperheads here that lay on the retaining walls. So far none in the coop so the cats must be attacking them. We often see the cats and swollen up so I'd imagine that's why. That was a terrible storm, viewing the feed coming through CNN at work, I was amazed at the trailers being thrown around like they were toys. Glad it didn't come too close to you.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Yeah, a "good" one indeed! :) yikes! y'all been busy! Glad you were safe from the storm. I saw some news coverage on tv. it was b.a.d.

Happy Easter to you and your family Pat!