Monday, April 23, 2012

Gettin’ the Scoop on the Dirt

Homestead Barn Hop #56

Last week I showed you the dirt I scooped out of the chicken pen… I think Easter weekend—it’s been a while back now. 100_0893
This dirt had built up over the winter, inside the coop. During the winter we threw down hay and shavings when floor of the coop was muddy or wet. To give the chickens something to eat, before we had started letting them out of the coop during the day, we would toss in grass clippings (fresh) for them to munch on too!  After all of that broke down and they made their deposit…we got a large amount of very rich dirt for planting.
We still have leftover wood that was given to us last year, when we made our first raised beds; So we built another long skinny one. 100_0894
It’s approximately 6 ft. by 2 ft. …. 100_0895
I filled it with dirt. Not all of it—because it wouldn’t all fit. I have some dirt to fill pots with too! I haven’t planted anything in there yet, because we need to come up with a fencing strategy--- I don’t want the chickens eating whatever I plant! 100_0896
Just one of the benefits of chickens and chicken dirt!
You may be wondering why the bed-liner isn’t in the back of the truck…it doesn’t fit the Nissan; it’s out of the back of our old truck we no longer have. But, we hitch it up with a rope and sometimes pull it behind the mower—this load was too heavy for the mower, so we pulled it with the truck. The kids call it ‘THE SLED’

The Grace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Phil 4:23


  1. Oh I cannot wait for all my wonderful compost from these chickens. It will be awesome when it is ready to use. Very ingenious your sled. Why throw away something you can still use?

  2. Yes, that is one of the benefits of chickens! My girls are happy to provide me with rich dirt! LOL!!

  3. Chickens do provide some wonderful compost. Love the reuse of the bed liner.

  4. Hi Pat! Nice to meet you too. I can learn from you about chickens. We are soon to get some. I'm excited. I see you homeschooled as well..we have much in common. Enjoying your blog....

  5. Chickens do leave us more than eggs. Yay for that!

  6. We miss our girls. We haven't yet tried raising chickens here in the woods. . . but I"m sure it won't be long now. Like Kristina says - they give us more than eggs!

  7. love your posts...i dont have any clue about farming but i do like it a seems a lot of work...but i love nature...and outside life...thanks for sharing...blessings

  8. Love your "sled"!!! :) hey, whatever works!
    chicken dirt? who knew? hahaha

    I'm such a city girl!

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  10. The sled is really a great idea...a great way to move stuff!

  11. Another great reason to get chickens... But I think I have to put off that project for another year.


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