Thursday, April 26, 2012

What the Chickens Haven’t Eaten-

I was cleaning up some photos—organizing last years YEAR END PICTURES--- from this years WINTER AND SPRING PHOTOS. They’ve all kind of run together AND IT’S TIME TO BACK UP TO THE TERA-BYTE DRIVE…
I found these pictures of some Flox   PHLOX I had transplanted back in November—and wanted to show you how it’s grown! FLOX-circled new plant  I planted this in November of 2011—and now here it is April and it is in full bloom. Easy plant to grow. I had this little rock garden here, because well… the dogs kept digging right here. So I filled it in with rocks. FLOX- NEW GROWTH You can see the FLOX PHLOX  loves it here. It get full morning sun and around 1 o’clock… the shade starts to cover and shield it  from after noon heat.
This one had blooms on it… I didn’t circle it… I hope you can see it. Garden Harvest  last week Nov 2011 001 I think it looks pretty here… especially with that big huge chunk of pink granite. There were lots of rocks here already when we bought the house 16 years ago… and this chunk of granite was one of them. I have others… I should show them; they’re pretty and it’s the only granite I’ll probably ever own (this side of the dirt) he he he… 100_1237
I recently thinned out a bed of flox  PHLOX in the back and shared some Flox  PHLOX  with a friend and with my sister in law—both via mail. It grows from little rhizomes and they both said it was received and planted. I’m sure both ladies have such green thumbs that in no time at all, it will be growing and thriving! I’ve only recently been training my thumb to be ‘GREEN’…
I planted a small amount of Flox PHLOX  after we moved here—I brought it from my brother’s place in the country, in Hunt County.  It’s the only thing I haven’t killed
I’m linking this article up here:

*** edited to say-- jeesh! HOW MANY TIMES DOES ONE HAVE TO MISSPELL PHLOX... in order to catch it?  I'm so glad y'all don't critique me! 

The Grace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Phil 4:23


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

My Nana use to have those plants all over! I've never had any.
your little area by the porch is so sweet.


A Daughter of the King said...

Looks like the phlox has found a good home.

Granny said...

It looks pretty. I love the pink. I need to look for Phlox at the nursery next time I go.

Brenda said...

Pretty! I have quite a few different tall Phlox in my flower beds but I have not grown any of the ground level plants. Do they only bloom in the spring? Thanks for stopping by! You are right the ironing board I am recovering is a great height. It sure left a mess behind for me to clean up though when I got all the old covers and padding removed. I have another blog friend that says she uses a couple of the old wooden boards to set up at craft shows as tables. Have a great weekend!