Friday, August 24, 2012

::Etsy, What's in a Name? ::

Some of you have Etsy Shops-- and some of you don't; but you have accounts and shop there-- So I'm posing some questions to you, my faithful and honest readers. I know you'll give me your opinions when asked...and some of you EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT ASKED! ;)
Feel free to leave your remarks and thoughts below.  
Because ...Inquiring minds want to know! 

I have questions about  Etsy Shop Names. I'm wrapping up details...and haven't opened my shop yet (the pictures and detailed descriptions is the hardest part); but one thing I'm having a hard time settling on, is the Name... nothing set in concrete, I know. 

If you remember and have followed me from the beginning of this VERY BLOG...  You may remember, my switching back and forth before settling on Corn in My Coffee Pot. Here and Here (if you'd like to read about the indecisive issues I have going on in my brain) ;) 

On with the questions... 
 If you don't mind my asking... 
  • How did you come up with the name of your shop? and...
  • Do you think having the name of your shop different from your blog was; good for business, bad...or neither? 

I ask, because, I just don't think "Corn in my Coffee Pot" or any variation on the name "Corn in my Coffee Pot" would be a good name.  I don't want to get 'pigeon holed' into a shop name--all the while people think I'm selling Coffee Pots or crafts made from Coffee Pots... or Pot holders shaped like Coffee Pots...or Lamps repurposed into Coffee Pots... or anything remotely to do with Coffee Pots! 

Here is what I mean: 
You know Linda at  ITSY BITS AND PIECES  -- has a blog. 

She also has three, yes, count them; THREE! shops... 
Linda, I'd really be interested in your take on this! What say you, hmmm?

Amy at All Things Home has Amy's All Things Home (has been a big help in answering some questions. I've already corresponded with her. THANKS AMY!) 

Gail at My Repurposed Life has her shop at the same... myrepurposedlife  (a new shop) and
Brenda at Cozy Little House  has a variation of her shop name... cozylittlehouseshop 
...both successful shops so far! 

But not everyone has this... some have shops with different names-- 
There is Brin at My Messy Thrilling Life  has balmandhoney (which by the way she is having a sale, you can go to her blog for the code just click on my messy thrilling life...back there,it's linked) 
Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage  has ScoutHarper  different name...But successful.  no link at this time... Claudia? maybe you could fill me in on naming your shop, email me and let me have a link perhaps. 

The list could go on and on... there are so many more of you that have shops... and I've been LURKING AROUND THEM... learning what I can from you. But this...this is just a question I needed to ask.


Anyway... you get the jist of it, don't you? 
Corn in my Coffee Pot is the blog... it is mine, it is what it is... not changing. But to have a shop named that would be a bit much. 

I have some names in mind-- but nothing to do with Coffee, Coffee pots, or Corn. 

And it will be coming soon... if I could just give it a name!!! 

Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding. 
In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight. 
Proverbs 3: 5-6



BECKY said...
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BECKY said...

BECKYAugust 24, 2012 10:39 PM

Hey Gal,

Branding is important, and helps people remember you. If you are going to use your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc... to promote your shop, having all the names match is best. I switched all of mine so they match, as does my email. My journey has been a process, and still is! The good news is you can always change what you find doesn't work. :o)

I was struggling with the name, and God came to my rescue in the wee hours of the morning with the perfect name!! It conveys what I love about old things and just couldn't think of! How cool is that?

Brainstorming and writing down everything that comes to mind is a great place to start. Then you can narrow it down to what might work, and then narrow it further, asking God to lead all through the process. All I can say is that you will know it when it appears, and no one can convince you otherwise. :o)

I have read sooo much about having a successful shop if I can help in any way, please let me know.

I'll be praying for all of your details. What an exciting time! I remember my first day of business!! Too much fun!

Robyn said...

I wish I could be of help but alas, Im useless when it comes to this.. but I really can't wait until your shop is opened :)

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Hi Pat, thanks for coming by. I don't know about losing my email feature...I sure hope not. That seems to happen with me too where I thought I was following people and then I go there and I'm not or I never get emails. Weird. Well, the whole blogger thing is a mess and I haven't been able to upload photos because it's saying I'm out of space again even though I deleted a bunch of images and resized. I'll try again tomorrow, but for the meantime, I'm postless. Maybe that's why you aren't getting anything from my site. :)

April's Homemaking said...

I have had Etsy shops in the past, and the name was really a hard thing to pick. I didn't name them the same as my blog, I started my first shop with a name inspired by my product, but then decided that my store name sounded odd (poor use of my thesaurus), so I opened a second shop with a name I really love. I hope to get it up and running soon. My Etsy shop name isn't the same as my blog, but represents the gist of both my blog and product, so I think it will be easy to mesh the two when I am ready.

Good luck picking your store name, I look forward to seeing your shop! :)

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Hello...thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I have an Etsy shop that's about a year old. I opened it on a whim and didn't do any research. Somehow I picked the right name...I still have no idea how I got so lucky. It matches my blog. I use all the same graphics, fonts, etc. My blog and my Etsy are branded the same. From everything I read AFTER I opened my shop (backwards for sure) that is the way to go. I use my blog to promote my shop. My buttons, Etsy mini, etc. all match. So when someone sees one or the other the connection clicks, hopefully. I think it's important to have your branding in place before you open. You need a tag, a business card and maybe a thank you note. I have an Etsy seller that I found who is wonderful. If you are interested let me know. She can help you design your "brand" and she's very reasonably priced. Happy Sunday!

Sandy said...

You know, when I read the blog name
"Corn in my coffee pot".. I don't think
of corn or coffee... I think of the midwest
many years ago when the settlers did not
have coffee, they used corn until they
could get to the store to buy more coffee..
really... I have gone into many shops that
the name did not tell the story of their
wares... so if you use your blog name
I will know it's you.
Thanks for your comment today on my flying..
I caved and brought did not
want them taking my knitting needles..haha
I've never had a prob with crochet hooks.
I'm in OKC and loving being with my grandkids.
Watching the weather in Tampa and so glad
I'm outa there for a few weeks.. but wondering
if my house will still be there..haha
Have a great week.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Hi Pat! Thanks for the shout-out! Choosing names can be a challenge! Itsy Bits And Pieces is my legal business name. I chose it because I specialize in ephemera and little bits for artists, etc. When I started a blog, it was an extension of my business, so it was natural to name the blog the same. I had one etsy shop for quite awhile and used the name there, as well. Later, I had an interest in selling some other type items, and opened smaller shops with different names reflecting what I wanted to sell. Having the blog, my main etsy shop, and my legal business name for my vintage business, all be the same, has definitely helped me brand myself. I use a postcard size card with my blog header photo on the front and all three shops highlighted on the back.
I would think about what you want to sell, and if your blog name doesn't represent what you want...I would choose a name for the shop that you like, maybe trying to tie it together, if you can. But there are many blogs with shop names that don't match up...and the shops do just fine! You'll be advertising your shop on your blog with an etsy mini or something like it...and the items there are what attract shoppers! I'm excited to see what you decide and brainstorming with everyone like this can get you some good ideas!

The Charm of Home said...

I named my shop after my blog and sometimes I wish I had a different name, but putting it in my pages at the top of my blog gives it a lot of traffic. So the combo of a blog and shop is a good one no matter what the name. Thanks for stopping by!

red.neck chic said...

LOL! I am no help other than...

where would you like to go with it all? For me - it was all about my business name and branding. There is VERY LITTLE difference in anything that I do - for my blog, etsy shop, website, shows that I do,boutiques that I am in, the antique mall I'm in, etc. etc.

But then, I am aiming straight at a brick & mortar that will be "red.neck Chic" and all of what I am doing now is important for my branding/identity, etc.

So... the million dollar question... what is your end goal before you set another end goal? :)

LOVE your name as it is... can't wait to see your Etsy shop!!!

:) robelyn

RHome410 said...

I don't have an Etsy shop, but I think you have great questions, and some good advice in your comments. Maybe it's from reading your blog, but I also don't really think of corn or coffee pots from the name, but an old-fashioned, farmy, Mid-West vibe centered on 'hearth and home.'

But if you want a different name, I don't think it's a big deal. You'll advertise it here on your blog, so readers can make the connection. Otherwise, Etsy shoppers who don't know you already will search for a certain type of product, so if the product itself is tagged properly, it seems to me that interested buyers will find your store.

God bless your new adventure!!!!!!!