Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Ears Have it...

Stop WAIT!   You're not at the wrong place. In fact the URL is still the same...Only the name and a few minor details have been changed to Appease "CRAZY -INDECISIVE - GIRL" THAT LURKS INSIDE ME SOMEWHERE! (so you've landed at the very spot you thought you were blogging too).

I've made the statement on occasion of how I really liked the name of my blog before... and SOME HOW, the kid in me succumbed to  nasty BLOGGY peer-pressure and  I took a wild notion to change the name of my blog for the sake of "BETTER BLOGGING' !  Don't you just loath peer pressure?  Does anybody else out there get bloggy peer-pressure?  COME ON NOW, BE HONEST!

Since then I've cavassed  taken a STRAW POLE of,  a few random comments here and there -- and have come to the conclusion... that You really liked my before name AND SO DO I!

I suffer with indecision all the time. (actually I don't suffer with it, usually it is those around me that SUFFER from my indecision)  I suffer from the CONSEQUENCES!!!

sO... I'm baAAAaaacccCCKKkk!--- And Happy to Be!
I'll be Corn from now on...I'll not change my name from this point on.
I can't promise though, that sometime in the future, I may decide to change my URL...but you'll be warned before I do.  I hope you'll follow me there... where ever that place will be.

In the mean time

God Bless You
Thanks for reading:  Corn in My Coffee Pot

Your STILL THE EVER-Indecisive Bloggy Friend!


Coleen's Corner said...

Yippee! I'm glad you changed - and yes, I suffer from bloggy peer pressure too! I'm still not satisfied with the looks of mine, but don't know what it needs. The only thing in my life that is consistent is my inconsistency : )

Kolein said...

Corny! Yay!! Indecision? I don't know what that is. Oh wait, well, sometimes I do. But mostly I don't. Actually I can't decide right now!!!

Blog peer pressure? Pressure, period! From all venues, avenues, roads, sources. Isn't that the constant fight? Mostly in my mind, of course.

My husband said the greatest thing to me last night. I had been saying how I think this and that (all downer stuff) about myself and then after I got done I said, I know it's all in my mind. He said, "Yes it is. So YOU can change it"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHANGE YOUR MIND!!! CHANGE OUR MINDS!!! If you were here you'd see me dancing around a bit right now!!!

And so, you changed your mind. Love it!

The Boston Lady said...

I, for one, for once, am happy you have gone back to your original name. I didn't read your blog then, but when you told the story of "Corn" I just thought it was the best!

As for bloggy pressure. If I listened to it, I would have more than 12 followers. I do my blog for me and my family. If anyone else enjoys it I am happy. (okay, I lied, I love to get new people looking at it, but I still mainly do it for my sanity and to keep my family on their toes).

Corn In My Coffee Pot is fantastic, and I like the new look too!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

AWESOME name - it made me come look long ago as a lurker and I'm so happy it's back!!!
Ya gotta be YOU!
And don't even get me started bout decision making - I'm terrible. It's THE reason I procrastinate I finally realized... I'm not lazy, just scared I'll change my mind as soon as I've found my mind. ;-)

gail@myrepurposedlife.net said...

yay! Have you checked to see if corn in my coffee pot.blogspot has been taken? If not maybe you should scoop it up and just let it "simmer" for awhile. lol

Mary Ellen said...

Great name!! I thought the same after reading how you need to have a catchy name- mary's meanderings is not catchy to be sure- Corn in my coffee cup on the other hand is very catchy!