Monday, May 17, 2010

Shower day!

I had so much fun planning this shower.  I used very little in the way of store-bought throw away decorations.
I really started out with nothing but a crocheted baby blanket and bunting that was my intended gift.
Once I decided to use that as part of the decorating- it just escalated.

Lezlee at Prior Lives had posted about a vintage themed baby shower she had hosted and she gave me several ideas with that post. Couple of odd/funny things I'll just mention.  Lezlee and I have never met in person, but we don't reside very far apart. In fact we live in rival school districts...but in her post she showed a picture of an old Tupperware doggie 

 and well, when I was doing some last minute shopping at our local Goodwill-  I found one of those same dogs!  I couldn't believe it.
  I remembered seeing hers so I grabbed it up along with some buy one get one free linens -- in this case some baby receiving blankets, and table cloth and a handful of cloth diapers about 5 in all!  Some of it was free (love free!)
 A few of the decorations I put together were- booties candle votives  made out of washcloths, crocheted ribbon, mushroom cans (or small tomato sauce) and little votives or you can use baby food jars and tea light candles...

*edited to add this picture of the wash cloth booties*

I also shopped Dollar tree for the consumables- plates, napkins, forks and spoons and cups.While I was there I grabbed extra napkins and ribbon , candy mints and medicine (mouthwash) cups.  Little tiny cups... I made booties for party favors- to hold the mints!

these are empty w/o the mints and peanuts yet.

Once it got down to the decorating-  I was kind of let down that I hadn't had a little more to decorate with- but not wanting to spend the money on crepe and paper table clothes, banners, etc - due to the expense and wastefulness of it... I was starting to get  a little bit  disenchanted with the whole shower.

Well, I'll tell you my grand -daughter had been with us Saturday evening and some company had popped in while she was after everyone had left I began tidying up (afterall , I'm having a party the next day, right?)   I started looking at all the toys as I began putting them in the toy box basket...I began sorting them, along with the child books and well, as you can see from the pictures- It just took off!

I had a vignette for each book...Little mini-themes!  I even had a table top with eating in mind.

you recognize my little chair!

One for Farming...

and one for Thanking God- along with a well placed Bible and some building blocks and keys ...afterall God's word is the foundation and key to living to Please the Father!

I spent $30 on this shower- and that is if you count the $10 I spent at Goodwill-- and the most expensive thing I bought there was the Dog! The other $20 was for consumables and bootie favors.... well, party favor booties! Everything else I had and or it was part of my gift... A couple of the games we played ended up being gifted to my daughter (the mom) after we were finished playing with it! I might mention too- My oldest daughter helped to put this shower together and she bought the cake-  but you could and we almost did go even cheaper and make muffins-- not cake, or cupcakes - but banana nut, blackberry, and carrot cake type muffins.  Really it depends on the Momma- after all it is her party!
My daughter would have been ok with it. But the Older decided to buy her sister a cake-

 We bought a plain cake with blue icing and writing... I did the topper for that too! Just a baby bottle and some blocks...HEY!  I started out with a block theme in the beginning. Blocks are toys!  ... I guess my imagination just ran away with it!

So much fun!
Now we have to do it ALL OVER again in July-- Only in Pink! 
Oh yeah!  I never told y'all--  I said I'd come back and reveal the gender of our second GRAND due this summer in August---
It's a GIRL!  

I had the best time-

God Bless you
Thanks for reading!


The Boston Lady said...

What a wonderful day and I love your toy theme! I think I have some of those tupperware baby toys somewhere in my attic waiting for the day I have grandchildren.

Can't wait to see what you do for the next one. Congratulations to everyone! Where's your new couch during all of this excitement? Hmmmmm?

Coleen's Corner said...

Oh Pat! Everything is just adorable! I looooove the booty mint holders, so cool - and that centerpiece with the washcloth votives... well that needs a patent! How neat that you and prior are in close proximity. I just lover her stuff too. You two better be careful, or the whole state of Texas is going to be calling on you girls to do the decorating! Awesome, job. I'll bet everyone had a great time. I can't wait to see the pink either :)

Hattie said...

Hi! to answer your duct tape question. I applied the duct tape to the bag, until the whole bag was covered. I've made duct tape bags out of just duct tape, but it's much easier and you get a nicer result, if you just cover an existing bag with duct tape. :-)

Kolein said...

Everything is wonderful Pat! I'm so glad you had a nice time! Congratulations!!!!

How much fun you will have doing it all again for the pink one!!!

How many grand babes do you have? Man, I just started my family and we're close in age!!!

Do you think you and Prior will ever get together????

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Hmmm...let's see, the Hubs had two daughters already, when we married so between them and our own four kids (6) they've given us a whopping SUB-total of...11 2 grands on the way...MAKES 13 AND 2 GRANDS in heaven, SO...ALL TOTAL... 15 TOTAL!
and as for Prior-- we've talked about doing lunch sometime ...waiting on school to get out.(I think she works at the school)I hope we get to meet...wouldn't that be so cool to meet a bloggy friend?

Angie said...

The shower looked beautiful! But I must admit that when I first saw the title, "Shower Day" I thought, "I have to read this because does this lady REALLY only have one day that she showers?!" LOL! Well, as moms, that IS what can sometimes happen unfortunately. But anyway, it was a great post even though it wasn't what I was expecting! LOL

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh my goodness you crack me up! I laugh at your comment every time I think about it.
gave me a chuckle!

Prior said...

Oh, Pat! It is all so darling, LOVE, LOVE the different little themed displays, and the bottie cups and votive cups will be copied by me.... Congrats on the new baby girl coming in August! Now, girl we may just end up at the Goodwill fighting over a toy, and not even now we are good friends! lol....Those little Tuperware toys were my own kids and they had been left in my Mom's toy box awhile and all the tails were missing, so my sister bought some on the internet, because Jodi wanted to decorate the nursery with some vintage toys. Great Shower! Lezlee