Thursday, September 13, 2012

::Etsy and Crocheting::

Our weather temps have still been pretty hot here...last week it was in the 100's and it dropped down in the upper 80's and low 90's over the weekend.  This week it's upper 80's and 90's but very humid. 
When it gets hot...this is where you'll find me ...when I'm not in the pool cooling off. 
(* edited to say...when the weather changes and I'm not outside...cold or hot...this is where I'll be!) 

I've been crocheting in the cool of the A/C. I'm of the opinion, that if there was ever an invention better than air conditioning, they've kept it for themselves. Especially when it's humid out! 
This is what I've made and have been filling up my shop!
There are Dish cloth sets;

...  and TUG-IT sets (for towels)  I like the TUG-ITS and the little vintage buttons! So cute! 

 I also saw these little apples and oranges somewhere...(if it was your site let me know so I can give you credit for the idea...I forgot to pin it!) 

 They are a little tricky to make as I DID NOT follow a pattern. I just  WINGED IT! (?) ... and the little leaves and loops were time consuming.  Probably won't be making anymore of those. But they turned out cute and I enjoyed the challenge. This set is available here or by special order. 

The last little set-- I just put in the shop yesterday. I call them Lemon-Squeezy!  They are my favorites so far. You can purchase them here. 

Be sure and check out my shop...9th and Denver 

In case you missed the big news... I'm opened for business! :) 

I've been crocheting pumpkin and candy corn buntings... and I'm sharing this at Sunny Simple Sunday-- 

because this Sunday hasn't been so simple...we're working on filling the freezer with Meat Chickens this weekend. More on that later! 

Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee; because he trusts in the Thee. 
Isaiah 26:3 


The Boston Lady said...

You are a crocheting machine, woman! I think the oranges could also pass for pumpkins this time of year... I agree about air conditioning - I often wonder how people stood it, especially when they used to wear more clothes than we do. Were they tougher than us? Most likely and they had to work harder.

Hope it cools off soon! Ann

Sunny Simple Life said...

I am with you. A/C is a gift from God.

Cindy said...

Very nice, you have made some lovely stuff!
Hugs, Cindy

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Sweet stuff you've been making, Pat! The apples and pumpkins are especially adorable. Thanks for coming by and leaving me your thoughts on the cart. Seriously, I do not know what I was thinking about the barber chair except that aside from all the junk I already had to get out of the way, the chair looked grungy and sometimes I just think about all the work things need and all the stuff piling up and I wasn't sure if the chair needed the seats redone too. I didn't want to fathom that kind of work. I needed another voice in my ear besides the two of mine to help me make the tough choices (there are always two sides of me talking at once and this time the loudest voice said to let it lie). And...I wish your welder would stop by and fix the cart for me so I could use if for a while and then break it down later. Then I could have the best of both worlds. First a cart, and later the parts.

Kristina said...

You are as busy and I am. I have one Farmer's Market day left this season.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love the apples and oranges! I went to you shop and you have a very nice selection! Happy Fall!

Sunny Simple Life said...

Good luck with those chickens. I hope it goes well. Love those orange pumpkins you made.

Rachel Rose Mercantile said...

A/C RULES!Love your creations! Very pretty!