Wednesday, September 19, 2012

::Getting the Chickens Ready for Winter ::

The final days of Summer are officially winding down.  I can't believe the summer is over. The days have been cooler than normal for a Texas summer...the nights are already brisk the last couple of mornings. 

It's been nice.   I like going out to the coop to let the chickens out and gathering eggs. 

The nuggets aren't staying in the coop. I'll be so glad when the 'deed' is done with this flock. Less mess to clean up and not and EGG HUNT everyday. They lay in certain they are not welcome by the Older Chickens into the coop. We're putting the final touches on the plucker this week. I hope to have chicken in my freezer by Saturday evening. 
Back when we were scrounging around the barn and shed looking for parts for the Whiz-bang Chicken plucker... I came across some louvered vents.  I was so excited!  

Last year with the chickens ...we used the deep litter method during the winter months for our chickens.  I helps to keep them warm. They droppings fall below where they roost and you cover it up with more straw, shavings, etc.  It is a compost method that benefits the chickens during the winter months...heating up and keeping them warm. Once cleaned out... you have a wonder additive to put in the garden beds! I still need to find a piece of scrap linoleum for the coop...and we'll be ready for this winter. 

Au Natur`ale ~ 

Anyway, The vents will help with fresh air.  As you can imagine a build up of ammonia can gather inside the hen house and make the chickens sick.  I know how that sounds... you'd think the DEEP LITTER method would be what makes them sick... but no. They just need fresh air. The vents have helped to make it more comfortable on the inside of the hen house during the warm weather months too.

That's just one of the things  we've done to prepare for the winter months ...when we had our new roof put on back in June...(that seems so long ago) we kept the fiberglass from off the top of the porch addition (they replaced it with tin);  we put it over a portion of the Coop to help keep the rain off the chickens while their in the coop and along the North side  for protection from the cold winter wind. 

So...while it's been hot, rainy, humid, and now brisk... we've been busy making preparations for all types of weather...  in the coop! 

Now if we can just get ready for cooler temps inside OUR House. 

What things are some ways your getting ready for cooler temps? 

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Oh give thanks to the LORD for He is good; For His loving kindness is everlasting.  ~Psalm 107: 1


Homesteading wife said...

Why didn't I think of a vent like that? Duh me. I finally gathered up some hay and put a fresh layer down in the coop. I have heard positive things about the deep litter method. We are trying that for the first time this year.

Sunny Simple Life said...

Boy you guys are busy. As for us, winter is never coming here I am convinced. In the 100s again this week.Aaaaaa!!!

The Boston Lady said...

I have no idea. LOL Since I am in uncharted territory and like Elaine above our temps have been high. George looks like he's got it all figured out as do you! I am morbidly curious about the "plucker" - I know it is just part of the food chain for us meat-eaters. You are a fascinating lady, my friend. Ann

Kelley said...

I love hearing about your "biddies". Huge congrats on the Etsy shop too! Have fun with it.

Prior said...

good thinking on the vent...I think us, as a nation, aren't as smart of thinkers on solving problems and making things work as we were back when more lived on the farm and off the land and had to keep equipment going and such, young ones just grew up learning it. I mostly think about the car winterizing and we have had water pipes freeze before, so that is always something to prepare for , before a freeze. I am a summer girl, I don't mind the heat, so much.


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I haven't done anything to get ready for cooler temps, but I'm so ready. I'm currently in Michigan, and it's quite cool, loving it!
those chickens sure you keep you busy, don't they?

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I would say your chickens are living in the lap of luxury, it is so interesting for this city girl! Getting ready for cooler temps, nope not here in Orlando, we are just looking forward to getting in the 80's! Your little horsey poem was soooo cute, I have never heard it before!


Lisa/Fresh Eggs Daily Farm Girl said...

Great post! We also use the Deep Litter Method. I hope you will come link up with our blog fest:

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

What a great idea! I loved reading about your winter coop prep.

It's finally fall here in Georgia so I've been getting my vegetable garden for fall and planting the last bushes and trees for this year.

Robyn said...

Thank you so much for sharing all this information about the coop and chickens.. I had no idea the ammonia build up from the waste could make them sick.. My husband made our coop an honestly, I don't think he knew what he was doing because it's a MESS.. None of the coops I've seen look like ours and ours stinks so bad inside its like stifling..unfortunately my husband is set to go into Duke University Hospital in Nov to have his spin reconstructed and hasn't been able to move much in the last 18 months because of this.. What I need is someone to come over, rip my coop apart and build a new one but I don't know of anyone.. Do you think one day you can post some photos of what the inside of your coops looks like? I'd really be interested in seeing it. Thanks so much again for this post :)

Anonymous said...

I read in someone else's blog, that chicken wire makes good kitchen valances, with lace weaved in and out of the wire....always good to share uses for chicken wire....have a good day Pat!
Mel's Designs 'n Harmony

Designs By Kelin said...

I'm in from the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop... I sure understand. I'm winterizing mine now also. Good luck. My blog is...

Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick said...

I'm not looking forward to winter and neither are my peeps! lol
Hello, new follower here! I would love to have you link up with my Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

I hope to see you there!
The Chicken Chick

Cindi @RustiqueArt said...

Well now I know who to go to for advice if I ever get to have chickens. First I would have to move to a place where I could have them, out of town on some land...dreaming! That sounds so wonderful, anyway...we would love to have fresh eggs and hear a rooster every morning.
Preparing for cooler temps...we are getting the firewood bought and stacked and pulling out the light blankets for when we sit and read or watch a movie. Not much to do to prepare unless it gets below freezing then we might have to cover some outdoor faucets.