Thursday, September 6, 2012

::Married to My Stuff: Things that didn't make it to the Shop::

I never thought of myself as being a hoarder. 
I never thought of myself as being tight, stingy, or possessive. 
I never ever considered myself as being 'married to my stuff.' Married, as in; committed whole heartily to it. Mine to have and to hold; Until death I do part.  No. not ever. 

Not until last year, sometime in the Spring.  I drove down to Athens,TX. To Winnie and Tulula's.  I went to meet Ki Nausser. From the Flea Market Style Magazine ... and she blogs @ Junk Camp

Oh yes, it was fun. I wrote a post about it and you can read it here... 

While I was there; I met others. I also met Margo-- from Margo's Junkin Journal and now, she also writes for Flea Market Style. 

I don't know them...really. We just rubbed elbows for a couple of hours--- and nosed around Winnie and Tulula's ; And... we talked. I asked questions. They all listened... I took mental notes. 

These ladies are smart. They know their business. 

So anyway, I'm thinking.  I could do this. I could buy furniture and fix it up, and I could buy dishes and display them nicely. 

But...the problem. 

I don't want to part with it once I find the deal of a life time. 

That special something that reminds me of my childhood at Granny's 

Or that one thing I've always wanted. 

I was standing there saying all this outloud... 

Then Margo said it... 
"Ooh. You're married to your stuff." nodding her head. 

She said, "well, then you might try PICKIN'." 

Then she explained. 
Shopping with a vendor in mind. Not to own it yourself; but looking for that special pile of junk-- that would grab a vendor's eye. 

Something that would make you some money and the vendor too. 

Keeping in mind the buyer. What they are looking for, what interests them, and what keeps them coming back. 
But mostly-- buying what you like. Because if you like it...other's will like it too. 

After all this time... finally, somebody 'gets me'. 
So... While I do have things in my home that I no longer seem to have a need for; things that I don't mind saying "so long" too, I still have some things that I just don't want to part with. 

The problem is... as I am out shopping, thrifting, browsing on most trips. I DO find things... Things I like. 
For instance the two baskets shown above.  Both are Longaberger Baskets.  Yes! I have only had these in my possession a few short months...The boardwalk basket holds my crocheting. It is too *NEW* to put in my Etsy Shop. it has only been made this century... it has a nice plastic liner; and two signatures on the bottom. Collectible-- but not old.   The little one up top... a 'berry basket' also Longaberger ,as you can see, stamped (they are both stamped) ... I will probably use it to hold our table napkins. As we don't use paper-- but cloth; this will be perfect.  I bought them at separate times on separate trips. I am in love with them. I'm keeping them. You see where it starts... Love and Marriage... ;)

 The other thing I'll be keeping... this NEVCO cutting board. 

While it is old and it could go into a VINTAGE etsy shop. They are sought after and well liked too. 

I'll be keeping it. 

It has two cuts right through the graphic ...apparently somebody didn't read the other side. It says: 


i didn't take a picture of that side...the words are in there, but the stain has been worn away, so it's hard to see. But it's there. 

 I love the old graphics on this board... Roosters!  

I'm told you can start an Etsy shop and keep it open for about 3 months with only items you have around your home. 
That was one of the major factors in keeping me from starting a shop. 
Not wanting to sell. my. stuff. 

Still... I've made it my excuse to shop. 
I guess Margo is right, I'm married to my stuff. 

It is easier to shop and get rid of what you purchase, if you have NOT grown attached to it. 

Well, some of it. 

Then of course...there are family pieces. 

All the things that were owned by Mom, Grandmother, or great aunt So-N-So... 

You could never get rid of that!  
Don't get me started. That is a whole other post. 

I am having fun with my shop. Shopping and playing with pic monkey... but shopping mostly. :) 

Do you have things that you're attached to? Married to and just don't want to part with? 

Thou will keep Him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee; Because he trusts in Thee. Isaiah 23:6


red.neck chic said...

pffffttt... i'm married so many times it's CRAZINESS!!! AND! ALL OF MY MARRIAGES are contained under ONE ROOF!!! I'm sure there is some law against that... LOL

If I confess to you that for the past 2 months I have ONLY shopped in my house to keep my space in the Antique Mall filled... you can't tell ANYONE! That would make me seem like a hoarder.

"hello, my name is Robelyn. I keep marrying inanimate objects with cool back-stories. I am a hoarder."

:) Have fun!!!

Sandy said...

Your words, "I can't sell my stuff" made
me laugh... your a woman after my own
heart.. I love my stuff and when I bring
home a new stuff, fix it up, then can't
part with it...
great post and yes, get that shop open!

Stevie said...

I have to be in the mood. Every once in a while I get tired of moving something around when I'm cleaning and decide it needs to go. I put it in the car real quick for a trip to Goodwill before I change my mind!

Stevie said...

If I decide I'm ready to get rid of something it has to go in my car immediately so next time I'm in town I can drop it off at Goodwill. That way I don't change my mind!

The Boston Lady said...

Lots of things around here. Or somewhere in boxes at this point. That will be the true test when we settle somewhere for sure and I open up the boxes that I decided to just store for now. I can see it now... I will pull something out that I've forgotten about, didn't need or miss obviously, but will fall in love with it all over again. Vicious cycle. Next week I will be exploring and looking for places to get new things I don't need, but love anyway, for awhile, at least. Ann

Cindy said...

Like you, I have several things that I am "married" to, but there are lots of things here in my home that I would sell, if I had a buyer and then I would just buy more to replace that. Then sell it and on and on it goes.
Hugs, Cindy

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I have a hard time letting go of my dishes! I keep thinking I should open an etsy to sell them then I think about the hassle of packing them up and shipping!

Chenille Cottage said...

Oh, what a delightful post...and, so thought provoking. I always say that things don't matter to me, but........I do have several things that are filled with memories associated with people that I love.
I think it's good to stop and think about the things that are really, family, friends. Now those are definitely Keepers!
Have a happy day, my sweet friend,

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I'm of course married to my family pieces, glassware etc.! Now, there is occasionally things I transform that I just can't part with.....Right now, but along will come something else I will love and then off it will go to the shop to sell! Wow, where ever you got the Longaberger baskets, they were a great find!!


must love junk said...

Oh, I can so relate to this! I'm always on the hunt for treasures for my shop (that my mom and I own) as well as our Etsy shop...which is FUN, but dangerous since I always want to keep most of it! Sometimes my mom says "leave something to sell in the shop!" :)

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

It's not only me...and I have enough trouble wanting to let go of things. Once you work on them and invest yourself in them, they sort of have your own name written on them. But now my kids and my friend, we all want to keep everything. Of course I pick up things I think are worthy, so I want them. Then I fix them up to be cute in the way I would like, so my kids gravitate toward them because they like the same things for the most part. It will be a miracle if I ever sell anything! Then, if it has sentiment attached to can forget that ever leaving! It stays.

Revi said...

LOVE this post, Pat. :) You go!

Lisa said...

BAAAHAA! I know that feeling! I cleaned out my hut and didn't want to part with ANY of it! I just might need it some Daughter, however, made me see the light and some resides at her house least I can still see it once in a while! LOL!