Tuesday, August 20, 2013

:: Frugal Fodder 25-- Fall Gardens and Water ::

With cooler than normal temps last week... I really got in the mood to garden again, after months of heat and grasshoppers.  I've been reading up on drought conditions around our state. One article I read talked about Texas farmers  planting a Fall crop of corn.  Those further south aren't going to because the water is just too scarce.

For us, living near the lake and getting the monthly reminders in our water bill keeps me more aware that water levels are low and capturing and using water wisely is important.
Our garden did NOT do well at all this year--due to 2 main factors, DROUGHT AND HOPPERS!

I ended up buying 3 big bags of "IFFY"Green beans at the grocer, that had been bagged up for $2 bucks a bag. We've eaten some already, they are delicious. I ended up with about 3 gallons...maybe 10 quarts or so. I brought them home snapped them, blanched them and froze them.

All the little  snips and bits went to the chickens.  For $6 bucks, I got quite a bit of green beans for T.H. and myself and the chickens got a little treat.

They loved it!

So because it (gardening) was not successful this year, I am going to try Fall Gardening again. Where we live...we average about 254 growing days a year. So I've read. I don't know for sure it that leaves out our MILD WINTERS or OUR EXTREME SUMMERS. Either way, we are making use of water, besides JUST washing the dishes( I use a dishpan NOT A DISHWASHER)

 I am taking my water out to the gardens, the rinse water goes on the plants, the soapy wash water...goes in a few places... around the foundation of the house (our ground cracks bad in the summer months) in the compost or on the grass and flowers. We try to have as little waste as possible.

This is what I've planted for the Fall so far:

  • Collards,
  • Kohlrabi,
  • Green Beans,
  • Sweet Peas,
  • Wax Beans,
  • Acorn Squash,
  • CORN
  • ... and Zinnias! 

A girl needs flowers. :)

You might also like to read: "Thinking about water Here"   and "Fall Garden Planted";
both of these articles are from 2 years ago. Our last Fall garden. Over all, they were successful! :)

Do you plant a fall garden where you live?
Have they been successful?


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NanaDiana said...

You are such a good steward of the land. We could all take a few lessons from you, I think. My Mom always used her water on the plants, too. To her soapy dishwater she would add some salt and use that to kill the weeds. xo Diana

Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh good for you. I am getting a few things in but I have a darn skunk eating all my seedlings.

Cindy said...

You have had a very dry summer, is that normal for where you are? The only thing that grows here in the winter time is snow piles! I have had a few meals of green beans from my sons garden so far and they are very delicious. Have a good week!
Hugs, cindy

Tombstone Livestock said...

2 years ago I had great broccoli not so this last fall, will try again this year, also had a bumper crop of arugula. Lettuce does good too.

Jocelyn said...

I think it's great that you are going to put in a fall garden. Go for it! It's nice to harvest in October.

Have you considered a rain cachement system? They are cheap to do, can be done any way you like, and can really catch a lot of water. Just an idea.

Melanie said...

I am thinking about a fall garden too. Last year it was extraordinarily dry here, it was scary and awful. I lost plants that I had for years. This year the garden did not do well and hoping that a fall garden would do well.

Kristina said...

We did not plant a fall garden. It's too late already, and the storm repairs kind of got us side tracked. We do use a dishwasher, but it's an energy saver, and it reuses the water. We use 4 rain barrels for watering the gardens and house plants. We also use it to cool off the goats when they are extremely hot. I have already used up 1/2 of rain barrel watering flowers and herb gardens. I am glad we installed them. We do have well water too, not city water.

Claudia said...

Thanks Pat, for this reminder to use water wisely. I don't always do that. So important to conserve our water sources.


Claudia said...

Thanks Pat, for this reminder to use water wisely. I don't always do that. So important to conserve our water sources.


Rhonda said...

nope, I am such a terrible gardener and am thinking I will just quit. thankfully we have family members that garden and share their bounty,.
Hope you do great with yours.

zinnias are such pretty flowers.

Unknown said...

I asked if you had a blog in the email you just sent- duh moment!

I'm in Oklahoma by the way. I'm a lazy gardener, which is nice because we've had lots of rain. I have been canning for the first time this year, because I'm selfish and don't want to give away the extra! Haha!

Good luck in the garden...I think we both get nuthin' but dry heat for the next week:)

Art and Sand said...

Steve just commented on our water bill. It is always higher in the summer when I work in the garden every day.

My Repurposed Life said...

no gardening here....but I am soooo aware of water waste. I don't save it, but I do my best to not waste any.

sweet deal on the green beans, and that the chickens even got some! :)

heat is back on here... indoor stuff for me for the next couple of weeks. too hot and muggy outside even at 7:30 this morning. :(