Monday, September 30, 2013

:: A Saturday Thrift Day::

I spent some time with my youngest daughter last Saturday …before our grandbaby was born on Wed….and I never got around to posting this; I thought I’d show you some of the things I skipped out …and didn’t purchase.
ipics 9-22-2013 080
I am so enamored with the “Un-fitted” look in the kitchen and I’ve been looking at cupboards thinking of a way I could incorporate a STAND UP PANTRY in my kitchen. Nothing fancy… but nubby- white, and shabby- farmhouse…would be perfect.
I saw this cabinet--- I think they wanted about $20 bucks for it.  Really, it had all the character you could ask for for $20 bucks and it had a farm house feel to it…
UNTIL… you opened it up.  First—it had a smell in it—“OLD” smell. Nothing too overpowering, but noticeable. The other things …lots of PARTICLE BOARD. The doors were solid. But the inside, walls, and shelves…NOT!
So I passed it by…
ipics 9-22-2013 081
Next… I saw this lovely piece of GLASS! with some pretty frame work around it. Weirdest thing. The front…DID NOT OPEN.  only the sides and it was missing the shelves. Too much money and work…to suit my needs.  (I’ve seen the gun cases turned cupboards- SLASH- curio cabinets… Love them! For the right price …I could certainly work a gun cabinet into a pantry…don’t you think?
ipics 9-22-2013 082
I also saw this pair of MID-MOD lamps.  $19.99 for the pair.  They reminded me of the lamps my mom had when i was growing up. I was shocked to see the price tag.  Kind of Brassy…
I think Brassy is coming back… is it? 
 ipics 9-22-2013 083
This Table has clearly been sitting on it’s side… IN WATER!  $14…!!! I doubt it was wood…but then again, if it were particle board, I’m sure it would be damaged much more than it was…even bubbly.
 ipics 9-22-2013 085
Now this little MID-Mod piece of cabinetry… really had some charm to it. I like the doors. Don’t you think removing the glass from these doors and adding lace curtains…or even better…CHICKEN WIRE, would be dreamy?
Not to mention some nice paint on it…to give it that up to date feeling. Simple White paint…and chicken wired, you’ve got yourself a nice little farmhouse cupboard!
I think the center, which most definitely would have been for a TELEVISION in days gone by…would be the perfect place for a coffee bar!
Or…so wonderfully, chippy, rusty, metal SIGNAGE… advertising would look so good on the back of this piece…don’t you think?
I didn’t have the money for it…let alone the space.  But It would be lovely in a kitchen like mine with not nearly enough cabinetry… I think it had a price tag of $150 as is…
I’m so surprised more and more, when I go to thrift stores now days—the prices are rising there too. But all in all… I like shopping thrift stores, and somehow the idea of giving something old, new life—rather than purchasing something NEW, Made in China, and probably cheaply made, at that…just makes me feel better about my purchases.

I did purchase something while I was out…and I didn’t spend much on it.
I’ll show that later in the week. I didn’t buy any furniture that day—let’s face it…I have enough furniture projects going on here in my home right now. I don’t have time for anything else. Until I’m done with these. Also… I have a SETTEE post coming up.

Have you noticed prices in thrift shops going up where you live?  Do you set a limit on used items when you’re shopping?  Also… do you let the owner operator know what you think about their pricing…?  I’m just curious, because they are running a business and a lot of times the merchandise is donated items. Any thoughts on that?

"Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come." ~2 Corinthians 5:17


Melanie said...

Prices are rising here too! The trend now seems to be pricing the "antiques" and "collectibles" really high. If it is a thrift store, why carry those types of items? Open an antique store instead! I have told the owner that I was not willing to pay those kinds of prices. These so called "antique" dealers are making their way to the yard sale circuit too. Guess that if you are looking for a deal then will need to find a different place to look! Very frustrating to go to a yard sale, ask a price and the reply is that the item is "collectible" or an "antique". Worse is the reply "I paid so much for it that I just can't let it go for nothing", why put that item in a yard sale? Ridiculous!

Carla said...

I agree with you and Melanie. I still go to thrift stores, antique malls and garage sales but I don't buy very much any more. And I don't go as often as I used to either.

Diane said...

I've seen some higher prices at thrifts too. Guess they're jumping on the Ebay-type wagon, but the problem, I think, is folks who shop thrifts don't walk in with that kind of money. I know I don't!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I just told my hubby that the garage sale prices are going up. It is ridiculous. Some things you could buy new for less money. Good thing I don't NEED anything!!

Echoes From the Hill said...

Thrift store prices are going up just like everything else,( except last year's electronics), are.
My biggest surprise at our local Goodwill, was a pair of jeans, in a locked cabinet, with a price tag of $75.00, which is ridiculous. I don't care if someone, with more money than brains, originally paid a couple hundred dollars, I don't think there is a pair of used jeans on earth worth that amount!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Nancy- I totally agree. Chances are-- those jeans will sell in GoodWill's(NOT FOR PROFIT) online auction. Ha!
some one will pay for those jeans and then some.
I just saw a Roseville Pottery Bowl in their online store; up for auction.
GW-- is making money!
Not sure how I feel about that.
~Thanks for commenting.

holli said...

Its crazy! I went to a thrift store last week and they had 25$ for a non name brand purse. I could go to Kohls or Target and get a new one for that price. Thrift stores are asking too much now. I dont get it and i dont like it!

The cabin countess said...

I have noticed the prices at Goodwill and other thrift stores have gone up a lot. Some of the others aren't as bad. I still love to go and it makes me a lot more selective. Congratulations on the new grandchildren.

Cindy said...

I have noticed that the prices are going up in thrift stores. Maybe they've caught onto the fact that "thrifting" is all the rage now. They are capitalizing on that perhaps, and I guess I can't blame them. I visit our Value Village, it's a chain like Sally Ann, and their prices on anything vintage are ridiculous. But then I found an Antique Mall and their prices are really good!

My Repurposed Life said...

I LOVE to see these kinds of posts... sometimes I wonder if people get bored with my recent finds posts... but since I love to see what other people buy and pass on... I will keep posting mine. :)
I enjoyed reading this Patricia.
YES, I think prices have become outrageous. Especially since it's like 99% profit for the store. That last piece would look super painted and wired! lol Although the paint haters would be on ya like stink! heheeheh
Can't wait to see what you DID get!


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We have a place here called the Agape House which is a thrift store plus food pantry. Very similar things, great furniture if you know how to reupholster and prices are dirt cheap, especially if you want to re-make it and not keep it wood. You might see if any of the churches around you run one because it's a lot cheaper than Goodwill or other major thrift stores.