Saturday, September 14, 2013

:: Wild Things::

Living in a rural setting... You come to see some wild things...
I haven't posted about life in the country lately; so I  thought I'd share a couple of WILD THINGS with you this week.

Labor day weekend we had a family reunion on T.H. side of the family. It was great seeing nieces and nephews and grand nieces and nephews... but what blew my mind was our daughters pet pig! 

YES!  we rode with her part of the way there... and when we got back to her house to pick up the car; this is what greeted us on the porch. His name... "Rabbit"

It gets stranger. The whole family including the family cat... loves this pig!  He's huge! 
I'm so glad they have 12 acres so this thing doesn't have to come in the house. But when they first got him ...he was about as big as the cat; and he did come inside. 

You might notice that cat is missing his tail...don't know the story behind that. But his name is "Shorty"... go figure! 

Earlier in the season... I mentioned that a family of House Wrens were making a nest in my hanging plant on the front porch. You can see the babies below...

Well, they have come and gone. But they left something wonderful. While they were hanging out in my hanging basket... I couldn't water this plant much. Thank goodness it was a succulent. 
They weren't just hanging out there...they were actually 'squatting'!  

If I've come to learn anything by raising chickens... it is the value of manure... 
after they moved out... this plant took off with new growth!

Check out this pencil plant... it received a fair amount of fertilizer. 

Speaking of chickens... you know when I talk about wild things...chickens will be part of the deal. 
Our "Supremes" are down from 3 to 1 ... but this one seems to be a survivor. 

Finally, it has integrated into the flock. But not before almost being eaten. Yes, sadly...the other 2 were killed by none other than our resident pup... Buster.

Now, some of  you die-hard dog lovers aren't going to like hearing this...but this is how it is in the country. I know dogs will be dogs...and they have natural instincts. I didn't want to believe that he had killed TWO chickens... both of them white (he doesn't go after the colored ones) ...well, he doesn't go after any of them anymore.

I caught him with this last chicken down on the ground.  He saw me and jumped and ran...fortunately, so did the chicken. When I caught him...I whooped him with an old shoe, pretty severely. Neither one of us was happy after that. 

He no longer is eating the chickens. He runs through the flock of guineas on occasion ...I think he likes to stir them up to fly! But he doesn't stalk them like he was doing with those white chickens.

I don't like admitting to whooping my dog so bad... but the other alternatives were much worse in my opinion.
Some people have said to tie the dead chicken around his neck and make him wear it for about 3 days... GROSS!  But chicken farmers swear by it...  I was almost willing to give it a shot. 
The last thing was... risk Buster being shot. Several folks around here have chickens... I can't have a chicken killer for a dog. People won't tolerate it. They shoot on sight!

That is what is happening to the coyotes around here.  We lost 3 guineas in one night about a month ago. One THIRD of my flock of guineas-GONE. (not Buster that time, he sleeps inside with Trouble at night)
 I've talked to several neighbors and they've had coyotes coming up in their yards...taking small dogs, chickens and one of our neighbors lost a goat to coyotes. They too, are shot on sight.

The guineas have grown so much in the last month...the are veracious grasshopper eaters. They are out-numbered. But they give it a good try!  
At first I thought they were so cute, then as they got bigger...I thought they were ugly, but now...I think they have their own kind of beauty. 
Their heads are blue tinted and small.  They follow us around the yard too and I love hearing them "chee" ... I don't know what to call it. They don't cluck, quack or bark... they 'CHEE'

...AND THEY STARE AT US!!! (our youngest grandson...another wild thing)

We've had much improvement in the yard with the birds and dogs co-habitating ... 

This morning Buster was making quite a bit of commotion out back...he chased a coyote to the back pasture. 
It stood there...just staring back at him, while he barked. The chi-weenie was out there too. I think that coyote would have gotten the guineas ...or the chi-weenie had it not been for Buster. 
I rewarded him with Pets, hugs and rubs and told him what a good dog he was... he was okay with that. 

By the time T.H. got out there  ...the coyote was gone. It ran off into the woods. 

Where the wild things are... 

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For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves. It is the gift of God.
 ~ Ephesians 2:8


Carla said...

Pat, we have problems with coyotes and bobcats here in the city! A few years ago, there was a bobcat at the office just strolling around between the shrubs and the windows so we had a great view.

I want to ride the Texas State Railroad sometime when it is cooler. Hope you had a great time.


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Our friend tied the dead chicken to the dogs head and left it there, it worked. Unfortunately at the same time (and this is funny) his area was incorporated into the neighboring town so the police were going around and introducing themselves and welcoming them into the town. When the officers drove up here was the dog in the yard with a dead chicken tied to its head! LOL

Boy, how does Rabbit walk, it looks like his belly drags.

Cindy said...

Rabbit is a pig? Your daughter is certainly original! :) Interesting stories, Pat, have a good weekend and hopefully that coyote doesn't come back for your pretty guineas.
Hugs, Cindy

Art and Sand said...

That pig is enormous.

NanaDiana said...

I think it is hard for people that have never farmed understand what the true order of nature is and how it behaves. I understand completely. I remember seeing a neighbor's dog shot because he came in and killed their chickens...and there was a dog that chased the sheep down, too. I "get it".

That is one HUGE pig! lol xo Diana

The Boston Lady said...

Alright. After reading this I now saw Pat, you need to write a book! Love the pig named rabbit. We had a relative who had one that size that lived in the house and had it's own bedroom and bed. It would pull it's own covers up at night!

As a dog lover I understand that you had to make an impression on Buster, to save his life and the chickens. I can't think of another way of doing it except what the farmer suggested tying the dead chicken around his neck. I wonder why the white ones only... Hopefully he has learned. Don't want him chasing/killing other people's fowl either. Ann

Diana said...

Sorry about your chickens and I feel your pain we lost four chickens this week as well due to dogs but ours were someone elses dogs that came into the yard and broke into the fenced chicken runs :(
Love your piggie! he is too cute!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Thank you.
See? You make my point about why I whooped my Buster so badly.
I cannot have him eating chickens, not mine or anyone else's!!!
I'm so sorry about your chicken loss. It is never easy; and it is quite aggravating especially when you took such care to have them in the chicken run!
Breaking and Entering with 4 counts of MURDER...IS punishment by death for a dog!

Audrey said...

Hi Pat ... interesting stories. Nothing dull around your house. I did not realize that dogs killed chickens.

Wow, that is some pig. I knew a family that had one that lived in the house and he weighed about 400 pounds. I could not live with that.

Have a great week.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

My Repurposed Life said...

My oh My! never a dull moment around your neck of the woods. I'm glad you were able to set things straight with Buster. Not a fan of whooping, but sure don't want the little (big) guy getting shot my an angry neighbor.
That's one HUGE pig!
I'm glad I'm a city girl... cause I'd be so sad if my chickens, guineas, or any of those other fair weathered foul were killed. :(


The Paisley Butterfly said...

What wonderful blessings God has bestowed upon you! Very happy for you :)

The pig is just plain awesome!

We had a Siberian Husky that when left on a lead would kill any cat that came near him. But, if he was loose, paid no mind to the cats.

Taking time to catch up on all I've missed during my vacation. Glad to see you are still hitting your settee hard! Keep it up -- no matter how long it takes ;)