Friday, October 18, 2013

::To-Doings Outside::

::Day 18::
I’ve been posting kind of late these last couple of days…
Here is some of what’s been going on around here…that I haven’t talked about much lately.

random phone pics 009

The Fairy Garden …looks like it has seen better days.  It is somewhat desolate of “Fairies”.  The King stands alone for the exception of a few pawns and some found feathers around the yard! 

random phone pics 007

I was rather surprised to see this little beauty hanging there for all the world to see. Didn’t expect this to bloom.

The guineas are also hanging on…for survival.
We’ve had our flocked fully picked over this year. More on that in an upcoming post.
This has definitely not been our year for yard-birds. 

random phone pics 011

With all the rain we’ve had… the little rock garden near the front step looks like this.
random phone pics 042

The phlox has taken off and begun to bloom again. This time of year for us…is like a true relief, especially, after the extreme heat we generally have in the summer. But for us…it is like ‘spring’ all over again; and everything 'greens up' again one last time before the really cold weather sets in for the winter. FALL seems to go the fastest, too!  Before you know it will be winter time...! I'm trying to keep busy--and get caught up with the seasons.

I hope you're enjoying the outdoors and the weather where ever you are.


“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”  Matthew 5:8


Melanie said...

Fall does seem to pass quicker than spring to me too. That final greening up is enjoyable to me too! Glad that you are enjoying the weather in your area! It is easy to enjoy the weather here too!

A Daughter of the King said...

Pat, I soooooo wish you lived next door!

Audrey said...

Hi Pat ... we are certainly enjoying our cool weather ... feels so "Fall-ish" after a slow, soaking-in 2.70 inches of rain and now a cool day. I would like for this kind of weather to last much longer. Your guinea are so cute and they remind me of my Dad ... he had guinea too. I completely understand being behind in yard work when trying top prepare for winter as my yard is suffering too. Wishing you the best. I have enjoyed your TO-DO/TO-DONE series of posts. I could never do that.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

The Paisley Butterfly said...

I love this time of year - especially the smell! The crisp air, the rustling leaves, the aroma released from the changing leaves, and the kaleidoscope of colors leaves inspirational imprints on my heart! And how can we forget the sky?! Here's to hoping, that amidst all of your 'To-do's' you are able to enjoy the actual season in all it's glory :)