Wednesday, January 22, 2014

:: In my Home this week ::

Thought I’d pop in and give a little run down of some of what’s been going on here; as I’ve not written a post since last Friday!
I seem to get like that sometimes. I just don’t know where to start or what to write about.  I certainly don’t want to write it all in one post—so then I think, I’ll just write a little.  I become indecisive and don’t know which direction to go and then just shut it down and walk away.  I guess that’s writer’s block?  I don’t know really.

Most of you are hunkering down for some really cold weather again; and some snow. We’re having some northerly winds and cooler temps here, too.  It hasn't been terribly cold; but when the wind blows it does make the house cooler and harder to warm.  I try my best to block any gaps around the doors or windows. It seems like every year there are more gaps and cracks to fill.  That’s because my home has character and a story to tell. THAT and it’s old.

I saw some beautiful ideas on Pinterest for stopping the draft--

I remember my Granny doing this around her drafty old house- so I thought why not?

curtain backdoor-draft dodger

This is a heavy velour type curtain panel over the door leading out of the mudroom.

Probably not everyone's idea of gorgeous or beautiful…but to me it is warm, homey and cozy looking. The curtain is hung on nails and  blocking the wind from around the door; the sun is shining brightly, casting a beautiful light into that room, helping to warm it.  One saving grace for us is this room can be shut off from the main part of the house. So, we’re not trying to heat this room too.

I haven’t worked on many projects in the last few days. I was hoping to finish getting the cabinets or PANTRY done in the kitchen. I have yet to re-arrange my appliances, pots and pans; and groceries to where I see them being now.  I think it is going to work out well.  I’ve just not done it yet.

I’m still practicing with the KNITTING.  I’ve NOT watched anymore YouTube videos.  I’m only practicing learning to cast on, knit and purl and cast off.  I’ve made some rather ‘shabby’ looking wash cloths over the last couple of days.  When I say shabby—I don’t mean in a good way either.
T.H. asked me if I "was going to put them in the etsy shop…?"

bwa-hahahahaha!            No.

In time, once I get this whole ‘knit thing’ down. Maybe I’ll make some along with bath salts for the girls (our daughters) as gifts – but I don’t see me selling these
ONE. OF. A. KIND. face cloths in my shop any time soon. 
If I sell face cloths they will be crochet cloths that are there.  Crochet, I know. 
Knitting is like a foreign language to me!

Til next time, Be Blessed!

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.~ Joshua 1:9


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

When it got so very cold with gusting winds here I temporarily used painter's tape along the windows. Normally they don't let in any air but the seals must have constricted from the cold. There was a lot of cold air seeping in. Now that it's warmer (???) they are back to normal.

Diane said...

During the last really cold spell (below zero for a high) I rolled up old towels and put them on the bedroom and bathroom window sills to keep out the draft. Surprised they didn't freeze to the sills! Your drape idea is good too.

My Repurposed Life said...

funny way to look at knitting... a foreign language. :)

I have no draperies at all to help keep out the cold winds. I have taken some extra measures at the bottom of the doors. they tend to be a little drafty.

right now my tootsies are very cold... with heavy socks on and slippers. NOT a fan of sub-zero temps. :(


Faith said...

In time you'll be moving those needles n yarn. Repetitiion is how we learn anything and soon this will become fluid for you, and you will make lovely dishcloths for your shop, you'll see. :) I like to buy my flour at the Amish store, we buy in 25# bags and I store it here at home. Everything from Amish tastes and works better or so it seems. :) My bread came out fine yesterday go figure.

nannykim said...

Oh,yes, I have seen this done and I like the look of curtains over doorways. I had to laugh because it is going to get 22 here tonight and in the teens tomorrow night and that is cold for SC. However what I laughed about is my son complaining at supper that he was cold. I have the temp at 65 which is very comfortable--our condo is not drafty and I like to wear sweaters so I left it at 65 today. He just had a tee shirt his room is really warm and when he leaves his room it feels cold. We had a good ole discussion about temperature----it was quite funny.

The Boston Lady said...

I actually love the curtain idea! Your picture looks so cozy. We have had an unusually warm winter here and I'm craving some really cold weather! Never satisfied, am I? Getting back into the blogging groove... Ann

A Daughter of the King said...

After reading these comments, I'm feeling guilty for feeling cold here in Tucson when the house dips to 70.

Melanie said...

My Granny did that too! I love the look, it just says cozy to me. I have one in between the dining room and kitchen and it stays pulled back, except for days like we have had this year. This extra cold air seems to show areas around the home that haven't been a problem, but now seem to need attention in these older homes!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I totally know what you mean about thinking about posting but then not... I found a GORGEOUS crocheted bedspread on Pinterest. Makes me want to learn how. I did crochet and knit when I was a child but I never liked it as much as sewing. I think I liked being able to wear what I sewed and that it seemed faster. Now I hesitate to start another hobby that I do sitting down!

Audrey said...

Hi Pat ... Getting really cold and windy here tonight (Texas) ...that old cold wind has a way of sneaking in every crack. I have hung a quilt over our French doors before I put up the dropcloth drapes. Should have done that today over the front door. The drape looks good hanging over your door. Be safe.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

holli said...

It must be a granny thing because mine did that too.

I love your line: shabby but not in a good way. LOL

Cindy said...

Well my friend, I don't knit or crochet. I know how to do it, I just can't seem to make anything with my skill, such as it is. I did make my little rug, but that is it!
I remember years ago as a kid, we had lots of curtains filling doorways. If you like it then that is all that matters. Have a good day!

camp and cottage living said...

I think your curtain is a smart idea and looks good,
Did you notice that in England most of the homes have curtains
over there doors? I think it's charming..

Shug said...

Hi Pat....I'm shug....this is my first visit and I'm so glad I stopped by. I remember my aunt doing this and to tell you the truth...I have too....
Stay warm ....I'll be back soon...