Sunday, June 22, 2014

:: Letters From Home—Strangers in my Back yard


About 2 weeks ago—I had to make a quick run into town and was shopping at the dollar store—when my cell phone started ringing.  I thought it was T.H. calling me to add to my list of things to purchase.  But when I looked at the phone—there was no name, but the number was recognizable to me.  It was the Electric Co-op.

Naturally, I answered it.  They had a recorded message saying the line men would be making rounds in our neighborhood to check our poles for any maintenance work that needed to be done on them. 

They showed up this week. Line man -- doing maintenance check on our poles This photo is courtesy of The Honey—as I was in my swim suit… and out to the pool with the kiddos. I Hoping they’d be done before the rain came… I don’t like swimming with strangers in my back yard. ;)

You can see the clouds rolling in. They were probably hoping the same thing. Not to mention—they were hard at work –doing a dangerous job and to busy to worry about a bunch of kids in the pool with their Oma!  But still! 

Either way—they were done and out of there and the clouds rolled on by …until later that day. Then we had some pretty stormy weather.

While he was out in the yard—T.H.  took these pictures of our Crepe Myrtles.  They are in full bloom everywhere and so pretty! I ‘hi-jacked’ his pictures… I’m sure that he won’t mind.

Crepe Myrtle on the south side

I don’t know the exact names of these—as you can see the top ones are the ‘watermelon’ color.

And the ones below that are in the front yard--- are more of a ‘dusty rose’ color.  It’s hard to say which ones are prettier. dusty rose crepe myrtle -North East side

I just know they are beautiful to look at and I give all the credit to the mass amounts of rainfall we’ve gotten this year.  I know we are still in a drought stage; and the mosquitoes are not something I enjoy either. But the rain we’ve had has been wonderful. Can you see how tall the grass is getting?! It was like watching it grow…

Oh, yes… It won’t be long—and I expect to be seeing cows out back again soon! I don’t have pictures of the new fence—but the barbed wire is up out back…workers came this week and did that too!  that made for another uncomfortable day of swimming. Between the power company, the fence-guys, the UPS, etc. -  The kiddos are all testing their “is that a stranger?” boundaries. 

Several of you mentioned Leslie Sansone to me, either in comments or email.  Thanks again!  I’ve been walking this week in the evenings.  I’m just starting out… so for this week I’ve walked about 3 miles!  It definitely makes an over all difference in how I feel when I go to sleep at night!

I’ve got lots more to report on that—later. In the mean time.  Stay Cool…or warm depending on what part of the world your reading this from!

Til next time, Be Blessed!

The LORD is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart exults, And with my song I shall thank Him. ~Psalm 28:7


Sunny Simple Life said...

Yay for lineman. I am partial to them.

Brenda Pruitt said...

I loved walking with my camera. Hopefully one day the ankle can handle walking enough to actually get exercise.

My Repurposed Life said...

I remember the old days when we had a pool.... when jamie was young. I loved being out in it-I'm a Pisces. But I'm paying the piper now with some pre-cancerous skin stuff going on. WEAR that sunscreen!

The trees are so pretty. We haven't had much rain in my neighborhood for a while. There have been lots of heavy rain in other parts of the city. The bonus? my grass doesn't need mowing as often.

I hope your weekend has been enjoyable!

Michelle H said...

I had forgotten about Leslie Sansone! I have her DVD in my very small DVD collection. Those workouts are just wonderful! I need to pull it back out, myself. I had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy, making me even more aware of my need to get fit! I was using her workout in 2006 and lost 20 lbs pretty quickly - I was amazed that a lower impact workout could yield such great results. I quit because of "morning" sickness, and even then kept the weight off for a couple years - sure wish I'd stuck with it through some hard times! I know the exercise is beneficial emotionally, and coming out of hard times thinner over fatter would have been a bonus, too! The trees are both beautiful. Well, I've got a giggly two year old who thinks I'm a jungle gym, so better place my attention there!!

Audrey said...

The rain has really made the Crepe Myrtles put on a show this year. Just goes to show they need more water than we give them. Yes, we are watching our grass grow, thank goodness and fighting the mosquitoes. Can't win with those guys.

Good luck with your exercise program.
I always enjoy your visit and sweet comments to Timeless Treasures
Audrey Z.

A Daughter of the King said...

I've been watching my grass die because I refuse to waste water keeping it going in our 100+ degree temps. Love the new banner! ~Blessings