Monday, August 18, 2014

:: Found Our New Shed Pictures

I did some clean up on the computer over the weekend and Look!  I found my pictures of when the new shed was brought onto the property…in MAY!
It looks so great sitting here… though, this is NOT where I wanted it.

SHED 10X16

They brought it around the back and came up towards the house… I might have shown you these pictures, I think. The one on the right shows the skunk running across the back of the property while all this is happening!

                                                                                YIKES!  SKUNK!

Below, I thought they were going to back it up into position from this point.
But nope, they stopped right there—and well, I took this picture thinking ‘Oh, it looks good right there and so close to the house too.’  But no. They were stuck.  The ground is too wet there…all the time. So the shed can’t stay right outside the door.

SHED 2014

I thought it looked pretty there.
That’s when I realized, it wasn’t going where we wanted it. Which would be between the corner of the green barn, pictured left in this picture (below); and that huge tree stump front almost right.  Nope. Not going there.

  Shed work

Couldn’t we just swing that right hand side around closer to us?
This is where they put it. I can’t help but think if these delivery boys had been older and a little more experienced—I’d have our shed where we wanted it.
Oh well, it is where it is.


It doesn’t block the chicken coop completely. Once the old barn is completely gone—it won’t block the Big Barn much either.

SHED in front of the chicken coop

The inside is roomy and spacious; pretty big for 10 X 16 ! It has a window and double opening doors for good cross ventilation.  Tall ceilings—for creating a storage loft. I don’t have pictures , but we’ve already created a loft of sorts on the opposite end than pictured—with gussets and a place to stack ply wood and lumber.

SHED floor plan
The window lets in a good amount of light but it really helps to have the doors opened.

  SHED with window  

The work bench below is the first thing we added when you walk in; it spans the width of the shed---10 ft.  It was our neighbors picnic table;  12 ft long originally, she gave it to us and we cut it down for use in here.

SHED work bench

We’ve also created some smaller work spaces with drawers using coca cola crates… but not sure
1.) if I showed them to you already. I think I posted a picture on IG
2.) where are those pictures ?!

This weekend, we had some unexpected rain.  The temps cooled and we had a nice steady sprinkle for most of the day. During that time, T.H. and our son in law---pulled those tree stumps you saw in the pictures. There were two. They are gone now.  It will be nice not having them there to mow around.

Anyway—that’s the new shed!

I will say on a Frugal Note:  we do make a small payment every month on this shed.  The hardest part, on our budget, was saving the $500 down.  I was able to do it without T.H. knowing—cutting corners and having a “no spend” month in February (not blogged) Like we did last year in February… HELPED!    The reason for not telling T.H.  It was a surprise for our Anniversary.  It worked he was surprised!

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Til next time, Be Blessed!

and He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, havingdetermined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation, that they would seek God, if perhaps they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us;for in Him we live and move and exist,


My Repurposed Life said...

yay for a new shed! I wish I had one (or 2 or 3) lol

we had a shed moved once, and it was amazing. So easily done with some PVC pipes. I would call the people back and have them move it to where you want it.


Liz said...

Oh I love your shed! Especially the color! (blue is my favorite) My shed got delivered this past week. The hubby and I had a disagreement on how it would be placed. He won! I wish he wouldnt have been home when it arrived! lol... What a great anniversary present!!!

Cindi @ Rustique Art said...

I love it and I want one too. Actually I want two, one for hubby and his stuff (yard equp. and tools) then one for just lil ole me. It could be my studio :)

Audrey said...

That's a really nice shed Pat. You and T.H. will really enjoy it. Sorry they did not put it where you wanted it. Have fun making it what you want.
Audrey Z @ Timeless Treasures

A Daughter of the King said...

As always, I was filled with anticipation when I saw a Corn post in my inbox! And as always, I was not disappointed. I'm tempted to agree with Gail about having them put it where you want it, but knowing you, I know you will make it work.

Shug said...

Yea......a new shed and it looks so cute! Love the color!! I wonder what made them think they could just set it where they wanted to place it? Call them back girl....!!
I need one.....but I'd have the thing so full of decorating junk.

GranthamLynn said...

Great shed. I love the color. Thanks for sharing this. I enjoyed meeting you. I am following now.