Wednesday, September 24, 2014

:: Gardening, Sewing, Organizing …and so on!


Easily distracted … that’s what I said.

While I love being outside and the weather has certainly been pleasant—the pool is now closed, there is work to be done. Getting outside and getting my hands dirty—taking a moment to enjoy what is left of the flowers -most weekends would be such a joy!


I will confess— I’m like my mom in a lot of ways. Stopping the work to do something fun was her M.O. (mode of operation)  My mom, would much rather, take a walk to the library than mow the grass or run the vacuum cleaner. 

She’d even go as far as sitting in the floor and playing Barbies with me—on a rainy day, than cleaning house. She wasn’t much of a house cleaner.  She had to work really hard at it. I found out in later years that it wasn’t just her NOT cleaning. But she was ill and had ill effects.  Early on in my marriage, I determined NOT to be like that.  I WANTED A CLEAN HOUSE.   I did not want to have a filthy home and clutter. I did not want my life over-run with stuff.

I’m like her in so many ways. I would rather have fun!

To me gardening is FUN!  I DO LIKE IT. 

I can be outside and work the dirt and clean the chicken coop any day of the week with kids underfoot.  My grand-daughter, absolutely loves working in the garden with Oma.  She loves to gather eggs.  She tries to turn the compost or help hang the laundry, or pull the weeds and plant the seeds. All the fun I can stand!

But It just makes perfect sense to work indoor when the kids are NOT here!

So Saturday evening—after a well rounded day of catch- up –routine- house -cleaning… I  sat down and took a break at the computer. I was looking over Pinterest for some inspiration.  I put up my feet and began to look for craft room organization and household organization.

I came across a post 40 Days to Organized. Seriously, I followed quite a few links before I gave up on giving credit.  Apparently, lots of ladies are doing this little challenge in their homes around Lent. (hence …40 Days) here and here are a couple I liked!

It’s obviously NOT Lent.  Yesterday being the first day of Autumn. Hello, Autumn!

But what have I got to lose?  On more than one occasion I’ve told you--

  • I procrastinate
  • I’m not as organized as I’d like to be
  • …Perfectionism is a fault (particularly a fault of mine)
  • I make lists (to a fault)  {smile} 

I sat down just like the blogger said- Write out 40 things, don’t think about it, don’t read over it, don’t double check it or tweak it. Just write.

40 days to organized

That’s my list.  I did not wait.  I began marking things off Sunday.  I marked off about 5 things before bedtime.   Yes, I know the idea of the 40 Days list is to bite off small nibbles rather than huge chunks. My house didn’t get DISorganized OVERNIGHT!  NO!  Take it slow; a day at a time.

This is where I point you to the header of my blog…TOP RIGHT-HAND CORNER… go ahead.  I’ll wait.


Yep!  my hand is raised.  That’s me. Deviating from the common rule.  You know I can’t help it. I have gotten to the point now—that I can see how badly I’ve  let things go in my home.   I can also see how my own Mom must have struggled. 

I am glad for the GRACE to see that faults of others are no concern of mine. 

I am responsible for me. My own messes.  I’m so thankful for Grace to see that I don’t have to stay in a mess—not in my life, my health, or my home.  So I made my list and moving forward!

You don’t have to make a list.  But you can!  Maybe your list might consist of things you want to do before the holidays are upon us… let me know what you think!

I told you I get easily distracted.  Gardening, sewing, organizing…and so on!

Til next time, Be Blessed!

and thanks for reading pat



-and thanks for reading



There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus,
who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. -Romans 8:1


NanaDiana said...

I just love the honesty of this post. I am a list maker, too...and my mother was terribly messy and the house always looked like a bomb exploded in it. I didn't realize that everyone didn't live that way until I went to school and to friend's houses. lol
My mom was a farm wife so had to do all the outside things once my father was disabled so she did not have time. But I err on the side of being a perfectionist because of her. xo Diana

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I definitely want to be more organized, but I must admit...stopping to enjoy life's moments and having fun, is something I am striving for even more!

Kris said...

Organize, schmorganize! Sew, and garden, I say!
xo Kris

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I grew up opposite, always a clean house but I married someone who wasn't . . . organized to say it nicely. I was killing myself to keep things clean and work until I realized, good enough is best. I have all the best intentions to keep everything clean but it just doesn't work out. When I didn't work I could but not now. Someday. Maybe the Lent thing, thanks for the tip.

Kristina said...

I have many lists going right now. I do try to pray over it and take one day at a time.

A Daughter of the King said...

THIS! IS! FABULOUS!!! :::::: " I am glad for the GRACE to see that faults of others are no concern of mine. "

Audrey said...

Good advice Pat ... I make too many lists and loose them. I am not as good a housekeeper as I used to be and I would like to be more organized. Maybe I should try what you did and not let distractions get in the way.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures