Sunday, September 21, 2014

:: Re-making Adult Flannel to Baby Jammas

A while back I shopped the thrift store… back in February.  They were having a $7 a bag shopping day.
A large paper sack and all the clothes you could fit for just $7!   I rolled every piece I had chosen into a very small roll.  I packed that bag to TOP!

I mainly focused on Flannel and Wool. 

I am making it a practice to repurpose these items  and give them NEW LIFE!

The shades of blue polka-dot flannel night shirt… caught my eye this weekend while I was cleaning up in my craft room. flannel shirt to baby jammas
I just had to make some jammas from my littlest grand-son Vincy – he’ll be turning 1 year old on Thursday this week. :) 

I had made a pattern for jammas earlier in the week—out of a pair of his britches—and another shirt. You can see I made my pattern out of newspaper …seen in the upper left corner of both these pictures.     
pcs for baby jammas
I got busy and cut them out…

only I didn’t have enough scraps for the sleeves!   You can also see that I did NOT take pictures of the lay-out  and I created the legs of the pants in two parts.  I made the upper seat and leg;  and the upper front and leg.

I am going to be creative here and stitch some thermal type cloth for the sleeves and for the pants. I think it will add to the boyish look I’m going for—I hope it turns out really cute!

I told you all the outside things I wanted to get done this weekend…
That didn’t happen. :/  It’s true!  I get easily distracted from my duties!  However, the weekend wasn’t a total loss; T.H. and I got busy working on some inside things that really needed our attention and we just can’t seem to get it done when the Littles are here during the week.

I’ll be back later on this week to show you the finished jammas and some other things we did!

It seems like some weekends it’s hard to know where to start around here!  Especially if we’re here alone.  No kiddos, none of their kiddos…the littles. ;)  No big plans. I mean, I have an idea of things I want to do—but, really, I just don’t know until I get up and start doing. Does that happen with you?  Do you make plans to work on this, that or the other?  Or do you just jump in and do something? 

All I know is
I am tuckered out and that’s a good sign.  I’ve been busy. It feels good to be busy.

Til next time, Be Blessed!
and thanks for reading pat

-and thanks for reading 
There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus,
who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. -Romans 8:1


Kristina said...

Our plans to split wood are delayed. Hubby is still working on his truck, and now it's at his niece's house, waiting on the new parts. His constant work on that has delayed everything else here. I am praying he finds the parts today and gets it all put back together tonight.

My Repurposed Life said...

I never make plans.... well, sometimes I do. I planned to take the day off yesterday, and I DID! okay... I did do a lot of work on the computer, but that was it.

ohhh how cute the jammies will be!

A Daughter of the King said...

I think you get more done than you realize! I love the jammas! (We call them jammies.) What I love MOST is the mental picture of you at the thrift store, rolling flannel and wool and jamming them into your $7 bag; You ARE an inspiration to me!

Faith said...

So cute for the littles, Vincy will look precious, and flannel is so comforting and warm. You are so creative in so many ways-awesome. I remember my mom used to talk about making patterns from newspapers, reuse and recycle even back in the glorious days. I'm a sad sewer. I can find my way around the machine and do some basics, but the create a pattern really that is very cool, and not my cup of tea, although I wish I did have a wee bit more experience. Enjoyed your thrift store extravaganza...:)

Shug said...

How smart of you! sure to show us the final results. I know that your little one will certainly get good use out of them...

NanaDiana said...

I love repurposing things like that, Pat. Those are going to be adorable when you are done. What a fun thing to makeover! I am so anxious to get at my sewing machine. A couple more days and I should be good to get at it! xo Diana

nannykim said...

I like your header! I have not been visiting blogs for ages! Great idea on the reuse of old clothes! They should be so cute.

Melanie said...

I am sure that the pj's will be so cute! I love to repurpose things too, can't stand to waste something useful!