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This is a long post—but I’ve got some wonderfully whimsical ladies to introduce to you at the end!
I love whimsy, don’t you?!

First let me say thank you to Connie@ Crafty Home Cottage for allowing me to get to know some of her readers a little bit more!  She invited me into The Creative Blog Hop... and I have been greatly looking forward to it!  Connie is sweet little gal, with lots of creative talent-- she plays guitar, sings, crafts, sews, gardens, decorates (they just moved to a little farm house and she has taken on some wonderful projects!)  If you're a regular here and haven't met Connie please pop over to see here when you're finished here. :) 
My name is Patricia, most of my friends and my readers know me by Pat...

let that sink in a minute-- When I began blogging; I blogged anonymously. Some of my readers knew me when I JUST. went by. "Corn"
I've lived in Texas all my life and my home  is now in  East Texas. I live here with   my husband of 31 years, a.k.a. -The Honey!  We've lived here in the country for 18 1/2 yrs.  We have 6 kids between us and 17 grand children with two more due in February 2015. Holidays are somewhat FULL. :)
I began blogging @ Corn in My Coffee Pot right about the time our nest emptied and all  the  kids flew the coop!  Most people wonder where the name Corn in my Coffee Pot  came from-- actually a good friend came up with the name (you'll meet her in a little bit); I like the title, it represents how I live my life! Creatively outside the box!  I'm a Re-purposer- Make- do-er, Budget decorator,  a-Try-anything-once-r,  Gardener, Homesteader, Chicken- wrangler, Thrifter, Crafter, Blogger, an unskilled photographer;  and like most of my readers know I 'm  a Procrastinator!  The best thing I've ever been told is, "You can do anything. You're the smartest woman I've (my husband)  ever met."  Isn't that sweet?  He supports my creative personality. :) 
I love blogging and meeting new friends and creative, funny women. I have found  so  many  that I can connect with in the blogging community--mostly, I love leaving genuine comments and have been told on more than one occasion that I am funny and make that blogger laugh! I like that! Spreading cheer is part of the fun. I also like reading all the comments left  for me and  the  emails I receive from women  that  just want to talk. I love sharing God's Word with women--and many times, I get emails from women who've read my blog and like to talk and open up Off the record. I've never put that on my blog-- but  it happens on a pretty regular basis. Those emails are always confidential;  but I've met many wonderful sisters and I love it!
For that reason alone I will continue to blog!

What am I working on right now? 
  • Two things simultaneously. We are working together on our vintage camper.  It has been completely gutted and we're able to create a floor plan anyway we want within a 91 sq.ft Tin Box!  I'm usually pouring over Pinterest looking for ideas and plans similar to our camper in size-- researching plumbing, cabinet building, organizing ideas...and pillows, curtains, and paint...all in the name of GLAMPING!  Corn in My Coffee Can
  • The other thing I'm working on is my personal creative space-- right now it's all over my house. I'm busy creating unique storage out of cast off materials. DIY wire baskets
wire basket don't torial
  • and shelving.DSCF4524
  • This space will be used for storing supplies for crocheting, sewing, painting and whatever else strikes my fancy.  So getting my sewing/craft room organized is my goal to hopefully be completed before November 1st.  I own a vintage Husqvarna Viking sewing machine it's a cool green color and am learning to re-purpose used, old clothing into new articles of clothing, bags, pillows, etc.  It's fun and satisfying to create new things from old!
my viking machine
Why do I create what I do?
  • Out of Need.  Need to create...a gift, a tool, a rug, a purse or a Whatcha' Might-Call-It! Creating new items from re-purposed cast off items-- is unavoidable. It has to be done.   It's  in my genes.  It's part of who I am.  I'm frugal by nature. All of my married life has been lived on  a single income.  I've always 'found a way'.  For me, it's not just about landfill space. It's about resources.  Many times people are stymied by lack of resources. Where will the money come from to fund my art, craft, or project?  I love the challenge of creating something or using something for other than it's intended purpose.  Not to mention the delight on someone's face when they see it and you tell them you made it from something else. Oh! that's not delight--  it's probably bewilderment.  :)
How does my work differ from others in my genre?
  • Second,  I don't actually see it as different.  Except I created it.  Sometimes I wish it were. I've been doing what I do for so long--now,everyone is doing it. I truly could have grown up in The Great Depression.  My Granny Jo did and she was my biggest influence. Some days I come up with an idea-- and set out to create that one of a kind thing and then I Google it or search Pinterest.  Everybody is doing it!  I've come to see that there TRULY is Nothing New Under the Sun.
How does my creative process work? 
  • Well, I mentioned, I'm a big Procrastinator.  So, if an idea doesn't come to me right away; I'll shelf the project and just wait.  I think about it long and hard. Even though it's on the shelf-- I am usually doing some type of research in the back ground. Thinking...the hour glass is turning. The cursor is blinking. I'm mulling it over. Then one day-- it hits big idea!  I keep a journal handy so I grab my journal and make some notes, sketch it out if I need plans -- pencil in any colors that come to mind and measurements.  I list any extras that might be necessary; hardware, knobs, screws, hooks etc.  The first place I look for parts?  My 100+ year old barn.  
  • For projects and things like sewing and crafting...I'm always adding to my W.I.P.(waiting in a pile).  I'm constantly washing and cutting old clothes.  For example, If I'm given an old pair of jeans, I cut the legs off, the pockets, zippers, waist band, etc.  I separate that all out and get it ready for sewing.  T-shirts that are cast off-- get laundered and cut into strips, then wound into ball of fabric yarn... waiting to be crocheted into a rug, a cushion, or bag.  Right now my resources are waiting to be organized into a fantastically, rustic industrial craft space. :)
If you have visited here via Connie @ Crafty Home Cottage. Please come back... I hope to have it finished or ready to work in soon-- depending on how long I can keep up the Procrastination! 

Now on with my 3( +1) Creative ladies I'm sharing with you this week

First: Diane @  Lydia's Post

I have been following Diane for over a year now—I follow her because of lots of different reasons—she makes the neatest little artwork, she has the most creative talent for ATC, she has the most awesome collections—totally nostalgic.  I love that. She has doll houses one of my most recent interests… and Rock and Roll. Yep! We have old Rock n’ Roll in common.   Sometimes that is the subject of her art. Pure Whimsy!  I love it!  (Bet you didn’t know that about me did you)

Lydia's Post- tag
This is the first time I have been tagged!  Many thanks to Pat for asking; she is a sweetheart.  My blog's name is Lydia's Post.  My name is not Lydia but Diane.  The name Lydia's Post came well before I ever heard of blogs.  I created it for my one-woman paper arts company in 2007.  In 2012, I joined an online art group/blog and thought my profile page looked terribly dull with no blog link.  Since then I have been sharing my creations, thrift finds, and all sorts of trivia.  Hop on over to see how an Illinois artist and child of the 60s and 70s makes a tiny contribution to the world of blogging, and learn why I use the name "Lydia."

Second:  Patty Sumner @ My Mountain Blessing

Patty S. my mountain blessing

I met Patty a little over a year ago she began visiting my blog and we visit back and forth fairly regularly now. She has beautiful spirit of hospitality and opens her home and her life to teach young women about the LORD!  She has great talent  in gardening, crafting, and decorating her home—she humbly shares the Word, and her home that she has been given. She and her husband recently moved and are having a wonderful time making their old farm house a place to call home.  Please visit her blog and make sure you look for the whimsy in her garden.  I find out about those special Pigs!  She has a passion for PIGS. ;)

Angel profile pic

Oh What can I say?!   Angel has been my best friend—like the sister I never had.  I’ve known her for 18 yrs!  She is a talented lovely woman and has the biggest heart for kids of anyone I’ve ever met!  She loves the LORD and loves teaching children.  Yes, she is in KID MINISTRY. God has certainly given her the knack and gift for teaching them! 

  puppetspace frog puppets  source

She has taught me a few things about sewing.  She is very crafty. She is a puppeteer (yes,she made those adorable puppets) ;and black light artist.   I’ve linked her puppet blog under the picture.
My +1 Tag is Kathy @ Moving on to the Past

Kathy F. Usher profile pic
Kathy is a fellow homesteader… she gardens, has chickens, cooks and quilts.  She makes these beautiful quilts in secret sometimes for her family as gifts! :)

  kathys quilt

I asked her to do the hop and she couldn’t commit to do the follow up post.  But she is so creative and yes, like the other ladies I’ve introduced …has a whimsical side!  She makes me laugh reading  her funny stories.
If You’ve read this far—THANK YOU A HUNDRED TIMES OVER!  Please give these ladies a visit—they would love to hear from you and YOU will be blessed by visiting them!  Also… we’re trying to keep this blog hop going;  and they will be posting next week each with 3 more ladies to meet and greet!

Til next time, Be Blessed!

I’m teaching this verse to my little grand daughter.

Go to the Ant, O sluggard, observe her ways and be wise, ~ Proverbs 6:6


Unknown said...

I sure will visit these gals. Thanks for posting about them. I used to stock pile for reuse but as I got older I forgot what I wanted to do with them....hence came post-it notes. Love ya gal, have a great week ahead.

Art and Sand said...

I am a "blog sister" of Connie, but the others are new so I will check them out.

I love decorating with wire baskets. I just bought one more on Friday.

Diane said...

Thanks again for "tagging." Gee, I better get busy on next Monday's post! Love reading more about you today. Getting old clothes ready for sewing is a great idea. Can't wait to see how the camper evolves!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

What a great post - I learned so much about you. :-)

I am dying to see what you do with that camper.

My Great Finds by Linda said...

Hi Pat Loved reading this post. It's as if I got to meet you in person. I also love to recycle but I don't get to do it as much as you do but you have inspired me to do more.

Angel said...

Loved this post and thanks for tagging me! I'm going to scramble and get something posted!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Thank you for the post! Maybe when things calm down I can have more time! I don't know when that will be with the situation at hand.

Patty Sumner said...

Thanks for tagging me in this Pat! I am definitely going to visit all of these.. I have already been over to Katy...just made me laugh.. I love her posts.. Have a great day! Blessings!