Thursday, October 16, 2014

:: Preparing to Move-

I can’t believe this is really going to happen.
We’ve talked about over the years. We bat the idea around… and I always chicken out.
Yes! I’m packing boxes.
I’m sorting to sell, donate, trash and move.   All at the same time--- I also want to stage our home and get top dollar for it.  We need to show it’s best potential!   I’ve read different ideas on home staging.  I’ve found one source to be especially helpful.  I’ll link that at the end of this post.
Packing up the MW hutch
The microwave hutch—complete with Spaghetti sauce splatters!  :/
I am starting small. Last night I unpacked the hutch. Removed and edited items. Packed what I was taking and separated the trash from the yard sale/ donate pile.

packing up MW after
After… much better.  It’s dark in there.  I’m thinking of adding a light to the inside of the cabinet.  It also needs touch up paint. (and that yellowed glue…scraped and painted over)  It’s weird what we choose to live with, isn’t it?     That little spice rack used to look like this...
before I painted it BLACK!  It cleanup pretty nicely. I got it on a flea market trip with the Honey... here.

Preparing to move.  For me—and I bet most people, it’s more than packing boxes.  Preparing mentally and emotionally. Preparing to leave your home. Preparing to take a piece of furniture or leave it. My husband supervised my youngest son when they built this step back cupboard (ie:  microwave hutch)  It has served me well.   I am probably going to leave it for the next occupant.  It’s crazy. 
I’ve always loved my kitchen.  Finally, after I started blogging—I realized my KITCHEN STYLE had a name.   “Unfitted Kitchen” … not to be confused with ‘an unfit kitchen’ … No.  An UNFITTED KITCHEN has a farmhouse feel to it.  Very little, if any built in cupboards. The rest—furniture. 
3 Upper Dish Cupboards
Preparing to move.  Emptying the cupboards to the bare essentials.  Keep in mind… nothing is staged yet.  Just edited and packed.  I’m taking pictures of the whole process in order to get a better visual.
We’re definitely looking for something smaller.  We’re at a national average of about 1300 sq. ft.- Small by some peoples standards, large by others.  I want smaller for the obvious reasons.  It’s just the two of us—buying smaller, will hopefully be cheaper too, not just purchase price; but maintenance, utilities, taxes, etc.
One thing I did last night; after clearing off the MW hutch and emptying out the dish cupboards.  I stood over these two measly little boxes AND SMILED. 
MW hutch packed

October 16 Post Card

Here's the link I promised you -- I downloaded it to my Kindle. Its great! Very informative.
Goodbye, House. Hello, Home! 31 Days to a Staged Home  --- Thanks Leslie!

‘Til next time, Be Blessed!


"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go." ~Joshua 1:9
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karen@somewhatquirky said...

Cleaning out for staging is like a breath of fresh air. The last time I did it I loved the way the house looked. However, when cleaning out for staging you take out the most personal items...which I don't want to live without long term. So maybe I just purge the opposite of what I would take out for staging!

Kris said...

Oh my goodness...what a job! After moving my sewing room to my living room, and a guest room to the sewing room, I can't even think about moving!! But we do need new carpet and that thought alone gives me hives to think of the moving of furniture once again!!!
xo Kris

NanaDiana said...

Wish I lived closer to help you, Pat. That is what I used to do before the economy tanked here. lol I was really good at it and I loved it. I was always busy. I had a "lucky picture" and no matter which house I put it in-that house sold.

Good luck- it is a big job but one that is "freeing" in a lot of ways. I have lived in 15 houses that we rehabbed as we went. I think I might have one more move in me. lol xo Diana

Unknown said...

I went through that process this past May. We decided on an auction. Remember to keep where you want to be in mind. Focus on the future. I wish you happiness and strength and courage to do it all.

A Daughter of the King said...

This is going to be a blast to follow. Great job, Pat!

Revi said...

Wow...I can't wait to hear details!

Connie said...

Wow! Been there, Done that . . . good luck on selling:)
Here's wishing you a speeder sell than we are having.
Happy weekend.
Connie :)

Diane said...

Looks like you're making good progress. Moving certainly is a great way to trim the the fat. I always liked the fact that when you unpack at a new place and wash the dishes, etc. everything is clean at once!!

Shug said...

I can't wait to see more.....this will be fun, as we watch you sort and pack.....move....and unpack! A lot of busyness in your future....