Monday, March 9, 2015

:: When it Rains it Pours… and all that…



Rain of epic proportions! epic flodding

Ok well, maybe it’s not all that bad; but the ponds are over-flowing and the cow pasture is really full!   It’s still raining—if it were colder, I’m afraid we’d be snowed-in, like the rest of you. Instead, we have flash flood warnings, rain, mud, cold, rain, more rain… you get the idea.

For a brief moment—we’ll call it SATURDAY there was no rain. There was no snow. There was hardly any sun… however, we took a road trip.

To a little town out west named LAMPASES.  Lampasas, Texas.

In all my years… I don’t recall ever being in Lampasas.  I’ve been to a lot of different parts of this great state…but never there. It is a mere 3 hours from my home. I live on the edge of East Texas…and Lampasas I’d say is probably the gateway to West Texas… it’s NO Ft. Worth by any means… but it HAS been written about in song, anyway!

We’ve had another addition to the family. No baby this time. But a daughter in law! Yes, our youngest son got married Saturday.

Why haven’t I written of these impending nuptials, you ask? 

Frankly, I don’t like weddings.

I said it.  There are a lot of things I’ve written about here on the blog… but this isn’t one of them, until today.

Mom and Dad- Luns wedding

You see—I am somewhat of a rebel and I married a rebel.   When we married- The Honey told my dad, he wanted to marry me. He loved me. Being He was a much older man—you can probably guess, my dad wasn’t real happy about me marrying him.  The day we married- his momma, made it quite clear how she felt about it too. Her prediction was—it won’t last a year! The Honey and I eloped almost 32 years ago. I’m a fan of elopement.  Years later… I sat down with each of our children and told them. ELOPE.  It sounds selfish to some—but I told them, don’t spend the money use it for something else.  Elope or have a small intimate ceremony with a few friends or family. We have between us 4 daughters and 2 sons. 

Mommas, your boys will grow up and marry someone else’s daughter.  She will probably have been told she will have a big wedding, Blah, blah, blah… (Please don’t leave me hateful comments about weddings, marriage, the sacrament and sanctity of it all; I have no problems with marriage,  remember, up there, I told you I don’t like weddings. I wasn’t kidding.)

But yes… a wedding is what dragged us to Lampasas. 

I will say this.  As weddings go—it was nice. The thing that made it worth while?  My son! THIS SON… AND the look on his face when he said his vows to his bride.  Of all my children—he is the one, that honestly—I thought would never marry.  I thought if he did; he’d definitely elope.   I saw that look on his face when he danced with her too.   He is happy.  That blesses this Momma’s heart.

Really, that’s one thing we want for our children— for them to grow up and be happy.  He definitely looks happy.

Lun and Samantha 2pm

With the round trip drive, the wedding and all—it was an ALL DAY event.   Now—it’s back to business as usual…  well, after this week. 

** My oldest daughter will be having surgery this week… on Wednesday.  She is Momma to one of my newest grandbabies. It’s a bit of a ‘sticky wicket’ as they say.  So I’m asking for prayers for her and this situation this week.  I appreciate it – more than you know!


‘Til next time, Be Blessed~ and stay warm and dry!

Trust Him in all things!




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Kathy Felsted Usher said...

First- sending prayers for a successful surgery and rapid recovery. Secondly, Congratulations on the marriage and new family member. Thirdly, I am with you- I had a big fancy wedding but that is because my parents wanted it. I would have been happy with a few friends and family in a small ceremony with some ham sandwiches and mostaccioli (a St Louis favorite). I did love my wedding dress though but found it as a sample that was being discontinued.

Kristina said...

Prayers for the surgery. Congrats to the new addition.

Susan said...

Congrats on the family addition! Will be praying...

A Daughter of the King said...

Like the rain, this post covered a lot of ground!

Blessings on the new family.

Father, I know Patricia seeks to trust you in all things. How delightful is an obedient and trusting child! My heart is light, knowing she and her loved ones are safe in your care. We ask for safety and success in surgery ~ peace and strength ~ both for Patricia's oldest daughter and for those helping her as she recovers. We praise you and thank you that we can come to you with our worries and our cares and know that you hear, and in hearing you bless, and in blessing you fill us with hope and courage to carry out the task of living the life you gave us in your strength and for your glory. Amen

Claudia said...

Prayers for your daughter, Pat. The wedding pictures on IM were wonderful! Congrats. Don and I had a small wedding with 4 witnesses. That was it. And it was the best wedding I could have ever imagined!


NanaDiana said...

What more could you ask for than a happy son-big wedding, small wedding, elopement, no wedding. He is happy and that makes it ALL worthwhile.
I am saying a prayer for your daughter, Pat. That is always scary no matter how big the surgery is. God bless...xoDiana

Debbie said...

I'm praying your daughter's surgery goes well and for a speedy recovery! Also, Congratulations on a new family member :) I eloped and agree it's the best way to do it!!

Shug said...

Congratulations.....a new daughter-in-law! Wow, you have had lots of new additions this past month. You have a lovely couple there.... Prayers for your daughter...trusting all to be well.

My Repurposed Life said...

what a beautiful couple! congrats to your son and his bride.

(so happy the surgery went well) and what a blessing Bash is to come from such a mishap. :)


The Boston Lady said...

I'm just catching up! They look like a happy couple! And look at you in that picture up there! I have to admit I agree with you about the expense of a wedding. These days they seem to be somewhat out of control. A tasteful little ceremony and celebration is the ticket (after elopement, of course :-). Congrats to the new couple. Ann