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:: ESSURE – More like UNSURE… a medical night-mare!


Wednesday Morning I got up in the wee hours of the morning and went with my daughter –for her surgery.  She brought the kiddos here and they stayed with Honey. She and I took Bash with us-he was no problem for me to watch while she had her procedure.  I thought a 5 yr old, 18 mos. old and 6 week old baby MIGHT be a bit much for him—plus we had our 10 year old grandson here this week for spring break.

Anyway—her surgery went fine. There were no complications—unless you count the need for surgery in the first place. But I wanted to say Thank You, to all of you, for your prayers and kind words for my daughter.

During both pregnancies  I’ve mentioned prayers quite often, for both daughters and for different reasons; both of them being at risk in one way or the other.  They are both well. I’m grateful to God for that. 

I have permission from my oldest to share with you a little bit about her situation.

About a year ago, after my she had given birth to her second child – she had the ESSURE implanted.  If you’re not familiar. It’s two cork-screws inserted into the fallopian tubes. It’s touted as being permanent sterilization.


IT FAILED. In June 2014, she got a positive pregnancy test! 

Now—we have Sebastyan “Bash”… who by the way, has been confused for 6 weeks when bedtime is supposed to happen. ;)

ricci vince bashtag 016

From the onset of this pregnancy- it’s been a pretty wild ride.  First thing was making sure this wasn’t a tubal pregnancy.  What a relief the day we found out there was an UNPLANNED baby in my daughters womb! We went from shock and disbelief, to terror (because tubal pregnancies can be fatal); to relief in a matter of 24 hours literally.

The day we (her,my son in law and myself)  all drove home from the Sono-gram appointment—we were all crying.  My daughter, very calmly said—

“Well, I guess God isn’t finished with our family yet.”

She has had numerous EXTRA APPOINTMENTS…more than an average pregnancy requires.  Numerous EXTRA Sono-grams…

AND NOW… a final surgery. 

There is so much out there about ESSURE. Just GOOGLE  ESSURE and you can read up all about it.  If you want to know more.

The baby has never been an issue for my daughter and her husband. He is the ONLY GOOD THING TO COME OUT OF THIS EXPERIENCE.  Of course she didn’t plan on having a third—but here he is and OH MY!  is he loved.

The scary part is the health and complications and possible deaths linked to this device. It is usually done in the doctors office. There is a case of death during the procedure… but the death is not attributed to the procedure.  I QUESTION THE SAFETY OF HAVING IT DONE… IN OFFICE  You can read a copy of that report here.

  Here is a scary fact.

The FDA, at the time of approval of ESSURE  in 2002, gave preemption status  to the manufacturer (Bayer)  in the event of failure or injury;  they can’t be sued.   They have no liability attached to them what so ever.

What’s even more scary.  Wednesday morning,  while waiting for my daughter to go back—I could hear the doctor in another curtained cubicle, going over procedure and telling the patient… 

It’s permanent birth control.  You’ll have a little discomfort but if everything goes as planned, you’ll be able to return to work tomorrow; with no problems. 

After reading all the problems and complications, they are still using this device to prevent pregnancy and still selling it as the ‘99 % effective’. 

I just wanted to let this be a warning. I’m not the first obviously to give a warning about this; there is someone more famous than myself involved and speaking out for women everywhere--

Erin Brockovich leads fight againt…Essure


Here are a few more links:

ABC investigative report

FDA Response to ESSURE Complaints


I certainly don’t want this covered up in secrecy; as though to shame my daughter or others who have gone through something similar. They are victims.  My opinion is these women are not being told the truth about this decision they are making and it’s affecting their bodies and their lives.  It’s important to get the word out.

Having asked my readers for prayers—I thought you’d like to know a little bit more of the story.

‘Til next time, Be Blessed~

Trust Him in all things!





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NanaDiana said...

HOW AWFUL. Thank God your daughter is okay and thank the good Lord she had a wonderful, healthy baby. I am so sick of the medical world giving us these "miracles" only to tell us 5,10,15 years down the road...that ooops-that leads to cancer--or permanent impairment...or worse...death. It is awful!!!
Blessings and thanks for sharing this. xo Diana

Alex M said...

I am glad your daughter is well and that the pregnancies were successful. Especially in my childless state, I am very concerned over the birth control risks women face. When we decided not to be parents, we felt the only truly safe option was vasectomy. We didn't want to fool around with hormones, a tubal ligation was more invasive and devices can cause problems -- as you have seen.

You're grandchildren are a blessing because you see them that way. I feel badly for children who don't have a loving family like yours -- which is another reason I am in favor of safe and reliable contraceptive.

I will be sending out positive thoughts and keeping your daughter in my thoughts. May she have no further repercussions from those implants!

Kristina said...

So glad the surgery went well. My oldest had surgery (appendix) last weekend. Praying for a good outcome for her health-wise. That little one is such a cutie.

Debbie said...

Thank God the surgery was successful and your daughter is well. Bash is a cutie pie.
Thank you for giving us the info. I had never even heard of this. I had a tubal pregnancy back in '84. I was in the USAF. They told me I had gas. Needless to say, I ended up having emergency surgery. My tube exploded. Thankfully, later I had a wonderful son who is now 28 :)

A Daughter of the King said...

Praise God for his protection during surgery AND for the "bonus" child in your family.

Thank you for the warning. I had never heard of ESSURE, but the ESSURE claim sounds a little like the employee of the Titanic who touted, "Even God could not sink this ship."

Claudia said...

You have provided valuable information for so many. Thank goodness your daughter is fine and that Bash is healthy!


The Boston Lady said...

Pat, thank you to your daughter for letting you share her experience. It is shameful that the company were able to get a ruling that they could not be sued if something went wrong. So glad your daughter, baby, and you-the whole family, actually, got through this. I hope the company has been informed and at the very least they owe your daughter an apology and an explanation. Big hug to you! Ann