Friday, April 10, 2015

Black Berry Vines, Pro-biotics, and Wild Flower Festival



The blackberry vines are full of blooms this year, from all the rain we’ve had. I won’t be long until we start to see fruit all around the yard! 

blackberry vines

I’ve been experimenting with Kefir  and I can’t wait to have some of these fresh berries to go into my smoothie!  This morning  I  had frozen Raspberries-Banana and cocoa kefir smoothie.  It was tart…but delicious!

I’m reading more and more about Pro-biotics—Home made and Natural.  It’s beneficial to your health in ways I don’t completely understand. But I am seeing changes in my over-all well being. I’ve eaten this now for two weeks a little bit every day –and sometimes homemade plain yogurt with fruit and flax-seed added.   I’m not having near the stomach ailments I was having before.  I can tell it has affected my blood-sugar levels in a positive way as well!

The other thing I’ve tried in the past few months is LACTO-FERMENTED Veggies…well, in this case fruit. Papaya.  I bought a jar online a while back and have been eating a fork full a day.  THAT!  IS. AN. ACQUIRED. TASTE.  But I’m getting there.  I’ll tell you the very best thing I’ve seen come out of this--

One of our newest grand-babies has been having a time with his feedings.  He’s been to the ER twice already in his short little life—and he’s had 3 different types of formula.  Still he has what is can only be classified as Colic. (though I’m a skeptic)  Anyway—after doing some reading.  I tried putting a 1/4 tsp of lacto-fermented papaya juice into his bottle. (1/4 tsp to a 4 oz. bottle)  Whoa!  What a difference that made.   This might sound crazy to some—but I didn’t tell his momma (my daughter) until day 2 of trying this. The thing is – she told me, “Mom, last night was the best night I’ve had with my baby since he’s been born.”   I told her.  She couldn’t believe it.  Both she and her husband were amazed at the difference it made for Sebastyan.   He is happier and more comfortable. He isn’t having the gas or the bowel problems he was having before. He is able to sleep and most of all he isn’t screaming as if he is in pain!  That was the worst.  You just feel so helpless when they get that way.

** I’m not a doctor and I am NOT recommending this for you or your baby.  This is just my own testimony. Please be responsible and do your research; before trying this for you or your family. (if you do and have good results go ahead and share it with me. I’d love to hear about it!)

Tomorrow ( Saturday)  is our wedding anniversary. Our little town is having the 2nd Annual Wild-flower Festival – I think we’re going to go there in the morning after breakfast. There is also a big yard-sale- fund raiser for a Women’s Shelter.  I might visit there…see what we find!

We are supposed to have wonderful weather this weekend.  I’m looking forward to a couple of days—just the two us. ;)

Do you have any plans for the weekend?  What’s going on where you are?

Til next time,

Be a blessing to someone around you.



Intentional Living Homestead said...

My little grandson had so many of the same issues. After trying all kinds of formula...we sough the help from a ND. He said goats milk and a little organic grape juice. OH MY GOODNESS, changed his life completely. He has been on goats milk ever since...minus the grape juice since he is almost four. My granddaughter who is 2-1/2 now also was on the same after only six months of breast feeding. Her third however is strictly breastfed and hopefully it continues to go well. She is 10 weeks old.

So wonderful when we have success isn't it? Sounds like a miracle Pat.


Sunny Simple Life said...

I have not tried kefir before. What does it taste like?

A Daughter of the King said...

I am so happy you have joined the probiotic revolution. We are repopulating the beneficial body army, one microbiome at a time.