Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Collections- Brass Nozzles and Pyrex Canisters


Today was pretty slow for the most part.  I took a few photos around the house. I decided to use the ‘new’ PYREX CANISTERS for the snacks the Littles bring during the week.  They sort of pile up if I don’t put them somewhere.

Collections- pyrex brass nozzles

I decided clear glass at eye level is just the ticket.  They can see it. No guess work!

I do have a question though…


I bought these from two different vendors on Saturday, same flea market and same pattern. AS you can see, the one on the right is yellowed.  I brought it home and put it into a dish pan of bleach water…nothing.

I’m stumped.  

I mean… I can live with it.

Separated by the ‘faux wood grain pattern’  they don’t seem as drastically different and they’re pretty handy!


Now that I have two partial sets of these, that don’t completely match, I displayed them this way.

  • What do you think? 
  • Any ideas on how to get the yellowed one—WHITE?  


In keeping with the title… the brass nozzles are a collection of Honey’s. He has a small one, so four total. We lost it years ago.  I found it last year while working in the yard.  He was using it today when I took this picture. 

It was cool outside 69° and he used when he burned brush.


Til next time, be a blessing!



colossians 3 23-24





Unknown said...

i love your pyrex collection :) it's not so easy to find in England :( hmm.... maybe baking soda? i found this anyway, might be useful :) xx


Stone Cottage Adventures said...

I like that the lids aren't matchy - matchy, but that's just me. I wonder if sunlight would help? -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

A Daughter of the King said...

I think the yellowed top has been exposed to high heat. Great job on the collection, Patricia.

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

Wondering if the previous owner was a heavy smoker. My mom was, and a lot of her pieces w/ plastic had that yellow tinge. She cleaned a lot, but I think being exposed to the smoke for decades won. Just a thought. Did you try baking soda or Bar Keeper's Friend (buy at WalMart by the Comet, Ajax, etc.) with a Magic Eraser? If it won't come off, I would bet it was from smoke..... those "scars" just don't give up very easily if ever.

Alex M said...

We had the faux wood set when I was a kid. Great find!

Diane said...

Hmm... don't know about the yellowed lid, but they are neat. I think we had a nozzle like those when I was very little; it's ringing a distant bell.