Monday, April 13, 2015

Flea Market and Pyrex--He knows what I Like-

On Saturday, we didn’t stop after buying Honey’s chair, returning with the truck to pick it up and bring it home.  He was pretty pleased with a nice leather chair; but no, He knew I’d love a trip to the flea market more than anything else on our anniversary!
So after making two trips to town—we left and went the other direction toward the lake and Big Daddy’s Flea Market! 

Big Daddy’s… here we come!

My haul.  Pyrex Canister and Small dish lid 

It’s no leather recliner… but it is my personal favorite. Two things I don’t pass up; Pyrex and Doll house furniture pieces, especially in my price range.
I decided last year after he took me to purchase the 2nd doll house—I couldn’t afford to pass up miniatures.

On Saturday afternoon, as I strolled through the flea market. I walked to a booth and I was drawn to the canister…just one. It’s Pyrex—I am drawn to Pyrex dishes, but lately these glass canisters grab at me!  The booth owner is sitting next to the table on the pavement digging through what looks like a box of toys.   I asked her if she was digging through there to purchase or sell? (I didn’t know at the time she was the owner).

“I don’t want to sell all these toys for a dollar and I forgot some of these things were in this box. I want to sell them on ebay.”   

My eye caught what appeared to be an old ICE BOX.

…blank stare  @@

She says, “  You interested in something?”   I said, “maybe.” and gave her a smile.  Then moved onto the table.  I inquired about the glass canister… “$1” she says.  I bought it and moved on down the lane.  Caught up with Honey. 

He started asking me what she and I talked about.  He reminded me, “I thought you weren’t going to pass up doll stuff for your houses? Why don’t you go back and dig through her box?”   MUSIC TO MY EARS!  HE KNOWS ME SO WELL.

When I returned she saw me—I asked if I could peek into the box. She had already put it into the back seat of her car, but she agreed. {smile}   I reached in and my hand went right to that little ICE BOX. 

Doll House Ice Box

Ice Box Miniature

Broken. Missing a top.  $3   THREE!   I told her  Ok ; as I turned to put my canister down… I spotted the PYREX REFRIGERATOR DISH LID…lying on the table mixed in a bowl of junk.  I picked it up and said I’ll take this too.  She said oh that?  just throw it in too!   I gave her FOUR!   Her name was Gina--
Thank you Gina! 
Pyrex Small Refrigerator Dish Lid

Truly… I don’t know if I was more thrilled about the busted Ice box OR THE DISH LID?!?!

Before we left… I went inside one more shop… and spotted the second canister.  Same size, pattern…PYREX!  $1 .  I got two pyrex canisters for two-bucks.  

I was more than thrilled to spend the day
at the Flea Market
with my Husband—who always knows what I like!

If you’re curious what Dollhouse White Ice Box
goes for…  click the affiliate link!

Thank you everyone for Happy Anniversary Wishes… I read them to The Honey… he thought it was nice.  He says, “You blogging?  Cool.”  A man of few words. ;)

Til next time, be blessed!



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Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Great finds!!

Unknown said...

ooohh you lucky thing!!i miss my dolls house so much! i had to sell it to gain more funds to move house, i shall now be playing with one through you! i'm off to have a look now :D xx

Susan said...

Happy belated anniversary!! Sounds like you had a very blessed day.

A Daughter of the King said...

You make me smile!

NanaDiana said...

Doll house furniture is SOO expensive-especially those little old pieces. You did GOOD!!! Love that Pyrex, too. I think I had some of those in that pattern years ago. Isn't it funny how things come around again and are now vintage? xo Diana

Claudia said...

You've got a great guy there, Pat. As if you didn't know that already! Love your choices and love that you got to indulge a little on your anniversary!


My Repurposed Life said...

ohhhh great deals! Love that little fridge Apparently I'm working my way backwards through your posts. Happy Belated anniversary.


Rhonda said...

Happy anniversary, we just celebrated our 35th.
You know I like the Pyrex and I would of been thrilled over that lid too. I have 4 bottoms that size and just 2 Tops because I broke them.

No advice on the yellow-