Monday, May 5, 2014

:: Doll House No. 2 ::

I know! Saturday I told you we bought another house. I say We-- because, well-- The Honey said it was fine with him and he drove me - so he had a part in it.  I just love that man! 
I've kept you all in suspense long enough! 

I told you that on Wednesday, I was out and about shopping for my doll house.
Well, Thursday…I was at home cruising CRAIG’S LIST.
YES! his long lovely list.  Hmmmm.
Can be dangerous.

I found this.


See that?  That’s from my iphone. I had to take a picture. Because I could not get this house out of my head!!!
You know, I work on my little doll house with my grand daughter, Bree? 
Well, I have TWO little grand daughters. More grand sons than you can shake a stick at…but 2 little grand daughters.  So naturally, another house was in order.

$10 bucks.

10! Glorious... T-E-N !!!! 

I told Honey about it. And then I dreamed about it… Finally, he asks me “did you call about the house? You need to call about it and ask if she’ll hold it until Saturday."" Music to my ears! 
$10 bucks and a 2 hour drive. But what else is a retired couple going to do on a beautiful Saturday morning right?
The owner was supposed to send me the measurements. She did not.
Eh, how big could a doll house be?


Uh…too big for the trunk. (if you noticed the CL photo…it was in the back of a mini van) 
So naturally I thought it would fit in my trunk. TOO BIG.
Too big for the back seat.
I drove 2 hours and just paid the lady $10 measly little dollars this thing HAS TO GO IN MY CAR!

 Pocket knife surgery

See T.H. with his pocket knife in hand?

Upstairs downstairs house

DisMantled the top floor and roof; with surgical precision!

shoved it in the car

Shoved it in the car.


Hauled House.

I call this one “House and Home” it’s sitting on a table in my kitchen right now.  I’m smiling. :)

So you see this house… has to have the roof put back on and then we can start on all the other issues.
I seem to drawn to fixer uppers. But that is more than half the fun!
A Pair of houses. My grand daughters and Myself.
Fun times ahead.
This is going to be so much fun!!! 

…Til next time, be blessed.

But seek first His kingdom and His Righteousness and all these other things will be added.  ~Matthew 6:33


Diane said...

Great deal! Wow-- three floors! You'll have tons of fun with it!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm on the lookout for a dollhouse for my sweet grand daughter and I to fix up. What a sweet grandmother you are. Keep us posted on the fixer upper.

Debby said...

Wow. Gotta run and check Craig's List. What a deal. ENJOY.

Shug said...

$10.00? A fabulous deal.... Excited to see the outcome of your work on this baby...

My Repurposed Life said...

yay! :) what a bargain.

I look forward to following along on all of your "improvements"


Unknown said...

Love it!! And your hubby must love you very much to make sure you got that dollhouse...:) Your grand daughters are so lucky!!

Cecilia said...

What fun! It has tons of potential. I know you and your granddaughters are going to enjoy the process!

The Boston Lady said...

Oh wow! This is a great deal, Pat! How fun for you and your granddaughters. And what a good sport TH is! Fixer-uppers are the best because you can truly make them your own. I look forward to following the progress! Ann

Rhonda said...

That is a big dollhouse! I am sure you will have hours of fun and she will be a beauty after her remidel

Audrey said...

Wow ... what a surprise to find out it was so big. The picture was real deceiving. You will really have fun with that one ... keep us posted.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures .