Sunday, May 3, 2015

Frugal Fodder: no. 32—Do you Dye? Dye your Rugs

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When we thought we were selling the house I splurged and bought a more up-to-date shower curtain.

final bathroom rugs

Taking advantage of warmer sunny weather for laundry days, had me clearing out yet more linens this weekend; and I found these rugs—held over from the coca-cola-theme days.

red bathroom rugs
Sorry it’s blurry, …but there is no going back now! but you get the idea!
Because I dyed them!

It’s an easy fix for fluffy cotton rugs, that still have some life left in them—except maybe the color is either faded or not suiting your tastes any longer.

Rit dye bathroom rugs
Purchase Rit Liquid Dye

 …in your choice of color! Purchase enough for your product X dry weight. ( 1 bottle per 2 pounds of fabric) 

soak bathroom rugs

Following directions for your type of material—cotton or synthetic


Rinse in cold water ‘til the water runs clear.

wash bathroom rugs
Wash on warm in the washer with detergent.
dry bathroom rugs
…and Bob’s your uncle!  Or Brown’s your rug…or whatever color you choose for yourself! Oh yes!  lots of fun colors too…

Easy peasy. Just follow the directions on the bottle.

Mine are no longer red and cream now they are a nice warm chocolate-y brown and they look pretty good with my new shower curtain.
 final bathroom rugs

What do you think? Do you die? Have you died and had failures? Have you been pretty successful dying? I love the way these look. It only took about an hour and a half, maybe two hours to complete.

The cost of fluffy bathroom rugs can run anywhere from about $8 to $12 dollars for two—from the dollar store; and more if you shop elsewhere.
This cost me less that $4 bucks.
It comes in lots of yummie colors too! already said that… ;)

‘Til next time, blessings!


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A Daughter of the King said...

Two fluffy rugs dyed and went to the bathroom. Anything can happen at Corn :-)

Lois said...

Oh, great idea! I have some white rugs that have some very brown stains. I suppose there's white dye, too? I spent a pretty penny on those rugs and this would make me feel a lot better than buying new ones...or putting up with the stains! :-)

Connie said...

I do not dye often, but once in a while it is a great fix. When we moved here and I was changing the colors and themes from the old house I found that dyeing the bedspread was a very good option to buying a new one. There is only so much money in the budget and a bottle or two of dye is a good bargain.

Audrey said...

Love the brown rugs with your shower curtain.

My Repurposed Life said...

your rugs look great!

I don't dye, but jamie has, and she's had several failures. LOL She just told me the other day that this dress she loves is only in white. "I think I'll buy it and dye it" she said. She's braver than I.

great job patricia!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Oh! buying a dress and dying it... that's a great idea.
I just read that someone, I think Connie @ Crafty-Home-Cottage dyed her bedspread in her guest room. Can you imagine? That sounds like a huge project?