Friday, May 15, 2015

Kernals of Corn: Middle of May- Weekend Plans


I can’t believe it’s the middle of May already! Where have the days goneimage

Miss Bree’s Calendar!

We don’t have much planned for this weekend. But we do have plans. It is the weekend of the annual county wide clean up. If you have a way to get your junk to various locations around the county—you can load it up and haul it there.  You will be met with some mandatory volunteers, courtesy of the County jail…and they will unload your truck or trailer.


That leaves me out.

This afternoon- I spent extra time inside with Liam. Instead of outside helping to load the trailer. I took a few things from inside—out there.  The Recycler-Repurposer-Frugalista inside me--- can’t go near the trailer, except to wave Bon Voyage! in the morning.




It’s Okay, I made a few compromises.  In return, I got a half-gallon of BLACK Satin paint, a small rod-iron hanging shelf, and a cast-iron and wood park bench, from my daughter. 

I know can you believe it?  My son-in-law had the idea to throw these things out!

But my Honey—was looking out for me. 

He knows my love language. :)

Tomorrow evening—we’re having 3 Littles stay with us, while Momma and Daddy—have an evening filled with fun in Dallas… celebrating upcoming nuptials for friends.

Other than that—my plans for the weekend are pretty low key. Mainly, I plan on finishing up some projects. 

  • I hope to sew up the last of the Drop cloth roller shades- I have one to make for the A/C window.  Tutorial
    • The next sewing project would be for actual curtains—to go on the rods. That’s the reason I left them. I’d like something colorful—against the natural drop-cloth shades. I found some sheets at Dollar General—I’m leaning towards them!
  • I still have some white paint or Linen from the guest room redo—maybe I can slap some on that plywood around the A/C—shouldn’t take but a few minutes! (before the Littles get here)
  • Going to the shed this weekend and RETRIEVING my bread machine, dehydrator and water bath canner. They were packed up quite some time ago. I’m needing them UNPACKED for jelly, sour-dough bread, too hot to run my oven; and dehydrating…of course!
  • I want to get into the closet in the mudroom and find my shutter/flags I painted last year—and get them onto the porch and maybe freshen up out there a bit for the warmer months!

Patriotic Porch

This is last year.  Not much has happened out there since I took this picture—well, I took the plants in and the flags. But it’s time to get them back out there and be ready for summer!

Can you tell we live on our front porch? We do! it’s like an extra room.

We’re in for more rain this weekend too. We’ve had so much they’ve opened the spillway at the lake.  I had thought maybe it might be rusted shut—since we’ve been in a drought for so many years. But it’s true—the water department even sent a note in with the bill—celebrating the fact that the lake was at LEVEL Stage. (but they warned us to voluntarily conserve—and we do!) …they still expect payment.  ;)

So that’s it for my up coming weekend. Of course I will be hitting the blog street where you live—about as intermittently as the thunder-showers and in between projects…and babies… 

you get the idea!

What sort of plans do you have for the weekend?  Are you getting ready for Memorial Day?  decorating?  working on outdoor projects?  Indoor projects?  Do tell!

Til next time, be blessed.



ECCL 3 12-13



Kris said...

Sounds like you have a good weekend upon you! I love it when we start "living" out on the porch!!! So nice!!!!
xo Kris

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

That's nice that you have a place to take the things you don't want, too bad they don't allow pickers, probably a liability issue or they have salvage sales elsewhere. We used to live in a subdivision that had bulky trash pickup frequently and then they would take it anytime you wanted. Our next door neighbors never took up that opportunity, rather they would throw their old toilets and bed frames out in the yard. This is a small lot subdivision, not out in the country. It was a mess. I grew tall bushes along the fence line.

Alex M said...

We are going to try to get stuff done in the yard. It's cloudy so I am sorta afraid to take the Adirondack chairs out to stain. However, we got plants in the mail so we will be planting containers. That will be nice to have done!

The water level up here is high to on account of all the snow we got. There's also tons of drift wood washed up along the shores of the river. Maybe I'll grab some tonight. We know how to have a good time!

NanaDiana said...

I hear you- I don't dare go near a loaded up truck---I will start pulling stuff off to "save". yeah- right!! Hope you are having a really good weekend. I love that you use your porch so is like an extra room! xo Diana

A Daughter of the King said...

I'm cooking.

Donna Wilkes said...

Our city will not allow picking at the drop off sites either - such a shame. Looks like you have a full plate of chores. Time sure flies as you get older. Wish I had a front porch like yours.

My Repurposed Life said...

I think they should allow pickers... it would keep stuff out of the landfill.
no plans really, I still can't believe the holiday weekend is almost upon us! I still have a LOT to do before June gets here. lol


Debbie said...

I'm with Donna...wish I had a front porch like yours! I haven't got any big plans. Since I'm typing here on Sunday haha that's what I'm doing. Reading blogs!