Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Summer-set or Furniture Scrambling

I can’t believe it’s the middle of May and we still have our windows open!


I don’t even think we’ve been into the 90° temps yet; though, last week we did get into the upper 80s and had lots of humidity. That makes you want the A/C on… and right now!

I took advantage of my free-time on Sunday and did some furniture scrambling.


I say scrambling; because I like to try different things out every now and then.  There are just a few ways I can have my furniture—so trying some little thing feels like a big thing!  

I decided to put these two little tables together at the the end of the sofa—they don’t match- they’re different styles and finishes, however—they fit together! 

They’re somewhat unexpected—but it works.


There are two settings or placements of furniture in this house. 

Summer-set and Winter-set--
This is Summer-set


To accommodate the window A/C.  

After scrambling the furniture; we got the brushes, the vacuum, the towels and the tools and worked our cleaning magic on the window unit.  Hopefully, it’s ready to work it’s magic on us—and keep us cool one more season!

If you noticed I STILL have a plastic mini-blind in this window—instead of my DIY roller shade, it’s to distract you from the ply-wood paneling inserts on either side of the A/C! 

That’s coming soon—along with a tutorial. 

Do you have to move things around according to season in your home? Do you have air conditioning?  I bet most of you do—if it were cool here like it has been the last couple of days—I would not. But I know it’s about to get hot—now we’re ready! 

Til next time
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Sunny Simple Life said...

Us too! Expecting rain and very low temps for us this week. I am loving it. Saving on the ac bill is always good.

A Daughter of the King said...

It's cool here too! I love the two tier table set. It allows the person sittng on that side to have a place for a drink or a book. But, I'm you move the sofa away from the window for the summer? i couldn't tell because the lamp is missing from the summer photo.

Kristina said...

We actually had a frost warning last night. It's pretty chilly here today too.

Michelle H said...

It's all the way up to 60 here today, haha! Most people around here do not have AC. We didn't even have it in the house we rented further south, in the Valley, where the summers get pretty hot. Yesterday was rainy and cold. Could you paint your plywood white? I bet it would hardly be noticeable then. I'm pretty sure, though, that in weather requiring an AC, nobody cares what it looks like! I love your sofa! I was just eyeballing one on a local sale site, but you know...$$$. I have been keeping an eye out for a "new" sofa. We bought a leather one several years ago, it's pretty flimsy and falling apart. I saw a guy on the same sale site selling a coffee table. He ended his post with a half-joke sounding, "If you want the couch,too, you can have it!" The shape was exactly what I wanted, he was serious, and it is actually a really good quality! Now I have a slipcover project, though. Boo. Now I, too, am on the lookout for some fabric!! I love your mismatched tables together, they absolutely do work!! I love when things like that work out!!

Shug said...

I'm ashamed to say that I have already turned the air conditioning on. Just a couple of times!!
I'm just tooooooo hot natured. I'm a furniture mover as well....I move the living room around about 3 or 4 times a year.....drives my hubby nuts! lol. Hope you have your boat handy....looks like we are gonna need one.