Monday, June 1, 2015

Hobbling Along-

Hobble:  to slow movement, progress or action

Yesterday, our oldest daughter came by to load up an old weight bench set complete with weights.  She told us a few weeks back... "Mom, do NOT send that pile of weights to scrap for the county-wide clean-up-- we're canceling our gym membership and turning our game room into a work out room."  She was adamant!

Fast-forward to this week almost 3 1/2 weeks later; and she finally gets over to get them. 

The Honey was helping her load up the weights into the back of her pick-up truck... 

He dropped one of those weights on his toe.  Not drop... he stopped to set it down and get a better grip and it fell over and landed on his toe.  45 lbs of steel.  Right on his toe. 

He was wearing flip-flops. Ouch!

It took a while to get the bleeding to stop, we got it bandaged and he is using a cane to hobble around with. 

I spent the day helping him, you can imagine he isn't getting around very well. Most likely he will lose his toe nail...again.  
He had lost it before and it 'twert perty... 

That made the rest of my Sunday... not so restful.

quote: author unknown, but so appropriate for how I'm feeling. :/ 

Earlier in the week-- I read a few bloggers were having trouble with LIVE WRITER (LW) and loading it to their blog. 

I had just posted and didn't have a problem with it. But sometime that day-- there began a problem. 
At first I didn't think anything of it-- I thought it was an issue with the new computer and the download, so, I uninstalled LW and re-installed it.  Still not working. 

Yesterday-- I  tried to load my post Talkin' Boots from LW - NO GO!  So I went to the old computer, it has an older version, still nothing. I kept getting an error message. 


I went to in search of answers and then to Blogger Help forum-- apparently, MS and Google are working together to get it patched up and working. 

So, having not used blogger to post in a while now-- a few years, this post has sort of been HOBBLED together too. 

Have you had trouble with LW working for you?  How are you posting?  Has it come easy or not? 
'Til next time-
stay High and Dry, be blessed



holli said...

HOLY COW!! I cant imagine how painful that is to have a smashed toe. I scream and curse and cry when I stub my toe which I do often in our bedroom at our bed. Yikes! Hope he recovers quick.

Unknown said...

Oh I feel the pain!! Reading that reminded me of my incident and wow hopes he gets better soon.

Laura said...

I am of the belief that nothing good happens when we are trying to help our adult children move things!

I can't imagine how much that hurt.

I am a Live Writer devotee and no I haven't been able to get it to post.

Sooooo frustrating.

Shug said...

Bless his heart.....I can only Imagine the pain that he must have endured. Makes me want to cry for him. I use blogger, so I'm not familiar with the issue. Hope it works for you...real soon! Haven't we had a sweet, sun filled day? I'm loving it!!

Debby said...

Ouch, that had to be just awful. I think I would have been saying some bad words.
I hope it heals well for him and you.
I am so not computer savy. I hope it gets straightened out.

Debbie said...

Ouch! I know that sorry about Hubby's toe. After I got over the "pain" of that, I really laughed out loud that you are already ready for tomorrow's nap!!
Too funny :)

My Repurposed Life said...

ouchie! poor guy! I sure hope things are better. I dropped a huge 2x8 on a bare toe recently. It took over 4 weeks for the skin to grow back. :(

WLW ? LOVE it, and luckily it didn't spaz out on me. I use it every day.