Sunday, May 31, 2015

Talkin' Boots-

“I don’t have my talkin’ boots on.”

That’s a phrase my Maternal Grand-dad would use—if you called and he didn’t want to be bothered with conversation.  He didn’t say it to be rude, in fact, that was his sense of humor, softening the ear of the caller---

I suppose he could just have easily not answered the phone. But, then he’d have to listen to the constant ringing until he finally answered. 

He had a STANDING 4:30  phone appointment with his sister, too—so you didn’t want to call then either.

He was a contrary fella. He had some issues; things I didn’t understand in my younger- head-strong years.  I certainly understand them now.

Me?  I’m surrounded by people every day.  Little people demand conversation.  Speaking to them… is the only way they will learn to communicate for themselves. 

Bigger people are as guilty as I am…and some times demand to be heard.

The husband--- {smile} ---we’ve been together long enough now—we can have long silences, without being cross with each other, and appreciate the silence.  When I say long silences, I mean for an hour or two… while we’re here at home, alone.  The silence can be filled with thought.

Good for the soul.

I, personally, don’t think a person needs to talk all the time. Sometimes, it is good to sit quietly—and listen. If we don’t have something to say—why force it?  I think it is better to just not say it.

Then there is prayer!  I’ve been known to pour out my heart like water to God--- and talk his ear off!  Then get up from my prayers and go on about my business like I’ve solved ALL my problems. 

That usually makes things worse.

When I go back… again I pour out those problems and the bigger mess I’ve made—and remember to sit there quiet and listen.  I come away with much more Peace about me; and a better understanding of Grace.

In blogging—I will visit.  I leave lengthy comments, in case you haven’t noticed.  Because at the time, I think I can relate to what the blog author is saying. I think to myself sometimes, I could write a whole POST on the subject.  I hardly ever do.  Usually, I will come here (to the computer) and write a couple of times a week I shoot for 3 or more…

Then there are times when I just don’t have my talking boots on!

‘Til Next Time,


Unknown said...

I love this! I may have to remember this one :)
My hubby and I are like you, we can go hours without having (or needing) to speak, just comfortable silences, i'm normally reading, or crocheting and he is often watching something on T.V
Sign of a good partnership i'd say, where you don't feel the need to fill the silence

NanaDiana said...

Well, for not having your "talking boots" on -you did a pretty good "talk". lol
I hear you---I sometimes crave silence..and I live with a "talker"--talker-talker-talker...and that's all I'm gonna say about that! xo Diana

Diane said...

One of my favorite quotes-- Never miss a good opportunity to shut up.

Claudia said...

I cannot tell you how much I love that phrase. I don't have my talkin' boots on. Perfect!

There are times I don't have mine on either. Don and I, like you and your husband, are capable of long silences. We know the other one is there. We don't have to talk, but we know that if we have to, there will be a ready ear, willing to listen.


Patty Sumner said...

Well, I guess i have been missing my "talking boots" for some time now....:) Its the truth though.... As we get older we begin to understand what seemd out of place or just mean when we were younger. I remember visiting with my Granny when I was young.. sometimes we would just sit for hours on the porch and say nothing.. the evenings were filled conversations and stories.. there was time to talk and a time to listen.. You also told another strong truth that hits home... talking with God.. oh, we spend time talking, talking, talking and then leave the conversation without listening...causing ourselves a multitude of troubles.. I still find myself not stopping to "hear" what God has to say and solving things for myself. The husband thing is true too. That is one good thing about being married for so long....You begin to know when to talk and when not to...." I enjoyed visiting with you today. until next time.. oh by the way, Still not posting yet...I guess I need to pull out my talkin boots" and get to work...Blessings!

Michelle H said...

Oh my goodness, yes, haha! To all of it. Your "lengthy comments" cracked me up. I often think that maybe I'd blog more often if I could just use someone else's blog post as a jumping off place, but would that be weird? I just seem to have more to say in response to what someone else has said than coming up with my own; not in a negative way, but in a throw back to school days and "here's your topic, now write an essay" sort of way. Not in a lack of my own thoughts kind of way, but I think, in a "is what I'm thinking about going to actually interest anyone" kind of way. Probably because I tend to ramble and my thoughts are everywhere. I do love silence and am blessed with children who enjoy quiet mornings, at least!

Shug said...

I think I had a grandpa who shared many of the same thoughts as yours did. Mine didn't say much...but when he did get ready to talk....we all knew exactly what it was that he was trying to get across to us. My sweet Sam is a quite guy. I can't tell you how many times in our 42 years of marriage that I have said "I just want you to talk to me." lol....his answer: "If I have something to say, I will say it!"
Peace and quite can be good though....

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

My poor husband. If I stop speaking he thinks something is terribly wrong! He can be very quiet too, maybe out of necessity. I might take up all the talking time. LOL

A Daughter of the King said...

I always have my "listening boots" on when I come to Corn. And I always learn something.