Monday, June 8, 2015

My Start up with ART


It is not a competition. It is an endeavor, a goal, a challenge. A little art each day works to instill new creative habits. The only trick is to set aside a pocket of time to squeeze in some art!

Daisy Yellow

This is what the creator of ICAD has to say about the Secret of an INDEX CARD A DAY!

I first came across this last year when I noticed Diane at Lydia’s Post was showing her ICAD once a week on her blog. She is such a wonderful paper artist.  I have had the pleasure of seeing her paper art up close when I was the winner of a sampler of goodies, recently from her blog.

June 1st—she posted her first ICAD FOR 2015--- and I decided right then, I wanted to do it!   Before I even read the ins and outs @ Daisy Yellow; I knew I wanted to take on a small project of creating art everyday.  I’m busy; but I still wanted to try. It’s not a HUGE task…

just one card a day.  I just want to create!

oH, did I tell you it was for 61 days?  June 1- July 31. So far so good!

Here is WEEK 1s creations.  I started out…with only 2 index cards in my possession. Hard to believe… but it’s true! I also started out… Not following the prompts—at first, but caught on soon after!

Not having a theme.  Neither are required… only suggestions.





* except in index cards! THEY’RE REQUIRED. Winking smile 

 DAY 3











I got smart at some point and saw another participant had created an INDEX …of the ICAD prompts… so I copied that idea right fast! (I don’t have time to scroll and look at the prompts…  here’s mine.


 I know I mentioned that I didn’t have a theme… and it is NOT a requirement. But, you know lots of famous artists they have an angle, theme… and THING. Kind of like Dan Piraro…the creator of Bizarro… you know he inserts little images in all his cartoons.

My thing is words. I can’t seem to make a card without a word on it!

you know me…WORDY!

‘Til next time, be blessed!


Diane said...

These are cool! Like how you are interpreting the prompts (I haven't used many). Your map to the index card store is too clever! Keep up the good work!

April's Homemaking said...

I just found out about ICAD this year, and decided to start right away. Such a fun summer art project! I love seeing everyone's work, definitely inspiring. Love seeing your cards, and love the bible verses you chose. :) I decided to pair a verse with my cards every day, trying to find one that is inspired by the prompt, it has been fun both as an art project and finding great verses. Look forward to seeing your cards from week 2, have a great week ! :)

My Repurposed Life said...

That's an awesome concept, and I love all of your index cards! Not sure how your find the time....


camp and cottage living said...

I never realised how artsy you are, Pat.
Soon you'll be moving from index cards to a canvas!

A Daughter of the King said...

I LOVE your cards! I'll have to try this someday. One question. Why cards, rather than a journal? I know there must be a reason. Blessings.

Laura said...

What a great concept!
I have known in my heart I was creative, but I have never thought of myself as an artist.
You are off to a great start!