Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer’s Bounty—Blackberry Jam!


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Oh my!  Blackberry season came and went for us!


But I am happy to say…I got the JAM made for my hubby!  He loves Blackberry jam…and he likes it with the seeds STILL INSIDE THE JAR! It’s hard to find that commercially.  So picking berries and making our own is just part of the fun.  I love blackberry jam too… doesn’t matter to me seeds, no seeds… just give me some!


I only made 5 jars today. I have more berries and will make more in the coming weeks. I went shopping for groceries yesterday evening and guess who forgot SUGAR? Me! 

I don’t eat it much anymore, now with the T2 diabetes diagnosis.  I did buy a bottle of Agave nectar though so today, when I made these jars—I made my own special jar of jam. All mine!

I already bought my jars a few weeks back at ACE


They have everything you need for canning—including pectin and pickling salts!  If you’re looking for the decorative jars that come in green or purple (like the ones pictured below)… they have those as well!

Ball 1pt Purple Heritage Collection Jars (...

This item can be purchased on-line, however, due to shipping restrictions, ITEM PICKUP ... [More]

Price: $9.99

Now if you don’t mind--- I’m off to try some of my low-glycemic blackberry jam on a bagel.  When I say it like that… it sounds irresistible …almost! Doesn’t it?!

Yes, I thought so!

‘Til next time, be blessed

(and have some jam!)


Connie said...

Blackberry jam is my favorite. Yummy, especially on hot homemade biscuits:)

Brenda Pruitt said...

Oh, it looks and sounds wonderful! Enjoy your own jar.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Our blackberries have not ripened yet but one of the plants has huge ones! We have an Ace hardware about 20-30 miles away and it's so cool. It's two levels but if you drive around back it is at street level there, being on a hill. Upstairs there is Seasonal merchandise, birdfeeding, toys, basic clothes (jeans, shirts, scarves, etc) housewares, gifts, candles and . . . ta da . . . a fabric shop! It's not Moda quality but it's nice and some are name brands you all would know. They sell it for less than $4/yard unless it's fleece, flannel or pre-quilted/upholstery but twice a year they have a sale where it's less than that!

Diane said...

Wow-- already canning? I'm impressed. No fruit around here yet. Later this month...