Friday, June 5, 2015

Kernals of Corn- no. 6

These are just a few things that have happened in the past week.
 Twin Cousins turned 4 mos.
I began following along with Diane from Lydia’s Post in an artistic series Called ICAD 2015…(index- card- a- day) creative arts with INDEX CARDS. For details click the link at the  host of this series  Daisy Yellow . It’s not too late if you liked to follow.  I’m posting my ICAD’s on INSTAGRAM #ICAD2015  --- I’ll be posting more on this later--- it’s a SUMMER long series.
This week… beautiful weather. No where near the sweltering hot temps we normally have… but NO RAIN!  A TREMENDOUS BLESSING! 
I took pictures of our trees… we have huge Catalpa trees that shade our house and help keep it cooler in the warm months… I’m wondering, do you have these where you live?  Do you call them Catalpa Trees or Cigar Bean Trees? 
Crummy photo to follow…
On Saturday… I was able to watch baseball on TV…
Baseball is no longer aired on regular HD TV.  We don’t have cable…so no baseball watching.
I try not to rant too much about things like this; but, I’m not all that  impressed with the cable/ dish only TV Baseball schedule—and contract. I DO LIKE WATCHING… I enjoyed that particular game.  Rangers won--- 8-0!! 
Today, marked the 25th anniversary of this guy’s surgery and road to becoming a CANCER SURVIVOR.  He had cancer at age 2—he is now 27 yrs old.  He is our son. *edited to say:  June 7,2015 is NATIONAL CANCER SURVIVOR'S DAY.  
A nice start to JUNE! 


Diane said...

Hey-- like your ICAD card-- neat how you wrote "june and 2015" on it. Keep them coming!! As kids we always called those trees "bean trees." I never knew the real name until about ten years ago! Bless your son!!!!

Debbie said...

Thank God for your son's health!! I don't know much about trees and even less about ICAD LOL Good luck!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We have these everywhere in town and call them Catalpa . I don't have one but I'd like to. Congratulations on your son's continued health!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Love the pictures of the babies, I bet everyone thinks they are twins! Congrats to your son, oh if only 25 years ago you could have seen this post, it would have saved so many years of worry, he's a great looking guy!


My Repurposed Life said...

25 years! what a wonderful thing to celebrate!!!

Looks like a good week

Oh my, I watch too much t.v. I just found out today that I can get free hot spots and t.v. to go (for free) on my phone and tablet. I'm about to travel, so hoping it will come in handy.

nice to hear about your weather. It's crazy hot here. staying indoors this week.