Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Remembering Dial-up and Summer Vacation


You remember dial up, right?  Slower that slow.

I’m so glad to have Live Writer working again!  I have used LW for years—When I first started blogging, I just used blogger.  Once I switched to writing Corn in My Coffee Pot, I began using it. Why? because I could write my posts OFF LINE…back then I had dial up. I still use it.

Now, I just have slower than slow WIFI… :/

So that is why, in a nut shell, I was so bugged by not being able to use it. Plus it has so many great features!

You can use it to water mark you photos, within the program. You can tag photos, NAME photos… You should name your photos something besides  ‘img5579’ … * see below if you hover over the picture it is titled.

Anyway—that’s enough of me giving blogging advice.

Summer isn’t here officially, according to the calendar year.  But the last day of school always seems to mark that season opener when you have kids around.

Our grand-son ‘W’ ( I can’t believe I used to call him the WEE-one, when I first started blogging) graduated Kindergarten.  He’s a late bloomer—having a birthday in January… and having waited a year to put him school.  He turned 7 during kindergarten—the tallest in his class!


This means some days…we could have 6 Littles here!  You can just imagine some things no longer make it to my To-Do list. Lots of things make it… but I push them to the evening hours. That can make for a long day.

We do have a pretty good routine. Subject to change and probably will when the pool warms up enough to swim!  For the first time this week we are expecting 90° temps!  It is still cool over night here in 60s!!! The Littles are chomping at the bit to jump into that pool!

Having such action packed days, with Littles, chickens, gardening, swimming, on top of normal household duties… you can see why blogging is important to me.

My little corner of the web--

While I write this… things like this might happen!  20 month old knows where the cookies are!


For now, I must go, duty calls!

‘Til next time, stay busy and be blessed!



A Daughter of the King said...

Thanks for the information on Live Writer. If/when I get back to writing, I'll have to check it out.

Six littles!!!! Oh my goodness. It is a good thing that littles bring so much love and that love gives us power.

holli said...

I just stick to basic blogger. Nothing fancy for me. I do like that I can post from my blogger app on my phone.
Love the picture of the Little guy standing on stool getting a cookie!

NanaDiana said...

Glad you got LW working again! and sorry your WiFi is so slow. That's crazy! LOL at the six littles--that is six kinds of crazy there. Happy cookies!!! xo Diana

camp and cottage living said...

I'm surprised you have even a minute to blog, Pat!
I'd be worn out from just one wee one.

Art and Sand said...

How will you get any blogging done with 6 littles at your feet?

Sunny Simple Life said...

What a handsome young lad. SO proud of himself. Love it!!

Rhonda said...

Our oldest grandson is a brand new kindergarten graduate too :) ours is a wee one still, smallest in his class

kids can't find their shoes but they all know where the treats are!