Friday, August 28, 2015

Evolution of a Messenger Bag- part 2

** caution:: while reading this post you may or may NOT be subjected to subliminal imaging resulting in EITHER strong cravings for bananas  OR!  an aversion to GREEN bananas and/or fruit flies. You’ve been warned.
Earlier in the week I showed you my bag I made for school.  It’s a messenger bag.  My pictures were blurry; and I don’t think I gave too many details about it. It is of course recycled materials.
 corn in my coffee-pot @2015
I cut the legs off an old pair of jeans and cut a pillow slip in half.  I used the pretty edge (opening) for the flap…but first I put a piece of drop cloth on the inside to stiffen it; and to give it some weight and thickness.  You can’t see it…but it’s there; while I was doing that I put a seam across that opening and turned it and top stitched around the outer edge to give it a finished detail.   
corn in my coffee-pot @2015
The bag itself are the legs of the jeans.  I wanted a little contrast and something to match the handle so before making the bag; I attached a piece of drop cloth to the “back” of the bag. I like the look…but it needs something.  The rest of the pillow slip is on the inside (not pictured as a liner) I made the strap by sewing a long tube, turning it, pressing it and top stitching down both edges.  It’s pretty sturdy.
 corn in my coffee-pot @2015
I added 4 grommets to the bag…2 on front and 2 on the back (at the edges where the strap attaches). I can KNOT THE STRAP  for the desired length.
I’ve used it this week for carrying my books and things to school…
corn in my coffee-pot @2015
But then this happened.  One of the grommets pulled through the first hole I made; because, I didn’t use the hole punch that came with my grommet tool/set. I cut this hole myself and made it a tad too big.  I was going to ask you …because you’re all so creative; if you had any suggestions on how to repair this.  I’d like to carry this bag the rest of the semester…  Maybe a larger grommet?  Would stitching around the hole work?  How about patching it and putting another grommet there?  
That just might work! 
** I got this far in writing this post and stopped and ran to make the repair.  It was such an easy fix and while I was at it… I went ahead and added a bit more detail to my Morphing Messenger Bag!
Here is the final result.
corn in my coffee-pot @2015
First I removed the FAILED grommet and then I cut a piece of drop cloth and folded it over to cover the HUGE HOLE!  I stitched through all layers …very crudely; since the patch was contrasting fabric, why not show it off a bit!
Then I had the idea to decorate the drop cloth on the back of the bag… I copied this idea (using drop cloth, a sharpie and your iron)
corn in my coffee-pot @2015
One of my favorite verses!
 corn in my coffee-pot @2015
And that’s how my messenger bag evolved to this!
As to the bananas- well, that’s what you get when you stop typing mid-post and run to repair your project, (striking while the iron is hot) and purdy-fy your messenger bag.
‘Til next time, be blessed y’all!
“Study to show thyself approved unto God, a Worker-man who needs not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. ~ 2 Timothy 2:15


Ann said...

The way you fixed it was what I would have done too. Your messenger bag just keeps getting better and better.

My Repurposed Life said...

woohoo! you're very creative.

pillow slip... I haven't used or heard that term in YEARS. I call them pillow cases, but reading your post took me back to my childhood with my mom and Nana. My job was to iron the pillow slips! :)

great messenger bag repair Patricia!


Diane said...

Nice job! Good fix too.

Shug said...

you are so talented......awesome job. I sure wish I had sewing abilities....Hope you have a great weekend..